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About Us

75way Technologies is certified global software services company that centers around on Mobile and Web Application development and improvement. We are experts in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development , Custom web design, web development, startup solutions, SEO, digital marketings, facebook applications, branding hosting & support etc. As the name propose we do have 75 different ways or express answers for any issue .

Our expertise and devote commitment to deliver complex strategic IT projects make us a trusted service provider to 1100+ customers across the globe. It is a matter of great pride to us that many of these relationships have continued with us since the beginning and are with us since long term. At 75way Technologies, we work with high cooperative efforts, diligent work, and commitment by supporting each other that enables us to make new attempts resulting in significant outcomes.

Our Team

Each and every person in our company together understands the prerequisites of business, clients and target audience by utilizing a considerable number of benefits accessible to fulfill the need for learning, background, and development of everyone.

Our organization is not only about technology,but it is also about our people and the professional raise of each one of them.

Our Organisation

We hire eager, instructed and determined innovators that are fully dedicated to developing our client's need and helping in their success.

We favor skills over ordeal and furnish extensive training to all the employees and contribute to their rise in personal and well as professional life.

With our fast-paced and difficult work environment, we center around consumer loyalty & maintaining the trust that our client has on us.

How 75way is different ?

About Us Responsibility
We take responsibility for QUALITY

Our services have high degree of excellence. We have professional marketing team and friendly support team for smooth maintenance and services. Best of quality and adherence to timelines.

Best IT Company Satisfaction
We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction

We cooperate closely with our customers, update on regular basis and make sure if any unexpected challenges occur they are discussed and resolved before they become problems.

Best IT Company Leadership
We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals

In leadership we establish a clear vision and sharing the vision with client because we think that a leader is the spearhead for the new direction of the ideas and the vision behind thinking ‘Out of the Box’.

Best IT Company Integrity
We act with INTEGRITY in all we do

We believe in being honesty and having strong moral principles. We fulfil our commitment as a responsible citizens & employees & always treat customers with high enthusiasm and company resources with the respect they deserve.

Best IT Company Value
We value PEOPLE at 75way Technologies

Our team knows that our clients deserve our time and attention therefore we provide every single client with a high Quality time & Solution. Our team is our strength. We believe in complete honesty and integrity and in producing work we can truly be proud of.



    This phase is all about understanding the pain points, about business environment and whether we can solve your problems. After an exhaustive analysis our team will recommend a path of action. If you like what you have heard from us, we will formally start working together.


    Depending on the recommendations, we will draw up a plan of actions to be performed. During this phase we will work on the software requirements, the exact scope of the project, milestones and deadlines of the project. We will keep you in the loop, and keep the plan flexible to your account for any unforeseen circumstances.


    This is when we execute the plan. Depending on the project requirements, we will use a variety of methodologies, like Agile, Waterfall or Prototype during development. Our developers continually work to explore new technologies and techniques in development. All the developers assigned to your project are trained internally to maintain the high-quality standards of technology during the development process. You will receive regular updates from the project manager during this phase so that you are up to date on the latest developments in progress. Here the Logical design is turned into a physical design.


    After finishing the project, our quality assurance phase comes into force. This is where your project manager, our quality assurance team, and the developers all meet together to make sure everything is perfect and exactly the way you wanted and it meets the quality meaures required.


    At this stage the deliverable product is still not ready for end users. If it's a mobile app, it needs to be hosted on app stores and markets for testing. If it's a web site or a cloud based product, it has to be uploaded on third party servers and configured for reviewing traffic on it . This phase will take care of the thousand and one little things before your product goes on board.


    Software is not forever. The market will evolve, operating systems will get upgraded, traffic will grow and users will demand new features. These changes mean that the product will have to be updated to cope with new requirements. For further assistance , we are always there for you anytime and every time.