Our Smart Contract Development Services

Being a leading smart contract development company, 75Way Solutions helps enterprises achieve business automation by providing them with advanced smart contract development services.

Smart Contract Architecture

Our smart contract application development team follows resilient smart contract architecture practices to ensure the quality of the code.

Smart Contract Development

We develop state-of-the-art self-executing custom smart contracts brimmed with a multitude of features for an array of industries.

Smart Contract Audit

We provide meticulous smart contract audit services to help businesses rectify the smart contract code and to perform the security audit from the ground up.

Smart Contract Optimization

Our certified smart contract developers use optimization techniques to optimize smart contracts that not only lower the average gas fee but also reduce the requirements of computational resources.

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Why does your Business need Smart Contract Application Development Services?


Smart contracts enable parties to enter into agreements while eliminating third-party involvement.

Real-Time Execution

The execution of smart contracts takes place simultaneously across participating computers, once the required criteria are satisfied.


The information in the contract is visible to all participants in the blockchain network, thereby fostering an environment of trust.


The distributed ledger is impregnable and immune to alterations, thus enhancing the security paradigm.


Eliminate human error by automating record-keeping, storage, and retrieval.

Financial Saving

Automated operations make human functions redundant, alleviating risks and costs.

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Use Cases of Smart Contracts

Banking & Finance

Being a leading DeFi smart contract development company, 75Way Solutions provides DeFi smart contract development services to financial institutions to help them improve data accuracy, reduce paperwork, strengthen security, and faster transaction processing.

Real Estate

We deliver robust smart contract development solutions to businesses in the real-estate to help them streamline their management operations seamlessly and enable transparency in the sales processes.

Transport & Logistics

In the transport & logistics industry, smart contracts allow businesses to track product flow in a granular fashion, automate consumer & B2B payments, and gain real-time visibility across the supply chain.


The application of smart contracts in the healthcare sector helps businesses to automate data sharing between hospitals and medical care centers, enables convenient verification of medical claims, and streamlines healthcare operations.


It takes a long time for any insurance claim to be processed and paid in the insurance industry. Businesses can easily perform error checking and manage payout calculations based on claim-related information stored in smart contracts.

Media & Entertainment

75Way Solutions empower the media and entertainment industry by providing smart contract solutions that enable automatic execution of micropayments between the consumer and the creator thereby eliminating intermediaries.

Smart Contract Development on Various Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

We create a harmonious trifecta of technical prowess, intelligent strategies and design-thinking-driven process to deliver Ethereum smart contract development solutions.

TRON Smart Contract Development

We provide TRON smart contract development services to help our clients create efficient & scalable decentralized solutions.

Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

Our experienced developers work dedicatedly to provide enterprises with secure Hyperledger smart contract development services as per their requirements.

Binance Smart Contract Development

We deliver BSC smart contracts with a primary degree of precision and highly automated asset management for the optimal use of participants seeking Binance smart contract development services.

EOS Smart Contract Development

We create smart contracts on EOS to support new-age dApps development that can perform the intended function as per the users’ requirements.

Polkadot Smart Contract Development

We design powerful smart contracts on Polkadot Blockchain by leveraging the interoperability capabilities of the platform.