What is Custom Software?

Custom software is the software designed, deployed, and maintained for some specific users, organizations, or functions.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Custom Software

Embrace Uniqueness

Custom software is developed after analyzing your needs, business processes, and customer’s expectations. Such software is unique and fits your business better than off-the-shelf software, making it the preferred choice of business owners today.

More Efficient, Scalable, and Secure

Such digital solutions are built, keeping in mind the latest industry standards, updated with best-suited security protocols, and developed to match the customer needs. In simple words, it is secure, efficient, and scalable.

Cost-effective Solution

Although the initial price tag of the software might shock you at once, it allows you to build or add more functionality to it over time that can help you save money in the long run. Custom software development is cost-effective.

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Explore Our Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Services

We analyze, plan and build custom software solutions to match your business needs. We have software experts who are well-versed and experienced enough to work on your projects, no matter whether it’s an SME or enterprise level.

Enterprise Applications

Backed by skilled software engineers, we unlock the full potential of the technology to build high-grade enterprise applications for your business. We build solutions that optimize the processes with the changing business environment.

SaaS Applications

We have years of experience in developing commercial SaaS-based applications that can benefit you in different ways. Our best minds work on your project and deliver the SaaS solution in a set time frame without breaking your budget.

Ecommerce Applications

Our custom software development services also include eCommerce applications development to end you up with a strong platform to compete with others. We build eCommerce apps that can streamline payment, enhance security, inventory management, and more.

Mobile Applications

75way’s team of expert engineers can help your business stand out in the crowd with an iOS, Android, and Hybrid mobile app. We follow agile methodology and use the latest tools and technologies to develop a user-friendly mobile app.

Legacy Systems

Businesses always strive to set themselves apart from others. This urge led them to rebuild the legal system and take their business to the next level. We are experts in creating dynamic, customer-centric, efficient, and secure software for you.

System Integration

75way support system and application integration to maximize the potential of your business. It allows you to handle accounting, customer relationship management, content management, enterprise planning, and reporting for smooth communication.

Custom Audit Software

Our pool of services also has room for custom audit software that can help you improve software efficiency by automating all the audit-related processes. We develop custom audit software keeping in mind the industry’s needs.

Advanced Web Applications

We can design and develop web applications for your organization without sacrificing an inch of productivity and creativity. 75way has served many clients with robust and secure web apps that truly enhance business workflows.

6-Step Custom Software Development Process

When Do You Need Custom Software?

Do You Want to Expand Your Business?

If yes, you must opt for our custom software development services as it can lend a hand in developing a software solution that can accelerate your business growth.

Do You Want to Innovate?

Innovation is a key to survival in the competitive world. And if you want to innovate to stay ahead of the pack, 75way can help you.

Are Any of Your Processes Slow, Manual, or Inefficient?

If your software is slow and inefficient, you must opt for custom software as it allows a user to add more functionalities and features for improved performance.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes

It’s time to start thinking about getting custom software developed by 75way.

Delivering Quality Software Solutions — On Time

Drive more business growth with a cutting edge custom software solution, designed to meet your customer needs.

Why You Should Say Yes To Our Services

We Breathe Life to Your Business

Our custom-built solutions can give a new life to your business as they are designed and developed, keeping in mind your business requirements and end-user expectations.

We Develop Software You’ll Love

We work hard to craft custom software that can raise the individual’s interest in your business. 75way has its own way to perform the job!

We Deliver Software On Time

From the very beginning, we have realized the fact that the project delays reflect the lack of proactiveness. 75way always delivers projects on time and budget.

We Have a Passionate Team

No goals can be achieved without a well-versed team. Right? When you connect with 75way, a team of software developers will be there to work on your project.

We Develop Software to Delight Customers

We at 75way build top-grade custom software solutions to delight existing customers and draw the attention of new ones to your business. We are experts in this field.

We Solve Your Business Problem

Our custom-built solutions can solve your business problems and help you achieve your goals and objectives. So, it’s time to kick off your journey with us!

Our Related Services

75way is the best custom software development company you can choose for your next project. We are a leading expert in the IT industry and have gained this pride after delivering the projects successfully on time without sacrificing the quality. We are not finished here. We offer more related services. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our more services!