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Blockchain provides business advantages. Adopting this technology means taking a step towards your business growth. Learn how.

How Can a Blockchain App Benefit You?

Real Traceability

A blockchain application encourages a smooth supply chain with vendors and suppliers. In simple words, it increases the supply chain transparency and provides an ease to track goods.Transform your traditional supply chain methods, adopting an all-new blockchain technology today!

Data Individual Control

Blockchain offers a high degree of control over personal data. Nowadays, your data is considered a valuable resource. We can develop a blockchain app to protect your valuable data, giving you complete control over it.

Increased Efficiency

The decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen in your business processes. It not only cuts your operational costs but also enhances the efficiency of the whole process. So, if you also want a blockchain app for your business, hire our skilled developers today!

Better Security

Blockchain is created with a complicated string of mathematical numbers, and altering these numbers is impossible. Such an incorruptible nature of blockchain makes it a safe platform for your idea or business. This technology is far more secure than a traditional record-keeping system.

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Custom Blockchain App Development

75way offers tailor-made blockchain development solutions on distinct platforms, including EOS, Hyperledger, Stellar and more. The essence of a custom blockchain app is unique as it is developed keeping in mind the client’s ideas and feedback.

Smart Contracts

The blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen in the business processes, and this is the good thing about the technology. We can help you automate the processes, providing smart contract solutions.

dApps Development and Designing

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology allows our creative minds to build a safe and secure platform for you. We can design and develop an end-to-end dApp to match your high-security needs.

Crypto Token Development

75way is equipped with an experienced blockchain developers team to assist you in the crypto token development journey. Our blockchain solutions represent asset values or trade tokens in the form of cryptocurrency using digital tokenization.

Supply Chain Blockchain Development

Tracing or tracking the products has now become easier with blockchain solutions. Connect with us today! We can build a blockchain app that improves traceability and transparency in the supply chain of your business.

Blockchain Wallets Development

Do you want a safe and secure digital wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies? It’s time to show your trust to a renowned name in the industry- 75way. Hire our blockchain developers now! They can develop a functional and secure blockchain wallet for you.

Our Process

Our Blockchain App Solutions Transform Industries


Blockchain technology gives an edge to the banking sector, making them more secure, transparent, and trustable. Today, banks and other financial institutions take advantage of this high-end technology, and now it’s your time.


Handling a large amount of data becomes convenient with the blockchain. The robust model of the technology allows businesses to perform the secure translation and handle the large-size inventories data without any heck.

Real Estate

The introduction of automated smart contracts boosts real estate efficiency, eliminating the third party or intermediator between buyers and sellers. We can develop a smart contract for you without breaking your budget.


Today, the blockchain has changed the whole picture, and its impact can be observed in the education sector. The record of students’ marks and degrees now can be easily verified and accessed anywhere with a single blockchain app.

Supply Chain

A blockchain app also simplifies the monitoring of goods from the source to the customer’s hands. It shows the movement of goods at different supply chain stages that also build the consumer’s trust.

Shipping and Logistics

We have good years of experience building a transparent decentralized platform for shipping and logistic industries. We can help you streamline shipment tracking, payment processing, and other processes with a single blockchain app.

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Take a wise step towards your business growth, choosing a transparent, decentralized blockchain technology and expert assistance of 75way. We can develop a blockchain app that will bring you closer to success.

Why Choose Us?

Agile Development Process

We prioritize agile methodology to accomplish the blockchain application development process.

Quality Assurance and Comprehensive Testing

Our QA testing team ensures error-free blockchain application delivery. We always prioritize quality.

Experience in Different Industries

When you hire our developers, you can expect them to work in different industry niches, including healthcare, education, retail, production, etc.


Our blockchain application development services do not break your budget at all. We offer top-notch services at reasonable pricing.

Creative Minds

Blockchain developers at 75way have worked on different complexity levels of projects and delivered them successfully. Hire our developer now!

Round-the-Clock Support

Facing an issue in your app? 75way can assist you anytime! We offer 24*7 support and maintenance services even after the project delivery.

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