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We Create Next-big For You

75way aims to solve different problems and paint a bright future for businesses taking the best route. We shape the best system addressing emerging business drivers, using extensive experience, local knowledge, and a great approach - the most crucial aspects of all projects. 75way works differently, and this is what helps us build the best solution for you and for you.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Functioning of 75way

Requirements Analysis

75way always welcomes your ideas and helps shape them into a real product. Once we receive your interest in our organization, our team members first interact with you to understand the project requirements and aspirations. Further, we create proposals after asking some questions.

  • When clients connect with us, we aim to gain in-depth knowledge about the project.
  • We gain clarity about the project needs, requirements, and expectations for outstanding project delivery.
  • We collect all the required information to deliver what the client deserves.

Create Prototypes

Next, we visualize how the final product will work. This prototyping process helps give a clear picture of the project and how it will look and work. Teams at 75way devote their time to the prototyping process, following important steps, including-

  • The storyboard in our prototype gives a clear description of the project and what the final product will include.
  • We provide the best layout of the product.
  • This prototype helps our team determine the project scope, analyze the project feasibility, and set the delivery time along with the project cost.


Once we have complete information about the project and get the appropriate wireframe, we jump next to the designing stage. Here we follow a collaborative approach to deliver client-centric digital solutions. We follow a few steps to make the first move-

  • We create a design, refining the appearance of the design elements that match customer satisfaction.
  • Our design team also adds a touch of creativity to make the product different from others.
  • Once the final design is completed, we proceed toward the development stage.

Coding/ Implementation

We finally get down to coding, where the development team implements all the business logic, models, and service integrations. The coding is the longest process and is considered the cornerstone of the whole project. Once the planned functionality of the solution is coded, the testing stage starts.

  • When clients connect with us, we aim to gain in-depth knowledge about the project.
  • Our developers build a product that lives up to the stakeholder’s expectations.
  • We follow a process of incremental and interactive design and development to achieve excellence in the project.

Requirements Analysis

Comprehensive testing is performed to ensure no problem is affecting the performance of the coded digital product. We check everything thoroughly before the final delivery. Our testing framework may vary depending on the project.

  • We ensure the final product performs well under a variety of conditions.
  • Our testing team keeps a close eye on the functionality and other aspects of the project before delivering it to the client.
  • We perform in-depth testing of the product to ensure it meets your standards and expectations.

Release the Final Product

This is the final phase when we introduce your product in a live environment and submit it to the client. This stage involves several crucial activities, including deployment, support, and maintenance necessary to keep the system active and up-to-date.

  • We create and bring the final product to the market.
  • 75way gives you access to an experienced team that gives no question of product rejection.
  • We save your time and money to a good extent following the agile approach for the project.

What You Get While Working With 75way

  • A certified team of developers to work on your project
  • Daily reporting or project updates shared with clients
  • QA specialist on each project to ensure quality at all levels
  • Constant quality monitoring done for high performance
  • Strong project management to align the project and team
  • Multiple communication channels for effective communication
  • Out-of-the-box results that build your business a brand
  • Expertise in versatile tech stack leads to the finest result
  • Cost effective solutions that won’t break your budget
  • Delivering product in a set time frame is our priority