What is Angular?

Angular is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks with exceptional front-end development capabilities. Learn more about this technology.

A Good Framework

Work best as a robust front-end tool, Angular framework is highly-preferable nowadays. Our developers use this tool to speed up the development process and deliver a project in a set time frame.

Component-Based Architecture

Angular apps are equipped with a number of independent components. Such a component-based architecture makes future refinements easier for developers. On top of that, such a framework also makes complex apps easy to use.

Clean Codes

Angular is built on TypeScript that supports status data types. So, it helps detect mistakes easily while coding. One can experience it availing our Angular app development services. Such a benefit makes Angular perfect for junior-level developers as they can notice their mistakes immediately and correct them.

Cross-Platform Framework

The best part about Angular is that it serves both mobile and web app development needs. There is no need to look for third-party services or libraries. Our developers use Angular to build industry-ready web and mobile applications.

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Our Angular Development Services

Front-end Development

75way understands how a creative and feature-rich web app can deliver top-notch performance in terms of conversions and revenue. Our front-end development services can help you develop a successful Angular solution that will maximize efficiency in different areas.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise apps projects are dynamic and complex. We have an experienced team who work exclusively on such projects, from start to end. 75way never compromises with the quality and this is what differentiates us from others. Enjoy the best possible results, getting started with 75way!

Custom Software Development

Reaching the pearl by only looking at the sea is not possible. In the same way, achieving maximum client satisfaction is not possible without meeting their requirements. Our custom Angular development services create web or mobile app solutions, taking into account your business infrastructure, its key features and client’s requirements.

Cross-Platform Apps

Angular is a versatile framework. Our experts create apps that can extend over multiple platforms and serve different purposes, ranging from progressive web applications to open source projects, JavaScript-based mobile applications to desktop applications.

Ecommerce Development

If you want to take your e-commerce business to another level, upgrade your current sites' capability with Angular. It will enhance your website efficiency and result in an explosive growth of your online business. Work with the best e-commerce Angular development team of 75way and speed up your growth!

Migration and Upgrades

With the consistent advancement in the technology industry, it is vital to upgrade your current tech with the latest versions. We help you migrate from one technology to another and upgrade to the latest versions with our services. We help you fit easily in the ever-changing world of technology.

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We Create Next-Gen Angular Applications

The Angular framework provides the speed and flexibility required for developing a feature-rich web app. Hire our developers to create next-gen applications and accelerate your business growth.

We Follow Transparent Work Approach

75way believes in work transparency. We ensure the client receives all updates right from the beginning of the project to the development of web applications.

We Have Experienced Developers

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, our Angular web development experts can build highly-interactive and scalable web and mobile applications and get the job done.

We Walk with Trends

Our top Angular developers help you stay ahead in the market, following the latest trends and implementing the best practices in your web apps.

We are Start-up and SME-friendly

75way offers end-to-end Angular solutions for distinct sizes and types of businesses. We build dynamic and robust applications to boost your business growth.

We Perform Angular Applications Testing

75way believes in quality work. We perform a testing process when developing a client's Angular application to make sure they receive it bug-free.

Our Angular Development Process

Requirement Analysis

The first phase of our Angular development process is requirement analysis that involves discussing your business objectives and evaluating your project requirements. We focus on how you want to utilize the power of Angular technology in your business.

Design & Development

Once we gain clarity about the product vision, we kick off the designing process. We create a blueprint which we also get reviewed by the client. Our developers shape your ideas and code your apps or website to achieve your goal.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Our Angular development process doesn’t end up with product development. Our experts also dedicate their efforts to delivering the top-notch Angular solution, ensuring it is completely error or bug-free. Quality is always our priority!

Deployment & Support

Delivering a quality project on time is not only our motive. We also commit to building long-term relationships with clients. Hence, we also offer post-deployment support. So, if you find any issues, we get them fixed in a set time frame.

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