What is Cloud Solution?

Cloud solutions (also known as cloud computing or cloud services) refer to the delivery of computing services, including servers, databases, storage, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt for Cloud Solutions

Better Insights from Big Data

Cloud solutions can easily scale up and down depending on the user requirements and are also exceptionally flexible that allow internet-enabled devices to access and share documents for business decisions.

Flexible and Scalable

Cloud solutions can easily scale up and down depending on the user requirements. They are also exceptionally flexible, allowing internet-enabled devices to access and share documents for business decisions.

Simple and Cost-effective

Expanding on-premises infrastructure is expensive. But when you move to the cloud, you have to bear low initial setup costs. Our cloud solutions can even help your business scale at a faster rate.

Get Cloud Ready!


Cloud Integration Services

75way has the best minds to work on your complex cloud project. Our experts have the necessary skill sets that help offer the best-in-class cloud integration services. Yes. We can integrate your current business software solutions with cloud solutions to enhance your IT infrastructure and create a sustainable roadmap for growth.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We can design, develop, monitor, support, and optimize your hybrid IT infrastructure following effective practices. We have a dedicated team that integrates on-premises infrastructure to manage different components of your IT infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure management services ensure high performance and scalability.

Cloud Migration Services

Our wide range of cloud solution services also includes cloud migration services that provide complete ease to migrate your databases, business apps & processes, and servers to a cloud platform. This switch supports the business or industry growth and ensures smooth workflow. So, avail our cloud migration services now!

Cloud Computing Architecture

Streamline data flows and publish your APIs in the cloud for effortless third-party integration taking the advantage of service-oriented architectures. We have years of experience in this industry and worked on such projects. So, relying on us will be a great idea. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

Cloud Security Services

Maintaining cloud security is not an easy game, but when managed and maintained by experts like us, winning this game becomes easy. We implement reliable security protocols, including end-to-end encryption, 2F authentication, SSL/TLS, API credentials, password protection, etc., and employ other practices to keep your cloud environment secure.

Cloud Backup Services

Counting on local or external backup drives to protect your data is not always a good idea. Our cloud backup solutions can help you avoid disastrous data loss. We can develop cloud-based data backup, protection, and recovery solutions with off-site data centers, a hybrid combination of servers, or other necessary features.

Cloud Application Containerization

Are you looking for up-to-mark app containerization services? You’ve landed at the right place. 75way offers cloud application containerization to abstract operating system kernels to allow multiple cloud applications and perform seamlessly no matter what environment they are deployed to. This is how we can help you with this concern.

Cloud Mobile App Development

The introduction of cloud computing has completely transformed the realm of mobile app development. If you want to experience the power of cloud mobile apps, 75way is the right place. We develop user-friendly and interactive cloud mobile apps. We design these apps to enhance scalability, better connectivity, unlimited data storage, and more.

Cloud Support & Maintenance

A bug or issue can arise anytime. Right? 75way better understands this fact and hence, offers support and maintenance services. Our IT support team are 24/7 available to assist you and resolve the issue affecting your cloud solution performance and hindering your digital growth. We have helped innumerable clients and can help you too.

Cloud Document Management

We make organizing files and documents simple with our cloud document management services. We achieve this goal by automating storage, providing tools, and indexing documents. It helps anyone in your organization to access any document anytime. Not only this, but our services also ensure companies go paperless when storing and retrieving documents.

Cloud as a Service Development

Our cloud solution development experts first take your preference into account and further come up with the best Cloud as a Service module. Our cloud developers have the necessary skills and experience in delivering custom-tailored Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions that can maximize your growth rate.

Cloud Microservices Architecture

We are experts in building microservice-based architectures, and we do this by consolidating applications into independent components. Such an architecture boosts agility, scalability, and performance. 75way is a leading cloud solution development company, having over seven years of experience in this industry. Relying on us would help you achieve desired results.

Our Best Cloud Solution Development Team

Cloud Service Providers We Work With

Google Cloud

We work with the Google Cloud and use the same suite of technologies that Google itself uses for its products. From AppEngine service to CloudFunction service, we bring you all in one place.


AWS is an industry-leading cloud service provider, and we leverage the technology the AWS offers. Our AWS-based services include Amazon CloudFront service, Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, etc.

Microsoft Azure

75way can easily manage organization infrastructure and develop and scale using Microsoft's data centers. Our team will make the most of Azure to meet your infrastructure needs. So, it’s time to avail our services.

Hire Experienced Cloud Developers

75way has a full-fledged team having a wealth of knowledge, experience, and unparalleled expertise in developing tailored cloud solutions.

Why Choose Us?

5-star Tech Support

Technical support after the project delivery? Is it possible? With 75way, it is. Our technical support team is always ready to resolve cloud solution development-related issues.

In-House Development Team

We provide you access to a well-versed and experienced team of developers who know how to develop a unique cloud solution to meet your business requirements.

Integrity & Transparency

Worried about work transparency? 75way ensures clients are updated with every detail of the project and its progress. We also welcome their ideas.

Competitive Pricing

75way develops client and customer-centric cloud solutions using advanced technologies at competitive pricing and gives your business a competitive edge.

On-time Project Delivery

Our cloud solution development team ensures the timely delivery of the project, giving a reason to choose us for your project. Hire us now!

Quality Service

Compromising with quality for faster delivery of the project is not our style. We dedicate our time and efforts to creating high-end cloud solutions.

What’s More?

Witness a steady growth in your business with a cloud solution designed and developed considering your goals and objectives. 75way has gained expertise in this field. We also have a track record of successful experience in other IT areas.