Cloud/DevOps- Game-Changing Practice

Cloud and DevOps together are considered a powerhouse of digital transformation. The benefits of using them together will surely make you say yes to it for your project.

Higher Cost-efficiency

Traditional development processes utilize more resources because of long cycles that also break your budget. Automated processes eliminate resource provisioning inefficiencies, track development costs and make adjustments. In short, this technology is cost-efficient.

Rapid Deployment

You can expect rapid deployment with the cloud but setting it up individually becomes challenging when DevOps comes into play. DevOps provides click-build tools to automate the process. These tools interact with cloud service apps, eliminating user error.

Effective Monitoring

Adequate monitoring procedures are another advantage of hosting DevOps in the cloud. Even the cloud centralizes services like automation, restoration, monitoring, backup, and infrastructure services, all in one place. In simple words, it encourages effective monitoring.


DevOps promotes continuous integration and delivery to produce standard software. The best thing about DevOps is that it can effortlessly adapt to a constantly changing infrastructural environment and deliver a high-end user experience.

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Our Cloud/DevOps Services

Cloud Architecture & Design

75way always endeavors to serve the clients with the best of service, and cloud architecture and design is one of them. This service encompasses components, including software applications and databases to utilize the power of the cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Our pool of services also has a cloud consulting service that helps our clients enjoy the most of the cloud. Our developers consult the client on the Managed Security, Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration to leverage the cloud technology.

CI/CD Pipeline

Nothing could be better than receiving the best CI/CD Pipeline service with a promise of top-class quality. Right? We at 75way implement Continuous Integration (CI)/CD to integrate code into a shared repository.

Security Management and Monitoring

Our Cloud/DevOps services also include security management and monitoring services. No doubt, critical services deserve protection against cyber threats. Our developers ensure complete and effective cloud security and monitoring so that nothing hinders your growth.

Infrastructure Management

We can also help you finalize your cloud infrastructure requirements. We have a full-fledged expert team of cloud solution architects to assist you in this regard and end you up with maximum benefits.

DDOS Attack Mitigation

Our gamut of cloud services seems incomplete without DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack mitigation services. This service helps protect a target from DDOS attacks and other malicious attacks that can harm your data.

Rely on a Cloud/DevOps Expert Like Us

Cloud Computing Competence


75way offers Amazon Web Services for cost-effective cloud computing services. We have the preeminent AWS experts who provide the complete flexibility to launch applications no matter what type of industry or magnitude of business it is.

Google Cloud

75way also has expertise in cloud computing platforms using Google Cloud. We have the best tech talents to modernize your workload with cloud computing services from Google. Saying precisely, we accelerate digital innovation with apps, APIs, and automation.

Microsoft Azure

We are also experts in building, effectively managing, and deploying applications with Microsoft Azure. We manage the environment and provide security to fit in the constantly changing technology environment and distinct business needs.

Digital Ocean

We help businesses grow faster by building on the simple, affordable cloud they love. And in this journey, we utilize Digital Ocean to end them up with desired results. Digital Ocean helps us provide the cloud computing services businesses need.


Our developers are well-versed and have experience using Kubernetes (also known as K8s). We use this open-source system to automate the deployment, scaling, and managing of containerized applications. We are experts in this.


Our developers love using Docker to take the business to another level. We use this technology to make the development more efficient and predictable. The use of Docker helps us eliminate repetitive and mundane configuration tasks in the development cycle.


It’s a leading automation server that provides access to hundreds of plugins that helps build, deploy and automate any project. Our talented development team knows how to use Jenkins and deliver high-end results.


We are also well-versed in utilizing the CI/CD skills to improve your business functioning. We use the popular method of CI/CD, to deliver apps to customers giving a touch of automation into different stages of app development.


Heroku is a renowned platform as a service (PaaS) and 75way better aware of the power of this cloud computing technology. Our developers use this advanced solution to create, run and operate applications in the cloud.

Why Choose 75way for Cloud/DevOps Services?

Timely Delivery

With 75way, you can enjoy timely project delivery. We understand how precious your time is, and hence, we never delay the project delivery.

24*7 Active Support & Maintenance

If cloud computing or DevOps solution is troubling you and you need immediate assistance, our team is 24*7 available to help you.

Talented Team

We are backed by a talented team of Cloud/DevOps developers, and this is what helps us become the topmost preference of customers today.

Quality Work

We never compromise an inch of quality. Working in such a way makes us a reliable and preeminent Cloud/DevOps development company.

Explore More Services We Offer

75way houses a number of services to build an extraordinary solution that can give a competitive edge to your business. Besides Cloud/DevOps, we are also experts in more technology areas.