Top 10 Things to Consider When Building Your Website

The constantly increasing competition with the technology advancement leads businesses to find new ways to touch the new heights of success. And one of the convenient and obvious ways to dominate the marketplace and reach a wider targeted audience is by creating an engaging website for your business. It helps you take your business online and enjoy more benefits associated with it. But coming up with a preeminent website is not an easy call as there are a lot of challenges a developer and business owner have to face at different levels. 

Web development is a complex job because it involves a number of tasks at multiple stages. So, it requires dedicated attention and focus of an individual so that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. From making sure the code you are using works properly or not to checking if it matches your and the client’s expectations, several areas of web development you should consider.

Well, considering so many things might sound a little tedious, right? To make the whole web development easier for you, we have compiled a web development checklist listing a few essentials you should consider for your next project. Check out what they are. 

1. Secure the Domain 

The first thing you should consider while the development process is acquiring your domain name asap. A business owner chooses the domain name that can represent their business or work, and if the domain they want is gone, there is a high chance that it is gone forever. And if it is available, it will be available at a very high price. 

2. Set Up Excellent Hosting and Storage

Setting up the web hosting and storage options for your project files and scripts is another crucial point a developer should consider while in the web development process. It is one of the standard practices you should accomplish as soon as possible. But why is this so important? A web hosting plan should be big enough to handle your scripts and the technology you want to employ. For instance, if you wish to use Node.js in your web development, go for the hosting plan that allows you to install and run Node.js on the server. 

3. Optimize for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a major keyword nowadays that businesses focus on ranking on Google and other search engine results and gain the attention of a wider audience. In order to enjoy SEO benefits, make sure your website is SEO optimized. If not, it’s time to focus on this area. 

Take into account page speed, analytics, proper meta tags, and other SEO aspects during the web development process. Plan your web development roadmap focusing on SEO goals as well.

4. Set Up SSL Certificate

It is imperative to consider checking SSL certificates. Google nowadays gives ranking priority to those having SSL certificates. So, you can easily imagine how crucial it is to use an SSL certificate on your website. This certificate gives your website a much-needed SEO boost which you always strive for, and helps you rank on the search engine results. Defeating your competitors in the online world will become a bit easier by embracing the security of SSL certificates. If you are still using the website without an SSL certificate, it’s time to get it now. 

5. Plan Out Scripts and Languages

Planning out the script and languages is also imperative during the coding process. Choose the right script or language you’re comfortable with, depending on the project requirement. Let’s take an example. If you’re an active Drupal user, in this case, PHP should be the right language to rely on. 

6. Map Out Design

Web development is not a single-step process. No matter what your project is or what level of complexity it involves, it has to go through a well-defined development process involving some level of design expertise. So, it means the design consideration should be on your web development checklist.

It’s good to talk to your designers and plan out the project according to the requirements. Let’s say, you’re coding a WordPress theme, make sure you have words with designers about the theme’s PSD files and design so that the entire team is on the same page. 

7. Create a File-handling Strategy

The internet is curated with files and your web development project also. Such files need to be publicly visible, whereas others will need to be hidden or readable only by admins. So, you can easily conclude how imperative it is to set up file permissions properly to prevent malware activities and improve security. You should name your files properly, and images and documents should be readable and given proper names so that search engines can index them without any hitch. Another file handling strategy involves safeguarding your code files from snooping and malicious hackers. It is accomplished by preventing access to your core files with website access rules or file permissions. 

8. Consider Any External Tools Needed

A wide range of tools and services are available to improve the overall web development workflow. Let’s say you want to send out emails to clients regularly. MailChimp or Mandrill is the right tool to ease your work and speed up the process. When you incorporate the external tool and services into your web development workflow, the workflow will be reduced, and you can save a lot of time and effort at the same time. 

9. Generate an XML Sitemaps

Another thing you should consider while web development is generating and maintaining an XML sitemap as it plays a crucial role in your SEO strategy. Without a sitemap, you will be unable to index your website because search engines will not crawl it. Make sure you have added this important point to your web development checklist to benefit your project in the best possible ways.

10. Create an Error-handling Strategy

No matter how experienced you are, even the best developers have to face several bugs and errors in web development. Whenever the code errors arise, be ready to tackle them and fix your code as soon as possible for smooth website development. Today, several error-handling tools are available online that you can use for your project. 


So, this is all about the top things you should consider while creating a website. Keeping a few things in mind can help you craft a powerful and robust website for your idea that can enhance your online presence. Developers at 75way always consider the above-listed things in order to come up with a state-of-the-art digital solution in the form of a website. And if you want web development assistance, we are always ready to help you. We are a leading web development company you can easily rely on. 

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