Adopt IOT to Expand Your Digital Capabilities

The IoT concept revolves around automation and connectivity. It enhances direct communication between devices within the network for information access without human interference.

How IOT Can Benefit You

Increase Productivity

IoT development can add to the productivity of your business. It fuels a business's success, establishing better communication and providing real-time training to employees.

Cost-Effective Operations

Reduced operation cost enhances the profitability of any organization. Integrating your business processes with IoT cuts down the operation cost that adds to better sustainability.

Encourages Smooth Workflow

IoT solutions automate the processes that reduce the downtime period and encourage a smooth workflow across the enterprise, resulting in higher production rates and profits.

Better Business Opportunities

When a company uses IoT, it can perform challenging tasks and enjoy increased effectiveness. They can offer more services or products compared to their competitors.

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Our IoT Development Services

IoT Consulting

Teaming our IoT expertise with your project can help you achieve your goals. Our IoT consulting services help properly plan and implement an IoT-powered environment to shape your digital strategy. Avail our IoT consulting services to benefit your business in numerous ways.

User App Development

Capture the full potential of IoT with a well-built user app. Our user app development services allow you to access and explore the data on the go using native mobile and web applications powered by an intelligent UX. Connect with us now!

IoT integrations

If you want to move toward cloud-based systems to bring digital transformation to your company, 75way can help you. Tech experts at 75way can easily integrate IoT solutions with your enterprise apps, no matter whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.

Full-cycle IoT Development

75way has lent a hand to many IoT projects and met several business requirements. And if you want to organize your whole path ranging from an initial idea to a final product, choose our high-end software development services that cover all stages of your digital transformation.

IoT Acceleration

Our pool of IoT development services also includes IoT accelerators that play an imperative role in speeding up your IoT solution development. IoT accelerators can easily manage device connectivity and further expedite the whole IoT development process.

IoT Software Enhancement

Enjoy access to the engineering expertise with us to enhance your current IoT platform. We can also build custom software solutions that suit your business objectives and deliver the desired results. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with us today!

IoT Analytics

When you have a team of experts having AI skills to unleash the potential of real-time data, why waste time doing it all by yourself? Our team generates actionable insights and credible predictions causing their AI experience.

AI/ Machine Learning Development Process We Follow

Know Buzz of IoT in Market

10 Billion Active IoT Devices

The latest stats have revealed there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices in 2021. It’s undoubtedly a big number. The pace of this technological advancement is exponentially increasing. And according to a study, this number will rise to 25.4 billion in 2030.

Generate $4-11 Trillion by 2025

Yes, that’s true! The report highlights that IoT solutions can generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025. These numbers are evident how this technology is becoming every business owner or marketer's favorite.

83% of Organizations Have Improved Their Efficiency

Did you know around 83 percent of organizations have improved their operational efficiency to a good extent by integrating IoT technology into the current system? If you also want to enhance your business performance, our IoT services can help you.

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Experts at 75way accept the challenges that come along with new projects. And if you also want an intelligent IoT solution for your business, we can help you!

Why 75way for IoT Development Services

Reliable Connectivity

Our well-versed IoT development team ensures a hiccup-free experience and high-quality connectivity, choosing the right networking protocol. We build IoT applications that support other connected devices.

Work Hard Together

A successful IoT project demands the expertise of a team of specialists in strategy, user experience, and more. When the professionals from different related areas work hard together, building an outstanding product becomes effortless.


We never compromise with security, and this is another reason you should choose us for your IoT project. We follow secure development practices for your IoT project, sticking to industry-specific standards and regulations.

Smooth Usability

We have a great team of skilled developers and designers who utilize their skills and industry expertise to create an advanced, user-friendly, and interactive IoT application. So, when you will be backed by us, success is guaranteed.


We develop IoT solutions, keeping in mind the scalability factor. Working in such a way ensures your IoT application and the underlying infrastructure work the best and scale up to support other connected devices in the future.

Top-notch Quality

Customers in the market strive for quality service, and we better understand this fact. 75way keeps an eye check on the issues following the rigorous quality assurance approach and automated testing to offer top-notch IoT development services.

75way Brings You Everything Under a Roof

75way is a renowned IoT development company that is always ready to assist clients building IoT solutions. But we’re not stopped here! We also offer more services that can help you in your projects from start to end.