Why Choose NextJS for Your Business?

NextJS is a Javascript framework that allows a user to create robust, engaging, and user-friendly static websites and web applications using the power of React. This technology can benefit your business in a number of ways.


NextJS is a highly scalable technology that one can optimize for small build sizes and faster development compilation.

Enhanced Performance

NextJS’s automatic code-splitting reduced the amount of data required to be downloaded to make the app or website highly interactive.

Reusable Elements

Just like React, one can use the NextJS elements multiple times to create more UI instances, giving one more reason to choose NextJS for the next project.

Server-Side Rendering

NextJS allows a user to render the React components on the server-end that can be done before the HTML is sent to the client.

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Our NextJS Development Services

Next.js Web Development

Developers at 75way understand how dedicated you are to fulfilling your business dreams. And our NextJS web development services will play a great role in speeding up your growth, developing versatile, scalable, and responsive websites and applications equipped with numerous features and functionalities.

NextJS Planning and Strategy

Our NextJS developers craft a fruitful plan and further take the foot forward. Our assistance in NextJS development can bring you closer to success. We have a good grasp of the different frameworks and develop customer-centric solutions having a high scope in the future.

Next.Js Custom Development

We understand every business has its unique needs and requires a unique strategy or solution to take your business to greater heights. Our development team goes the extra mile, providing the NextJS custom development services. We can tailor our services as per the business requirements.

NextJS Plugin Development Services

If you want new plugins for your apps and websites, we can help you in this regard with our NextJS plugin development services. We have worked on different projects and helped them with the right plugins that help them work seamlessly. Hire us now!

NextJS Upgrade

Looking for an expert who can assist you in the NextJS up-gradation process? We got you covered with NextJS upgrade services. We have worked with several businesses and upgraded their web solutions into the latest NextJS versions. So, if you want it, get in touch with us now!

NextJS Maintenance & Support

We’re not just limited to developing a NextJS solution for you. We also ensure the product will function at its best in the future. We deploy skilled and experienced NextJS developers for the maintenance of your application so that it runs smoothly.

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Why Count On Us for NextJS Development?

Skilled NextJS Developers

75way is equipped with a creative army of skilled NextJS developers. They have years of experience in handling a number of projects in different industries. Our team is our strength, and we are proud to offer you the assistance of the best developers, all at 75way.

Speedy Project Execution

We always endeavor to beat the competitive IT landscape, taking the right move at the right time. Once we get a chance to work on your project, we start working on the process immediately and deliver the product in a set time frame without losing the quality.

Round-the-Clock Support

Is your NextJS web app not working properly? Do you have any questions? You can count on us for better support. Our experienced NextJS specialists assist you at every step of the process and provide the support you deserve even after the product release

Handle Workloads

Our company has gained expertise in handling projects having different levels of complexity. We have an efficient technical team to provide you with the best service and handle the demanding workloads. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now!

Long-Term Relationship

We nurture our relationship with our clients, focusing on different factors that make a project successful. From effective communication between clients and team to delivering quality work on time, we focus on every aspect that can foster our relationship with our clients.

Competitive Pricing

Receiving quality service in your budget seems like icing on the cake. Right? At 75way, we offer quality NextJS development services in your budget. We follow an excellent approach to save your time and limit the use of resources.

On-time Project Delivery

75way has a proven track record of delivering the best work in a set time frame. Our smooth operation workflow helps us create the website or app in no time. So, project success is guaranteed when you have an expert like us.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

We are Trustworthy

Yes, we are. We have served several industries with the best NextJS solutions and have experience in this arena that screams aloud how trustable we are for your project.

We Deliver the Best Outcomes

75way is dedicated to creating exceptional apps and websites using NextJS technology and making the most of your business, meeting even complicated requirements.

We Use the Latest Technology

When it comes to NextJS development, we use the most recent technology mix for hybrid applications based on CSR and SSR.

We Accept Challenges

No matter how complicated your project is or the efforts it requires, we are always ready to give our best. Our nature of accepting any challenge makes us the topmost customer’s choice!

Our Related Services

Nothing could be better than receiving all required services under one roof. Right? 75way offers more services related to NextJS and helps you in your digital journey