Why Startups Should Choose MERN Stack Development

Are you planning to turn your idea into a digital product? Well, the way the global trend towards digitization is surging ahead at lightning speed, no doubt, we all would experience an increase in the number of startups down the road. But when you are a newbie in the market, how would you decide on the right technology to kick off your business? 

Choosing the right technology for your project is crucial to become MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the market and enjoy other benefits. Investopedia's report shows that 20 percent of startups usually failed in the first year, whereas only 25 percent of the enterprises across the 15-year mark.

MERN Stack – A Buzz in the Tech World

In order to make your startup app successful, the MERN stack can be a great pick. MERN stack development might be captivating for budding entrepreneurs as it gives both front-end and back-end development benefits. But should it be the right platform, to begin with? 

According to a HackerRank development skill report, 30 percent of the developers went with AngularJS, and 26 percent stayed with using ReactJS. This HackerRank  report also mentions that 30 percent of programmers showed interest in learning ReactJS, and 35.9 percent of developers prefer using ReactJS. So, when it comes to popularity, MERN stack slightly above MEAN. 

Several reasons highlight why you should go for MERN stack development. 

Before we delve into it, first learn what MERN stack is.

What is MERN Stack? 

MERN stack is a collection of advanced and highly scalable technologies that play a crucial role in developing scalable master web applications with front-end and back-end database components. This stack includes hand-picked technologies - MongoDB, Express, React JS, and Node.js. 

MERN stack development is considered the ideal choice for startups to build dynamic websites and applications. Let’s delve more into learning about its components.

  • MongoDB

It is an open-source, cross-platform, NoSQL DBMS, a document-based database that states data can be stored using JSON-like documents and collections. 

  • Express

Building a custom application is convenient with this lightweight, modular NodeJS framework. It is a server-side, back-end, JavaScript-based framework that enhances the capability to write fast, secure, and simple applications. 

  • React

When it comes to building user interfaces for single-page applications, React is the ideal option. This MERN stack component gives the developer the code reusability benefit on multiple platforms for faster execution and higher scalability. Pinterest, Wix, and Myntra are popular startup names that touched the heights of success using React technology. 

  • Node

NodeJS is another MERN stack component that is used by top brands like LinkedIn, Uber, Trello, Netflix, etc. NodeJS is a cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that allows a developer to run the JavaScript code on the server-side. 

6 StartUp Benefits to MERN Stack

Being a startup, you might be hesitating while adopting this technology. You are new to this technology, and therefore, it is imperative to be cognizant of how the MERN stack can benefit you. 

Enjoy a look at the benefits of the MERN stack that budding entrepreneurs can enjoy today.

1. Open-Source Technology

The success of a digital product relies on the flexibility it provides. This is why startups prefer MERN. All the components of the MERN stack are open-source that are constantly enhanced to create web apps and deliver high performance. There is no vendor lock-in available in open-source technology. So, if you want to make any changes down the road, you don't need to jump through extra hoops for that. For instance, an open-source front-end framework, AngularJS, was explicitly developed to address some issues inherent in the be-times version of JavaScript and HTML. 

Being a startup, there will be ups and downs in results. It will lead you to make changes in your web app, and the MERN stack allows you to do that. 

2. Easy to Use

MERN stack technology is a perfect choice for beginners learning web development because it is easy to understand. It is well-documented, which makes it easy to deploy. Not only this, but it comes with numerous tools that MERN stack developers can use to develop web solutions. If you are new in the business world and looking for the right technology to start with web development, the MERN stack would be your best bet. 

3. Free Templates are Available Online

MERN stack provides access to free templates online, which saves a lot of time. On top of that, if you face any issue with the templates available online, you can simply get in touch with the experts and get the issue resolved. Nowadays, several platforms have online communities that allow you to get the answer to your questions and receive feedback on your code from other developers dealing with MERN stack technology. The journey of building a successful digital solution becomes easier when experts are there to hold your hand. 

4. Allows You to Build Fast

The plug-and-play approach of the MERN stack attracts the startups a lot. This technology stack is free, and there is no need to build everything from scratch. All you have to do is focus on setup instructions and customization if needed. Today, more prominent companies are showing their high interest in this technology stack because it helps them build digital solutions faster. If you have a tight budget and want to develop a web app in minimum time, hiring a MERN stack developer would be the best move. 

5. Full-Stack Development

MERN stack follows a full-stack development approach. In simple words, you are responsible for building both front-end and back-end components of an application. This approach makes this technology popular with startups because it helps them save money and time. It eliminates the need to hire developers separately for the front-end and back-end development of the project. 

6. Offers Native Experience to the Users

Startups prefer developing mobile apps on hybrid frameworks, including Ionic or React Native, which provides a captivating experience for users. A MERN-built mobile app provides access to native features, including camera access, and can effortlessly sync data between offline & online states through an app. 


Well, we hope you didn’t take a coffee break while going through this blog. We have covered everything a startup should be aware of before saying yes to MERN stack development services. 

The excellent performance of the MERN stack can lead you to rely on this viable technology. And if you have made up your mind to use this technology for your startup, 75way would be the right place to avail the service. We have a huge team of developers having a firm grip on the latest trends and technologies. They can develop the digital solution you and your business deserve. Reach out to us today!