AI/ Machine Learning - The Future is Now!

The impact of AI and machine learning on major industries is hard to ignore as it benefits them in numerous ways. And it is just beginning. There's much more to come.

Ways AI/ ML Easing the Businesses' Pains

Improved Workflows

Machine learning and artificial intelligence solve the issues that block the organization's workflow and hinder your growth. This technology increases operational efficiencies.

Theft Detection

Small or startups can take advantage of ML-based software to detect theft or identify data security lapses. It prevents the risk of harm to your business.

24/7 Support

Reap the benefits of AI/ML-based interactive customer service that can assist the customers, resolve their queries anytime and use this channel to collect feedback.

Improved Agility and Productivity

AI solutions can make humans more efficient in every task they perform. From redefining productivity to decision making, AI/ML can help your organization in the best way.

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Our Machine Learning Development Services

Predictive Analytics

We utilize our machine and deep learning technology skills to create predictive algorithmic systems that can identify future outcomes. It fuels the industry’s visions of getting rid of machinery malfunctions/failures and streamlining the maintenance workflows in the best possible way.

Deep Learning

As Deep Learning enthusiasts, we develop deep learning technologies to build cognitive Business Intelligence technology frameworks that work in the same way humans fetch and store information. We help our clients achieve both hierarchical and algorithmic learning solutions.

Neural Network Development

Backed by a well-versed and experienced team of AI engineers, 75way develops deep learning solutions to process big data sets with a huge number of variables. Our team also uses this deep learning system built on neural networks to create patterns that renowned apps cannot classify.

Machine Learning Programming

75way’s AI/ML engineers can work on your machine learning programming projects. Our team can develop advanced business applications based on the machine learning models that work well in areas, including data extraction and analysis, image and pattern recognition, and more.


If you are looking for an expert to enhance your business performance, 75way is the ideal AI/machine learning development company. We help businesses obtain business intelligence, perform risk mitigation, and monitor revenue using the predictive modeling approach.

Marketing Automation Solutions

We integrate machine learning programs with CRM apps and marketing automation to assist businesses in gaining qualified leads, optimizing demand forecasting, breaking down market segmentation, and enhancing the overall performance of the business for different marketing segments.

AI/ Machine Learning Development Process We Follow

Top Machine Learning Platforms We Work On

Azure Machine Learning

We use the Azure Machine Learning platform to develop data-driven applications that can identify future outcomes. It leverages the potential of cloud-based predictive analysis services.

Google AI Platform

Our data scientists and AI experts use Google Cloud to create, deploy and maintain Machine learning models. Such a platform makes Machine Learning more convenient for our experts.

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon’s platform helps our team to develop, train and deploy machine learning models in a minimum time. It assists you to maintain your Amazon infrastructure, providing access to visualization tools.

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75way- A Reliable Partner in Your Digital Journey

Agile Development Process

AI/machine learning development involves a number of activities or tasks that require a professional’s attention. Therefore, we follow an agile methodology to get the job done. Our team of experts focuses on each area to build a quality solution.

Quality Testing

75way ensures your AI/ML-based product perfectly matches all the quality standards, and we do this by performing a comprehensive quality testing process. This testing helps us build a powerful solution that helps businesses keep up with their competitors.

Creative Minds

AI engineers at 75way are creative. They experiment with new technologies and try innovative ways to build customer-centric and goals-oriented products using intelligent algorithms. We have worked on different complexity levels of projects and can work on yours too.

Years of Experience

Experience matters. After all, it enhances the capability of an individual to perform a particular job efficiently in no time. 75way has over seven years of experience in this AI/ machine learning industry and will surely serve you with the best service you deserve.


Worrying about the cost of our services? Although AI/machine learning development involves a huge cost, 75way cut it down to a great extent that makes it budget-friendly for many. If you’re searching for the right expert to rely on, choose 75way.

Round-the-Clock Support

We offer 24*7 support and maintenance services. So, if any issue in our AI solution troubling you, you can get in touch with us anytime. We are 24*7 available. With our constant online support, we can resolve any issue in no time.

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75way is a one-stop destination to access the AI/machine learning development services. Our efforts toward meeting the constantly rising demands of modern business lead us to experiment with different technologies and adopt new strategies to deliver quality results. And this urge to satisfy the customer’s needs, we bring you more services, all under a roof. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a tour of our website and check out the services we offer. With experts like 75way, you can take your business to new heights and achieve your desired goals.