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Is any ineffective pattern of behavior hindering your digital growth? IT consulting detects IT problems and solves them.

How Can IT Consulting Services Benefit You?

Improve Productivity

IT consulting services enable collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing to improve workflow and enhance productivity in your business operations.

Reduce Downtime

IT consultants eliminate the expensive downtime following a planned and measured approach toward maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, and systems maintenance.

Control Operating Expenses

An IT consultant has a deep understanding of key issues in the IT landscape and can control and manage the operating expenses.

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Our IT Consulting Services

IT Strategy & Planning

Strategic IT planning involves an organization’s leadership, organizational structures, and processes. 75way offers IT strategy and planning services to prepare a company for future challenges and achieve its goals and objectives. We incorporate technologies into each organization’s strategic business goals to drive better outcomes.

IT Budgeting

Rely on experts like 75way for IT budgeting. After all, it is an integral part of a business’s financial planning. Our IT budgeting services involve strategizing the best ways to control your IT expenses and save money wherever possible. We develop a realistic IT budget that adds more value to your business.

Cloud & Data Migration Services

Today, businesses are transferring their data from their existing data centers to private or public clouds to reduce costs and increase security. 75way makes this whole process a breeze developing the right cloud migration strategy. Our IT experts are skilled and know how to perform a successful cloud migration.

IT Assessments

We have experienced IT experts to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's digital environment. Our team reviews or examines your current technology, network design, server infrastructure, mobile device management, technology management, etc., to find the gaps and further work on those areas that need improvement.

Security Risk Assessments

IT professionals at 75way also carry out an imperative organization’s risk management process that includes a security risk assessment. It helps identify the security defects and vulnerabilities and prevent them with the necessary actions. This whole assessment process allows our experts to make the right resource allocation, security control, and tooling decisions.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

The ups and downs happen in businesses. But to keep your company up, a continuity and disaster recovery plan is a must. 75way is one of the leading IT consulting firms, where we help you take the right step ahead to keep your whole IT systems and processes safe with a well-curated business continuity plan.

Techniques We Follow to Support IT Consulting Services

Why Choose 75way for IT Consulting Services?

We Listen to Your Needs

When planning an IT strategy, we listen to the customer’s needs. We first identify your goals and the results you expect and then deliver IT services that suit your needs.

We Craft a Better Strategy

Our dedicated team of IT experts paves the way to achieving your business objective, aligning it with a well-crafted strategy. We incorporate technology into our strategy to meet your business needs.

We Offer Tailored Solutions

Kick your business growth into high gear with our IT consulting services. We offer enterprise tailored solutions keeping in mind the data insights, cloud, cybersecurity, and other technology advancements.

We Deliver Desired Results

The measurable output of our IT consulting services keeps the business going without any blocker. We measure, report, and improve throughout the process, which helps us achieve the business goals.

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75way is a one-stop place to hire skilled and experienced IT consultants. You can rely on us for your IT projects.

What Sets 75way’s IT Consultants Apart?

A Good Listener

Our IT consultants listen to you, and this is one of the best qualities that sets us apart from others. Besides being good listeners, our experts also ask relevant and open-ended questions to understand the current situation.


When you get in touch with our IT consultants, they will demonstrate their trustworthiness with the past results. Our experts are trustworthy enough to work on your projects and achieve the goals you expect from them.


A good IT consultant is always flexible, and our IT consultants embrace this quality, making them your ultimate partner. They are able to adapt themselves to any business and work dedicatedly to make your business different from the rest.


Yes, our IT experts are well-versed and have years of experience in the industry, which is a plus point for any business. Our IT consultants are backed up with immense knowledge and keep up to date with trends for maximum results.


We have a full-fledged team of IT consultants who better know how to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. They work smart and hard without losing an inch of discipline and get the job done.


Great consultants are always confident about their expertise in this IT system. Not only this, but they put company goals first and dedicate their efforts to achieving the primary motive of clients. Our IT consultants embrace such qualities.

Our Related Services

The best thing you’ll experience with 75way is that we never limit ourselves to a small box. We believe in a think out of the box approach that makes us different from others and makes us the topmost preferences of customers. Therefore, we extend our services to take care of every client’s business needs.