Start Your New Android Project with Java. But Why

Did you know there are 2 billion Android users worldwide? This figure shows how popular this operation system is today. The consistent rise in the mobile application development industry has shifted the developer’s focus towards adopting more improved ways, languages, systems, SDKs, and instruments to develop Android applications. And Java is no exception. 

Java is a popular programming language for Android application development. This language has made so many impacts, and in this blog, we will only touch on why you should go for this language for your next Android project, especially when you have several spanking new options awaiting. 

But before we delve into the topic, let's start with the basics, discussing what Java is. 

What is Java?

First released by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java is a programming language and computing system widely popular because of the variety of features it provides. Started as a simple programming language with a promise of “Write once and run anywhere” and now hold a large share in the digital market, the journey of Java has been interesting over the past few decades. It is now considered the most reliable platform to build innovative applications today. Not only today, but Java will undoubtedly maintain a strong presence in the digital world in the future too. 

The consistent advancements in this programming language, such as the Java Mobile Edition, adds to its meteoric rise and lets developers rely on Java to build applications that can run on Android. Besides this, the sandbox environment of Java makes its programs secure. And many features highlight the popularity of this programming language. 

Reasons Why Choose Java for Your Android Project. 

So, now you have gained basic knowledge about Java. Let’s focus on why you should pick this programming language for your new Android project. 

1. Java is an Open-Source Programming Language

Java is an open-source programming language, and this is what gives us the first reason to choose it for an android application project. Java has a collection of open-source libraries that reduces the cost of creating applications to a great extent and speeds up the whole development process. Java is a high-level programming language that also resembles human language. And such high-level languages require to be translated using translators or assemblers, which make the Android application development easier. Not only this, but this programming language is also easy to write, read and maintain. 

2. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming

What is the prime benefit of using Java for Android development? The concept of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) in Java makes it a more scalable, extensible, and adaptable programming language. 

Java provides a rich library of default design patterns. It is also an open-source programming language that makes it adaptable to mobile apps development. Such benefits associated with Java make it an ideal pick for modular projects. 

Apart from this, it allows you to use source codes and modify the coding of apps as per the requirement. Such a benefit permits the Android developers to say yes to this technology for Android application development. 

3. Java Offers Community Support to Developers

Java allows Android developers to gain in-depth knowledge about this programming language from similar developers in a community. Interesting, isn’t it? It also lets you grow your network. If you are a beginner, you can benefit from its constructive development group that shares a complete insight and associated data to improve your Java app development skills. 

No matter whether you need expert advice to fix a particular problem or to have a conversation with another developer on a project, you can enjoy access to the right community support you deserve. 

4. Java is an Independent Platform

The independent nature of Java is the crowning point that convinces many to choose this programming language for Android development. Java is a platform-independent programming language for multi-operating systems. So, creating android apps for the distinct developer's community is possible using this programming language. Although many other languages offer platform independence, Java touched a new height of popularity, opening doors of opportunities for many technologies. 

If the above-listed reasons are not enough to convince you, the next point will surely change your mindset.

5. Java Helps You Build Secure Mobile Applications

Java helps developers create secure mobile applications. Security is always a concern, but Java resolves this hitch. Everything in this programming language, including compiler, runtime, and interpreter environment is developed, prioritizing the security. 

If you develop an app using Java, it would be a wise move that would benefit you a lot in the future. 

6. Java Has Robust Development Tools

Java is a powerful programming language, and its strength primarily lies in the programming tools it offers. Yes. Java features a collection of programming tools, making it easy for developers to work on and build an innovative app that matches their needs. If we say clearly, Java provides access to popular development tools, including Netbeans, Eclipse, and more. These tools assist a developer while coding and debugging, which is crucial for real-world mobile app development. These development tools attract many companies to choose this Java programming language for Android app development over others.

7. Java is Easy to Learn and Use

Building mobile applications has never been so easy! Java has English punctuation with minimum character use, making it less difficult to learn Android app development. For instance, Java uses angle brackets that make it easy to understand and increase the code readability. 

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Final Words

Java is a widely popular programming language that gives many reasons to choose it for Android projects. Above, we have covered it all. So, if you have any plan to develop an app using Java, get in touch with 75way. We specialize in Java application development and can build robust and feature-rich mobile apps to benefit your idea or business in several ways. We have served many clients with the best they deserve, and now it’s your time to take advantage of this programming language and achieve success in your Android project.