Why Android Apps?

If you want to catch the eye of potential customers and generate more income, Android apps can do this magic. Learn how.

Offers Flexibility

Android is open-source. It allows you to customize your Android application with the functions and features you want to fuel a customer experience.

Easy to Use

Android’s open working model and availability of resources make it an easy and quick option for application development.

Low Barriers of Entry

iOS app development demands a Mac. But in the case of the Android, the story is a little different. Android apps can be developed on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Low Cost

There is no need to buy any additional device in Android development. This is what makes it a less-expensive option today.

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Our Top Android App Development Services

Custom Android Apps Development services

Our developers meet a diverse set of business requirements with custom Android apps. We know the nitty-gritty of Android app development that helps us build a unique solution for your distinct business needs.

Android UI/UX Design

We can build an app that renders a great user experience. Our designer adds required functionalities and features in the Android app to make it user-friendly and eye-catching as well. Rely on us for Android app development featuring impeccable UI/UX design.

Android Web-based Apps

75way also has expertise in developing highly secure Android web-based applications. With us, you can enjoy access to a flexible application. One can stretch the app's abilities with consistent business growth. So, what are you waiting for? Avail our services today!

Android App Porting

We strive to build a strong presence on different devices and OS to catch the attention of potential customers and leverage your business growth. We offer porting services for your Android apps you can take advantage of to achieve your business goals.

Android App Testing

Developing an app is not only our goal. We believe in delivering a high-quality app with no bugs or errors. We make your product market-ready, performing the vigorous testing process that helps us determine the issues.

Android App Consultation

Do you have a game-changing app idea in your mind? Do you have any questions or doubts? Discuss it with our Android app consultants! Our team will listen to your words and provide the ideal solution to convert your vision into a reality.

We Build Android Apps For You!

Our Clients Choose Us Because

We Offer Full Transparency

We offer transparency throughout our whole Android app development process, and this is a bonus point hiring us for your projects. We regularly and weekly report to our clients about their projects.

We Follow Innovative Approach

Choosing the right one is tricky when there’s a lot on your plate. 75way works to stand out in the crowd and follows a unique and innovative approach that leads you to choose us for your next project.

We Focus on Your Business Goals

We work with the primary motive of achieving your business goals. Hence, we develop plans and strategies keeping in mind your business goals and targeted audience's needs. It helps us develop customer-centered Android apps.

We Use Latest Technologies

75way always uses the latest techs that help our clients surge ahead of the competition. Our Android app developers have the expertise in the most up-to-date platforms, application servers, technologies, frameworks, tools, and components.

We are Reliable And Skilled Developers

Well-versed developers are the lifeblood of any Android app development company. We have a team of the best minds who can develop the best Android-based app solutions for customers. Hiring us means accessing our efficient and dedicated team.

We Develop Robust Architecture

We never compromise with the safety and security of your Android app. Our team strictly employs top security protocols to protect your app from malware. Showing trust in our experts can benefit you in several ways.

Android Application Development Process We Follow

Ideation And Planning

First, we focus on getting familiar with your project idea and its objectives. Once we have gained clarity about the project, we plan and prepare a detailed insight to take a foot forward to the idea development. We figure out the ins and outs of your projects and develop a plan accordingly.

Design And Development

The next step on our list is designing the app. This phase involves dedicating time to the app’s overall appearance, including its graphics, icons, and other features. We also add required functions and server-side elements while developing the app to make it a user-friendly and market-ready product.

Testing And QA

After designing and developing the app, the next phase is testing. We have experienced QA testing professionals who conduct testing processes on your app to check if there is any bug or not. If yes, they resolve the issues and ensure it runs smoothly. In simple words, a finishing touch is given to your app.

App Deployment

The final phase is app deployment. In this phase, our team of Android application developers deploys the app in the Play Store, making it ready for customer use. Now, your audience can download the app and enjoy your offered services. So, it’s your time to avail our services.

Our Related Services

Something extra always seems great! Right? This is why 75way always endeavors to present you with a whole raft of related services to help you strictly focus on your goals. 75way takes care of a client’s needs, providing the best services under a roof. Now, you don’t need to rush anywhere as you can enjoy everything extra here only at 75way.