Why MySQL Database?

Backed by Oracle, MySQL is a database management system and open-source software that lets a user manage relational databases. And there are more reasons to choose MySQL.


MySQL supports every programming language that makes it easy for users to develop the backend of any app for any device without a hitch.

Easy to Use

Installing and using MySQL is very simple. If you have basic SQL knowledge, you can easily learn MySQL and further start working with this database management system.

Widely Popular

Today, MySQL is the most popular database choice for web-based applications. Tech giants like Google, Walmart, WordPress, Twitter, and more prefer MySQL over other databases.

Safe & Secure

MySQL has the capability to handle heavy data flows. Even one customer can manage over 8TB of data. It is protected with password encryption, making it a secure database.

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Our MySQL Database Development Services

MySQL Integration

We have experience and expertise in integrating MySQL databases to a wide variety of front-ends, different technologies, and web services. Our MySQL integration services also help you save a lot of time and cost as it eliminates the need to migrate all of your systems to the new platform.

MySQL Support and Maintenance

We always strive to provide our clients with MySQL solutions having no bugs or technical issues. And therefore, we have introduced support and maintenance services in our assortment that ensure your MySQL databases function, integrate, configure and deploy perfectly. So, feel free to contact us for database maintenance and support services.

MySQL Database Auditing

We perform auditing for MySQL databases to discover the security vulnerabilities and take action against them. Such auditing services help our professionals fix the security threats, review your MySQL information base, and find the development opportunities to benefit your business. We have a full-fledged team to perform this task.

MySQL Upgrading and Data Migration

Let our MySQL experts upgrade your existing databases to the latest version. Our assistance can give a modern touch to your legacy MySQL database and help you stay ahead in the market. You can also partner with us to migrate from other technologies to MySQL. We make the whole process easier.

MySQL Optimization

Are you looking for better ways to boost the performance of your MySQL database-based web app? 75way got you covered with MySQL optimization services, where a team utilizes their expertise in leveraging your MySQL development experience. We use the latest optimization tools to optimize your web app efficiently.

MySQL Backup and Restoration

We at 75way are also experts in creating MySQL backup and also help restore the data from the older versions whenever required. We have performed backup and restoration successfully for many projects, and if you also want the same, our experts are always ready to help you.

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MySQL Web Development Process We Follow

Requirement Analysis

We first interact with clients to gain clarity about the project. We analyze the project in-depth, figure out the challenges the organization faces, gather the project requirements and provide ideal solutions to meet your business needs.


After accessing all the project requirements, we build strategies that help us achieve your goals and add more value to your business. We fabricate back-end applications following a well-thought move and build quality MySQL solutions.


The best thing about 75way is that the company follows a coordinated improvement system that guarantees cooperation and correspondence among stakeholders. Such an agile process helps our dev team to create MySQL solutions quickly.


Innovation is the lifeblood of our organization. We always strive to deliver innovative solutions that cater to your business purpose. We create innovative back-end solutions to match your database requirements. Get in touch with us today!

Quality Assurance

Our team only delivers quality results. Once the product is created, our quality assurance team checks if the product meets all the quality standards or not. This is what makes us one of the most reliable IT organizations.

Support System

We’re not just limited to creating a product with a MySQL database. We have extended our services with a full support system to provide a better user experience to customers.

Talented TEAM on Board

Years of Experience

Count on our development team for your next project. We have a good experience in MySQL, which boosts our confidence to work on perplexing projects.

Skills & Expertise

Sometimes, your work makes more noise than words. Take a glimpse at our successfully delivered projects. Our development team is skilled enough to offer quality work.

Available 24/7

Is your web app stopped running at midnight? Our team is always ready to assist you anytime. Creative minds at 75way are dedicated to delivering a better customer experience.


When you say yes to our dev team’s assistance, you will enjoy a high level of cooperation with the methodologies and process as per the business requirements.

Our Related Services

75way is an ideal partner to rely on and enjoy the best database assistance. Our expertise in the field and object-oriented programming knowledge can help you meet your business application development needs.
Well, we are not stopped with MySQL database development. We offer more related services you can also avail for upcoming projects.