What is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is one of the emerging technologies and a great platform, created with the amalgamation of four components Node.JS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and ReactJS. This platform allows you to create your application in no time. This is why developers highly use this platform nowadays.


MongoDB is an open-source and free NoSQL database program that gives complete ease to developers to create highly scalable and flexible components.

Express JS

ExpressJS is a JavaScript web application framework that helps develop a feature-rich, dynamic website. NodeJS and ExpressJS frameworks are used as a server-side framework that works great in delivering high-performance web applications.


ReactJS is another framework that makes updating and rendering design components for each state in the application easier, especially when data changes.

Node JS

Node JS is a cross-platform and open-source web development framework that supports rich JavaScript modules and libraries, required to create a highly-scalable web application.

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Our MERN Stack Development Services

E-Commerce Web Apps

Do you have a great eCommerce web app idea? Well, we have a team to work on your idea. Our MERN Stack dev team builds an appealing and interactive eCommerce app using the modern MERN Stack technology. We focus on every aspect of your project, including the front-end, dash work, and more.

Enterprise Apps

Our MERN Stack developers are experts in developing high-end enterprise-grade solutions specially designed to handle heavy workloads. MERN Stack encourages a faster yet smoother app experience that plays a vital role in increasing the productivity of your business. So, if you want expert assistance in MERN Stack app development, 75way is the right name.

Custom App Development

Our MERN experts are specialized in creating bespoke web app solutions for startups, enterprises, and SMBs using the right strategies. Our team uses the power of ReactJS and NodeJS to give you a quality web app that will turn your great idea into a reality. Avail our custom app development today!

MongoDB App Development

Looking for the right professional to implement MongoDB in your project? Rely on MERN Stack developers of 75way. Our team can deliver excellent database development services and push you towards growth. We have gained specialization in this field and can offer the support you deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with us!

CMS Development

75way is a one-stop destination of MERN Stack services, and one of them is CMS development. Such service gives a much-needed competitive edge to your business. We develop a user-friendly, scalable, feature-rich, secure CMS system, exceptional module development, and integration for your project. Hire our MERN Stack developers today!

Migration & Porting

Do you want to migrate your application from the existing MERN Stack version to the latest version? We can assist you in this matter by providing migration and porting services. We follow trends, and this is what helps us deliver the best results. Our developers can port and migrate your app safely.

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How Can MERN Stack Transform Your Business?

Power of FOUR Technologies in ONE

MERN Stack is built with a combination of four components. So, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiple technologies on a single platform.

Highly Scalable

If you want a highly-scalable web application or dynamic website for your business, choose MERN Stack technology as this framework can meet your requirements.


Integrating the highly secure functionality of MERN Stack ensures that the data is safe and secure. Such a benefit makes it reliable technology for different projects.

High-Quality Results

Creating a web application with MERN doesn’t require a high amount of time. Not only this, but MERN solutions also deliver high-end results in terms of growth.


Another benefit of MERN technology is the flexibility it offers. This technology can be adapted when employed interchangeably, and our assistance is a plus point.


The website's appearance is one of the crucial success factors. MERN Stack can enhance your site’s traffic with a high-appealing website that can catch the user’s eyeballs.

What Makes Us the Best MERN Stack Development Company?

Custom Solution Development

We prioritize your needs. Hence, we tailor our services accordingly to create a top-notch MERN Stack solution. We ensure the final product matches the client's requirements and whole business model.

Experienced Developers

A scalable and highly-interactive solution is built when experienced developers with a good knowledge of MERN Stack tools perform a perfectly tailored MERN Stack development service. For a pixel-perfect solution, choose our developer’s assistance.


“Is my project idea safe with the company?” An obvious question business owners usually ask a company before saying yes to their services. Right? We ensure your idea is safe and maintain a great level of confidentiality.

Time Constraints

We are committed to delivering your project in a set time frame. We follow an agile methodology to achieve this motive. We manage deadlines, workload management, resource allocation, and more factors related to the project’s success.

Our Related Services

Creating a high-end application with our MERN Stack development services is a wise step towards your business's success. So, if you have any idea you want to convert into a reality, talk to our professionals today! Our MERN Stack Development Team is ready to help you. We also deal in other related services you must explore.