Sustain the Capability of Your Digital Product

We have worked on 100s of software and application maintenance projects and hence, better understand how it can help restore the capability of the digital product.

Why Do You Need Maintenance & Support Services?


Adapting your digital product to the upcoming market trends and changing business environment is crucial. Such services help you meet newly introduced constraints.

Avoid Pitfalls

It is imperative to make technical changes and adjustments for the optimum performance of functions. Preventative maintenance can avoid several software or app risks.

Instant Fix

During the web or software product operation, sometimes major or minor bugs arise that need to be resolved promptly. Maintenance services ensure resolving such issues.

Avoid Losses

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Our Software Maintenance and Support Services

Error Tracking & Debugging

With 75way’s efficient error-tracking workflow, our team is able to identify issues and fix them as quickly as possible for the smooth performance of your digital product.

Comprehensive User Support

75way works hard to enhance the end-user and client experience with us. Our round-the-clock user support (in the form of online chats or calls) is a perfect example of it.

Offshore Product Maintenance

The network support group at 75way provides offshore product maintenance services to enhance the product's relevance to a wider competitive market.

Version Upgrades

75way helps you enjoy the newest and improved version of your digital product. Our version upgrade services are a key to survival in the competitive world.

Performance Testing

The QA testing team at 75way follows effective testing practices and uses the latest technologies to determine how a system will perform in a different environment.

Technical Troubleshooting

We perform a step-by-step technical troubleshooting process to resolve the issues faster. So, if you’re facing any problems with your app or software, connect with us now!

Performance Monitoring

Our team ensures the automated product performance meets the expected level of service, measured considering the performance metrics and user experience monitoring.

Version Enhancements

Revitalize your software or web/ app solution with new features. We incorporate the changes without losing an inch of productivity or affecting business flow.

Quality Assurance Testing

We prioritize quality service. Therefore, our developed product goes through quality testing to ensure it is completely error-free and ready to market.

Why Choose Our Services?

Types of Software Maintenance Services We Provide

Corrective Maintenance

This type of maintenance rectifies the bugs observed while using the system and enhances its performance.

Adaptive Maintenance

We offer adaptive maintenance to meet the customer’s needs to run the product on a new platform or OS.

Perfective Maintenance

We maintain your software so that it supports the new features and functionalities added to meet the customer demands.

Preventive Maintenance

It involves the modifications and updations of the software to prevent future risks and problems of the software.

75way- A Quick Error Fixer!

Let us know your requirements and we will provide quick maintenance and support services for your digital solution.

Our Approach to Provide Maintenance and Support Services

Requirement Collection

First, we gather all the documentation and process details that you followed. Such details help us understand the maintenance objective of your digital solution.

System Analysis

Once we gain clarity about your request, we figure out the defect in your product, find the root cause of the issue and review the related codes.

Product Evaluation

Our development team provides the ideal solution to issues or defects in your product. They follow an improved approach for faster delivery.


Our product maintenance and support team uses the advanced and latest debugging tools and reviews all lines of code to fix the issue and avoid facing it in the future.


We perform testing practices to ensure all the features and functionalities are operating well. After testing the bugs, we get the product ready for final delivery.

Release and Reporting

Once the product is free of errors and performs best, it is sent for client approval. Once approved for release, we compile the responses in a report for future references.

Our Related Services

75way offers a full-range of IT maintenance and support services to clients of different industries. Partnering with us can benefit you in a number of ways. Our maintenance and support team can eliminate all possible errors of your digital solution and improve work efficiency. But we are not stopped here. We are always ready to help you with more services.