What is TypeScript?

Developed by Microsoft, TypeScript is an open-source programming language that compiles JavaScript. All valid JavaScript code is also a TypeScript code (a superset of JavaScript.)


The best part about using TypeScript is that everything remains the same as was initially defined. If a variable is declared as a string, it will be a string instead of turning into a Boolean.

Rich IDE support

Editors and Integrated development environments (IDE) become much more helpful using TypeScript. It offers several features, including code navigation and auto-completion, and also provides feedback while typing.

Early Spotted Bugs

Did you know TypeScript detects 15 percent of bugs at the compile stage? Such a technology saves developers’ time and allows them to focus on the development instead of wasting time on detecting common errors.

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TypeScript App Development

We have a talented team to develop a robust, scalable, and interactive enterprise-grade mobile application for any device and screen size. Our experts ensure faultless and quality delivery of mobile app solutions featuring a rich and unmatched user interface.

Endeavor App Development and APIs

Connecting with us means saying yes to a good future for your business. We deal with adaptability, user interface, speed, vigor, and liquid utilization when making undertaking arrangements. Reach out to us today!

TypeScript Consultation

If you want to know anything about TypeScript, including its pros and cons, you can simply have words with our TypeScript experts. Our best minds assist you with finding precise TypeScript-based solutions for your business.

Web App Development

75way’s expertise in top-class web application development leads businesses to taste success. We code in TypeScript and assemble the structure in JavaScript that further results in the creation of innovative solutions in the form of web apps.

JS to TS Migration

If you want to migrate from your existing JavaScript platforms to TypeScript, we can do this in one-two-three easy steps. Our TypeScript developers follow a simple and risk-free approach for the successful JS to TS migration.

Maintenance & Support

Whether it is a version upgrade or maintenance services, we help you keep up the work, providing the best support and maintenance services. We perform several methods or tactics for the consistent working of your digital product.

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Our Expertise in TypeScript Development

Mobile Application Development

We leverage TypeScript technology to develop high-performance iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones.

Custom Web Development

75way is a leading player in the market in creating responsive websites keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

UI Design / Creative Services

We code in TypeScript to create a smooth user interface and design and build a unique digital identity for the business.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We have a lineup of AWS-certified cloud architects who can develop and manage full cloud infrastructure.

Mobile Games Development

Creating engaging and revenue-generating 2D and 3D games on iOS and Android platforms is easy for us.

Digital Marketing Services

We are experts in different parts of the online marketing stack, ranging from social media to content.

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Years of Experience

75way has been in this IT industry for more than seven years and has served several global clients.

100+ Tech Experts

We have a lineup of the dedicated frontend development team and TypeScript developers to shape your idea.

On-time Delivery

Delivering the project within a set deadline is one of our priorities. Our project manager ensures the quality and timely delivery of work.

Multiple Projects

Serving the clients of different industries with the preeminent TypeScript development services is our goal.

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