Top 5 UX Trends to Consider in 2023

Do you know what grabs the user’s attention first on the website? The overall design and experience, right? This is the reason why website owners have now shifted their interest towards delivering meaningful design and experience to users instead of just focusing on the basic functionalities. They now delve more into the web designing concept to provide an outstanding website user experience. After all, user experience is the most conducive to business success. But is that enough? 

Following the latest UX trends is also crucial because no one is interested in seeing conventional designs in today’s modern times. Time has changed, and so is the way of working on a website design and elements. It is imperative to stay up to date with the current UX trends to stay ahead of the rest of the competition. 

As 2023 is approaching, you might be looking for the best UX trends to follow this year for your website or upcoming projects. Well, we have made your search easier by listing all-new UX trends in this blog post. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go in-depth into this topic to learn more. 

Check Out the Latest UX Trends in 2023

User experience is a common technological term used nowadays, but its impact is extraordinary. It covers an extensive range of interactions users have with applications and websites. If we say clearly, UX focuses on the problem-solving method of users. 

A positive user experience is evidence of a good design. In order to achieve a great design and deliver an enhanced user experience, you must follow a few UX design trends that have emerged over the previous several years. 

The latest UX trends you must watch out for in 2023 and incorporate into your existing or new website-

1. Animations

Adding motion to your site never fails to draw the user’s attention. In 2023, try adding animation to your website. The 3D UX design will make the most of your website’s abilities. You will be surprised to know that 3D components on the website or app can also help improve the conversion rate. 3D designs are the most-liked design you can try in 2023 and apply in various fields, including Forms, CTA, Menus, Feedback, etc. 

2. Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is another trending term in the technology world. Even in 2023, this technology will create the same buzz that was in 2022. Not only Virtual Reality (VR), but Augmented Reality (AR) is also completely changing the way we use screens, creating new and interactive experiences. 

In 2023, we will surely see UX design adopting these two technologies. But what do they do? Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) connect the actual and digital world, allowing users to see information visually in a comparable way to learn how they see the outside environment. 

Facebook's latest project Metaverse is a perfect example of Virtual Reality. In order to build the foundation of this endeavor, the company has changed its name to Meta, which brings this technology into use to facilitate employment, growth, and communication. 

This technology allows users to design their own 3D version in the meta world and interact with other users online. Experts say it’s the future, and soon we will experience it in conference meetings, lectures, or other areas. 

3. Comprehensiveness

The design builds the website or app design keeping in mind the user’s needs. They use the design elements or follow the approach that can provide users with complete ease of using the product. The design should be comprehensive and accessible to everyone. Well, this is all easily possible with inclusivity. 

We suggest you follow four major guidelines to achieve inclusive design-

  • Identify those design elements that individuals fail to access. 
  • Involve the members of various communities in the development process.
  • Figure out those pain points when consumers are unable to use your product to its full potential.
  • Provide more ways for users to interact with your design, and make sure each design delivers an outstanding experience to users. 

If we say in simple words, inclusivity is all about working, keeping in mind the person’s unique personality traits, such as gender, age, racial and ethnical background, and more. We suggest you create the design keeping these factors in mind, as it will help fuel a better user experience. Today, several businesses have also already kicked off this designing approach, focusing on the diversity of their users. Well, one such example we have is Twitter. Developers of this epic software introduced a column that allows users to easily select and enter their gender. 

4. Page speed

While taking a website tour, we all navigate to various web pages. Imagine if each page took a lot of time to load completely. How would your experience be? Worst! This is the pain point of several website owners. A poor page loading time becomes the cause of leaving your website. The bounce rate of your website also rises, and its overall performance declines in the digital world. So, you can imagine how important it is to consider page speed a crucial factor to consider when enhancing the user experience. But how would you do this?

Well, you can start by optimizing your web pages to make them load faster. Hire a web designer who knows how to build a UI that can make optimization convenient. A designer must know how to improve the UX, eliminating bad practices such as avoiding the use of a lot of typefaces. Graphics also take a big room to load, and hence further lag the website. So, designers should be aware of maintaining the quality of the website, especially in terms of page loading speed.  

Page loading speed is also a crucial factor to consider in order to be among the top pages of search results. Google algorithms prioritize optimized pages for rankings. Following a simple UX practice can result in fruitful SEO results

5. Personalization

What if you can get the ease of modifying the websites and programs? Well, it sounds good, right? Although web designers work hard to meet the client’s demands, it would be great if you can do so by yourself. Thanks to customization, that allows users to pick design components and use them the way they want. This personalization feature is a growing UX trend and will surely make its place in the coming year, 2023. 

Instagram’s messenger is a perfect example of how it offers the audience customized settings such as changing the chat’s theme or colors. Not only this, but Telegram also provides the ease of altering color schemes, backgrounds, and sizes and even installing user-made custom language. Isn’t this interesting?  

Customization is undoubtedly a great solution to let your customer enjoy the website experience by simply modifying it. 


So, this is all about the best UX practices and trends you should consider while designing your new or redesigning your existing website. Keeping these trends in mind will give an improved user experience and increase traffic. If you want to give this work to dedicated experts, 75way is the name you can easily trust. 75way is a leading UX/UI development company with years of experience in the field. Designers at the company are always up-to-date with new trends and are knowledgeable enough to wow the users with their quality work.