Our Innovative Solutions Shake Up The Transport and Logistic Industry

75way provides ease of tracking all shipments and huge movements of transportation and logistic businesses on a daily basis with several digital products.

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Today, the transport and logistics industry is blessed with the power of technology that provides eye control of whole hours of a day to track all your shipments. From moving stuff from one place to another, loading or unloading, to delivering to the right destination, tracking everything on a device has become possible. Thanks to 75way’s expert digital solution.

75way is a leading digital transformation company that empowers the transport and logistic industry with creative solutions that benefit them in a number of ways. Know here-

  • Tracking software, sensors and automation improves efficiency.
  • Supply chain visibility improves with product tracking systems.
  • Boosts productivity that reduces costs while improving services.
  • Automation and AI-enhanced tools speed up transportation and logistics.

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Empowering Industries With A Feature-Rich Digital Product

The transportation and logistic industry experience a huge movement on a daily basis, whether it is through road, air, sea, or surface. Tracking everything sounds impossible. Humanly impossible, but with the right technology use, it is possible.

Partner with 75way to change the future of your business. We build feature-rich custom solutions to empower transport and logistic business.

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Different Panels of an On-demand Transportation & Logistic App

Developers at 75way equip the app with three different panels- Customer Panel, Driver Panel, and Customer Panel.

Customer Panel

Equipped with several features, we create an incredible customer panel that delivers high performance with startling accuracy.

  • Registration and social login
  • Push notification
  • Bookings
  • Billings and payment method
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Track shipment
admin panel

Admin Panel

We also create an admin panel that gives full control of the app and helps you make some tweaks whenever required.

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Monitor drivers
  • Manage trucks, tariffs and shippers
  • Push notifications
  • Billing and invoice
user panel

Driver Panel

We also focus on flooding the driver panel with the essential features that make transportation and logistic operations smoother and easier.

  • Register/ Social login
  • Shipper details
  • Freight details
  • Navigation
  • Bill approving
  • Online payment method

Choose 75way for Your Next Transport and Logistic Project

An industry always demands something that can help them manage everything efficiently, and this can only be possible with the expert assistance of 75way. We can develop a great mobile app, website, or more to simplify industry operations and manage all the functionalities and work systematically.

Today, transport and logistics apps are in huge demand, and 75way better understands this. We have a team of experienced developers specializing in different technologies and craft a better solution to benefit your business.

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