What is So Spanking New in Flutter 2.10

Did you know 42 percent of software developers across the globe used Flutter in 2021? There is no second thought Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework today global developers highly prefer. Millions of developers across the globe applaud this Flutter development, and needless to say that the launch of Flutter 2.10 is also winning hearts.

Each Flutter version brings a wave of excitement among developers, and Flutter 2.10 is something that the entire community was excited about for so long. There is a high chance you might be interested to learn about Flutter 2.10 and what’s so new about it that sends developers’ hearts aflutter. Right?

Let’s have a Flutter talk now and see what’s so spanking new in this version.

Ready for Production Apps on Windows

The Flutter 2.10 brings it with Windows support that eliminates the need to flip a flag and achieve the functionality that produces Windows apps on the Flutter channel. It is now available by default. But Google doesn’t stop here. This Flutter version was introduced with several improvements for text handling, keyboard handling, and keyboard short and new integrations into Windows along with support for command-line arguments, globalized text entry, and accessibility.

Android Updates

The latest Flutter release took a step towards Android improvement as well. When you create a new app, Flutter, by default, supports the latest version of Android.

Apart from this, this release automatically supports multidex. When your app supports Android SDK version below 21 and exceeds the method limit of 64K, you can easily pass the multi flag to Flutter build APK or Flutter appbundle. This way, your app will automatically support multidex.

Another best thing about new Flutter is the excellent ability to suggest resolution steps to several errors and issues. After all, errors can be overwhelming. Google welcomed the user feedback and offered an improved version of Flutter to resolve these issues in no time.

iOS Updates

Performance improvement is not the only focus of Google. The tech giant has also shown its interest in fixing edge case crashes to improve the stability of the camera plugin for iOS. They have also added some platform-specific features and enhancements. Saying clearly, the latest flutter 2.10 includes smoother keyboard animations in iOS, provided automatically to your app without doing anything from your end. No doubt, Flutter development is an ideal choice for an iOS app.

Another surprise in this release of Flutter is the compressed pointers (provided in Dart 2.15) feature in a 64-bit iOS architecture that plays a great role in reducing memory usage.

Performance Improvements

Although previous Flutter versions are perfect in their own way, especially in terms of performance, this latest release went one step further. This new version of Flutter includes initial support for dirty region management that reduces 90th and 99th percentile rasterization times on a few benchmarks by an order of magnitude. Not only this, but this change also reduces GPU utilization on these benchmarks from more than 90% to less than 10%. Google strives to enhance the user experience, and this Flutter 2.10 is built prioritizing reduced memory usage and latency and performance enhancements.

Besides this, it is expected that Google will bring the benefits of partial repaints to other platforms in the future. On top of that, this Flutter 2.10 also leverages the faster implementation of type flow analysis. Overall build time for the Flutter app was also reduced by ~10%, adding to the performance improvement of the technology.

Web updates

Flutter 2.10 focuses on improving the web experience as well. The previous release does not allow a smooth scrolling to the edge of a multiline TextField on the web. But the story of Flutter 2.10 is completely different. This version comes up with an edge scrolling for text selection available for desktop and web apps.

Flutter’s latest release includes web improvements that are highly appreciated by developers worldwide. Being a developer, you always look for the ideal ways to drop down the overhead of our mapping of Flutter to the web. Talking specifically about the previous versions, whenever you want to bring a native HTML widget into your Flutter app, an overlay is required as a part of the platform view support for the web. These overlays enable custom painting but at the same time show a certain amount of overhead. The Flutter 2.10 resolved the issues, creating an all-new “non-painting platform view” for the web that removes overhead.

Removing the dev Channel

When Flutter 2.8 was released, Google was dedicating its efforts and time to the dev channel. And in this Flutter 2.10 release, they have accomplished that work successfully. Google worked on Flutter development including.

1. Updated Flutter tool that allows migrating developers off the dev channel
2. Updated wiki to reflect updated customer promises
3. Removed dev channel support from pre-submit tests, DartPad, and the website
4. Updated deprecation policy


For the last few years, Google’s Flutter has become a game-changer in the IT industry and spiked the interest of developers to use this technology for their projects. And the latest update Flutter 2.10 has made it easier to create beautiful, natively compiled applications for desktop, mobile, and web.

Above, we have covered everything that makes Flutter 2.10 different from the previous versions. And the differentiator which fuels the popularity of this release is the ease of creating apps for Windows. Now one can get a high-performance app built for Windows without any hitch.

Google strives to provide a better user experience, and hence they experiment with new technologies and update the older. And this urge ends them up with satisfactory results that the audience always welcomes with open hands. This Flutter 2.10 is a perfect example of it. This latest release has changed the picture of the Flutter, and Google is still trying to make the most of it.

People usually question the future of Flutter. The explosive rise in the usage of this technology over the past years is a sign that Flutter’s market share will increase more in the future. And if you’re looking for Flutter development services, 75way is the right place to end your search!