What is AWS Serverless Architecture?

A serverless architecture includes developing and running applications and services without traditional cloud-based or server-centric infrastructure. AWS will perform all the server management and benefit the user in different ways.

More Focus on UX

When architecture is no longer a concern, you can direct your efforts and time to work on the user experience.

Reduce Architecture Costs

Serverless means outsourcing server and database management. No huge investment required that an internal architecture administration wants.

Serverless is Event-Based

Serverless follows an event-based architecture pointing to the fact that each subpart of the application is completely independent.

Better Scalability

Going with a serverless architecture helps your app succeed and scale. It provides a complete ease to make changes whenever required.

Improved Flexibility

The serverless architecture offers a maximum flexibility than traditional server infrastructure. You can easily pivot to situations whenever restructuring is required.

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Our Serverless Development Services

Serverless Web Development

We have the best full-stack serverless development team to work on your project. We can build your backend layers in different technologies like NodeJS, Python, or Java and integrate them well with the front-end frameworks like ReactJS/ AngularJS.

AWS Lambda development

We have years of experience in building preeminent AWS lambda functions with Python, NodeJS, or Java for your business requirements and integrating it with other AWS services with the help of an API gateway. Reach out to us now!

AWS Amplify Development

Our developers use the set of purpose-built tools and features of AWS Amplify. It allows our front-end web and mobile developers to build full-stack apps on AWS quickly. So, when you have an expert like 75way, why waste a minute wandering from one site to another?

Cognito Development

Our development team also takes the advantage of Amazon Cognito to manage and synchronize app data for users across their mobile devices. We have a big team of developers having expertise in this arena. So, it’s time to rely on our team.

Custom Serverless Application Development

We have a full-fledged team to work with you. We can build the best application for you that meets all aspects of the business and offer unique solutions to all the app-related problems. So, when are you availing our services?

Serverless Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Looking for a serverless framework react app development team to develop a serverless backend for your product? Well, 75way can do this. We are experts in building easy-to-deploy serverless backend using suitable and trending technologies.

Serverless Data Integration

75way also has expertise in connecting the user to the data stored on cloud platforms like AWS. If you're looking for the right expert to help you in serverless data integration, reaching out to 75way will be your best move.

Serverless API Development

Creating serverless APIs for a digital product is not difficult for our team. Our local serverless API development team ensures the finest API delivery that meets the business requirements in a certain time span. Achieving your final goals is our motive.

Serverless Cloud Integrations

Our wide range of serverless services also includes serverless cloud integrations services that help integrate your app with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more apps to expand its outreach and encourage better user engagement. So, it’s time to experience the best with us!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We prioritize the client’s satisfaction. Hence, we are always concerned about your app. No matter whether it’s a small or a big issue, we are always there to assist you in every possible manner.

No Third-Party Outsourcing

Design to development, deployment to support and maintenance, we never rely on third-party outsourcing for any service. We have a team of the best minds to help you with every step of the AWS serverless development.

Full Transparency

75way believes in work transparency and ensures the client receives timely updates about the project progress. We always schedule regular or weekly meetings with clients to let them know every project detail.

Solid Team

Nobody can beat you in the competition when you're backed by a strong team. 75way has the best AWS serverless development team that works dedicatedly to turn your vision into a reality and grow your business.

24/7 Support

Are you facing any issues with your app? Well, 75way is 24*7 available to support clients. All you have to do is to discuss your matter with our experts. You can connect with us anytime.

Quality Work

Compromising with quality for faster delivery of work is not our style. We focus on creating quality solutions and building long-term relationships with clients. This is how we work, and we are proud of it.

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Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements

If you’re interested in kicking off your project with 75way, send us your project requirement. Our AWS serverless development team will study it intricately.

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Once our team gains the project clarity, they will discuss the ideal solution and suggest the perfect engagement model that fits your project needs.

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We dedicate a team to your project to come up with a unique solution that matches your business needs. Doesn't this process sound simple?

Initiate Project On-Boarding

Once our development team gives a clear idea about the project roadmap, we initiate the project and dedicate our effort towards achieving your goal.

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75way houses a wide range of AWS serverless development and other software, mobile, and web development services to help you stay ahead of the pack. We have helped many clients across the globe with unique solutions. And it’s high time to explore our more available services.