Benefits of JavaScript for Software Development

JavaScript is a popular text-based programming language used to build interactive web pages and apps loaded with ultimate features and flexibility. And there are a few more reasons for using JavaScript for software development.

Quick and Responsive

JavaScript makes web pages load faster and more responsive to users, and this is why it is the most preferred language to deliver user-friendly experiences.


JavaScript is easy to learn and implement. This is why, today, it is one of the widely used languages to build web and app solutions.

Universal Platform

No matter what technology you use on the server, JavaScript will provide a seamless back-end and front-end experience.


Developing lighter, faster, and more efficient apps is easy with JavaScript because the codes of this language can easily be processed on the user’s system.

Rich Interfaces

JavaScript helps you create different components of websites and apps that further improve the user interface and overall web and app experience.

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Wide Array of JavaScript Development Services

Web Design and Development

From a simple web app to a scalable website, we have a team of experienced programmers who create a customized and scalable solution for your business. With over seven years of diversified industry experience, 75way can build something extraordinary with JavaScript to suit your business.

Mobile Apps

The mobile application development capabilities can be easily extended using advanced frameworks such as ReactJS and ExpressJS. Such frameworks also encourage faster, quality, and efficient third-party integration and app customizations. Our team makes the most of these technologies to build a mobile app.

UX/UI Design

Our pool of JavaScript services also includes UX/UI design and engineering, which focuses on creating stunning and user-friendly designs for different websites, mobile apps, and other software solutions. We dedicate our efforts towards embellishing the software with amazing design for optimum user experience.

Server-Side Apps

Our developers can create an efficient server-side app! With the advancements in JS, this language is now used as a server-side technology powered by the NodeJS framework. Our developers use this technology to end you up with a smart solution that can take your business to new heights.

Ecommerce Platforms

Everything in eCommerce is evolving, and now it’s your time to enhance the digital presence of your brand. 75way can help you boost your business growth. We can develop customized and cost-efficient solutions that can attract your targeted audience and generate conversions on the spot.

Maintenance & Support

75way also houses a technical support team who are always ready to assist you whenever you face trouble with your website or app. We monitor your software, find out the issue and resolve it in no time. We ensure your business keeps running without any hindrance.

We Create Next-Gen Web & Mobile Apps

Our Technology Expertise With JavaScript


NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform JS run-time environment equipped with a number of reusable features. Our developers know how to use NodeJS for developing immersive solutions.


ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript framework used to create interactive user interfaces for applications. It comes with reusable components that developers can use for front-end and back-end development.


ExpressJS is a lightweight server-side web and mobile app framework for NodeJS with several app features. We utilize our ExpressJS development skills in creating single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps.


75way can develop dynamic single-page applications by extending HTML functionalities using the popular AngularJS framework. Discuss your idea with us, and we will turn it into a reality.


Popularly known as a progressive JavaScript framework, VueJS has cross-platform attributes that make it easy for developers to build applications for different operating systems in a minimum time.


NextJS is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build user-friendly static websites and web apps using React. You can also create hybrid applications containing server-side and statistically generated pages using NextJS.

Coding Standards We Use


Developers at 75way use clean codes that are easy to understand and look professional. It is perfectly written to match the coding standards.


We ensure higher code stability before launching our software in the market. And this code stability is determined by performing various testing processes.


We follow a smart coding practice that makes the code fault resistant. Our JavaScript developers first plan the action before writing the code in order to determine the user reaction.


The code reusability can save a lot of development time and redundancy as well. Our best minds reuse the code and optimize it to build the software.

Our Related Services

JavaScript is one of the popular scripting languages widely used to build unique and interactive software. 75way has gained expertise in providing top-notch JavaScript services even at competitive pricing. We basically make sure you won’t miss a chance to defeat the online marketplace with a strong website, web, and mobile app. If you also want to enhance your digital presence and are looking for a better way to achieve this primary motive, 75way is the answer. It is the right place to access the best web and app development services with JavaScript technology benefit.
75way has been in the IT industry for more than seven years and have extended their services to give more under a single roof. Sounds interesting? Besides JavaScript development services, we also offer more related services you must check out.