Vue Or React Which One is the Best

In today’s competitive world, businesses strive to stay ahead of the pack, and such an urge develops a need to get their web products built in a short time. If we talk specifically about web applications, is it possible to get it done in a limited time? The answer is yes. Today, we are provided with a number of JavaScript frameworks that one can choose from to develop a quality web app. The two most popular names in web app development are Vue and React. These are one of the top choices of developers across the globe for developing web applications. 

But which technology should you choose in 2023, Vue or React? Well, check out this blog if you’re confused between these technologies. Here we will compare Vue vs. React to give you clarity about these two popular JavaScript frameworks. So, if you’re a newbie in the web app development world, this guide will assist you to make the correct decision between Vue and React.

What is Vue Development?

Vue is an ultimate lightweight and flexible JavaScript framework that offers numerous web tools to assist in frontend web project development. It’s a revolutionary JavaScript framework that gives complete freedom to developers to make changes in the app’s code without disturbing the other elements, features, and functionalities. Vue provides flexibility to bespoke modules and visual components that are added to the web application’s functionality. 

One can expect high-performance speed and project scalability when using Vue.js. The better ecosystem, templates, and tools give more reasons to opt for this technology for even small projects, as it fits better with non-complicated projects. 

Popular Web Applications Built With Vue

Check out the popular web apps built with the powerful Vue-

  • Gitlab
  • Grammarly
  • 9gag
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Behance
  • Behance
  • Laravel Spark
  • Nintendo
  • Font Awesome

Vue Main Features

Vue comes with several attractive features that heighten the interest of developers to choose it. Some of them we have explained below. Take a deep look here-

  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is a concept we all might have heard while discussing JavaScript frameworks, including Vue. This JavaScript framework works a little differently as it doesn’t adjust to the DOM, but a virtual duplicate of the DOM is created and presented in JavaScript data structures. 

  • Watchers

Watcher is another excellent feature of Vue used on the data that needs to be changed regularly. It eliminates the extra efforts required to perform additional actions. This feature can solely handle the data updates without complicating the code. 

  • CSS Transitions and Animations

CSS transitions and animations are possible with Vue. When adding, deleting, or modifying the HTML elements from the DOM, you can reap the benefits of performing a transition with Vue. Developers can use third-party animation libraries to take the user experience to the next level. 

  • Two-way Data Binding 

Vue gives one more reason to choose. It offers two-way binding functionality as part of its MVVM framework. Such functionality allows web developers to modify or implement values to HTML elements, change the style & apply classes. This functionality makes it different from other JavaScript frameworks like React which offer one-way communication. 

  • Components

Components refer to Vue objects that feature custom HTML elements and further can be reused. Both Vue objects and HTML elements interact with each other through distinct properties and events. The code block of a Vue component also plays a crucial role while developing stable and scalable Vue applications.

What is React Development?

An open-source JavaScript library, React is a powerful tool used to build better web applications having a sophisticated UI. React provides an ease to developers to create reusable bespoke components that further save your development time. Not only this, but React also plays a great role in boosting web page loading time and making it even search engine friendly, which offers SEO benefits. If you ask us, it’s a great pick for developing simple and enterprise-level applications. 

Popular Web Applications Built With React

Take a look at the most popular web applications built using the topmost technology, React-

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • PayPal
  • BBC News
  • Yahoo
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox

React Main Features

React also has some eye-catching features crucial to get an up-and-running enterprise application. Some of the crucial features are explained below,

  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is an excellent feature that helps boost the app development process and make it agile. This method makes it easy to recreate a web page in React’s virtual memory. 

This feature of React is also used to duplicate the DOM. The whole UI is generated again by the virtual DOM whenever the app is upgraded or amended. This is all done by restoring the components which have been changed. 

  • One-way Data Binding

React offers one-way data binding. It means React utilizes a unidirectional data flow that enables programmers to utilize callback functions to edit components instead of altering them directly. 

  • JSX

Do you know the best part about React.JS? It’s JSX that allows a developer to easily write the building blocks. Such a feature not only saves time but also makes the project scalable. 

  • Components

The user interface of React-based applications is made of several components, and each component's functionality is well-coded in JS. This is what helps programmers send data throughout the app without disturbing DOM. 

  • Declarative UI

React is also equipped with the Declarative UI feature that can make the code easier to understand and bug fixing a matter of a few minutes. React is also considered an ideal framework for mobile applications as it plays a great role in creating dynamic & interactive UI.

Vue vs React: Which One Is Better?

Web application development becomes a breeze by using React and Vue. But which one should you choose? Both technologies have their pros and cons. So, how would you make a final call? Well, in such a case, the below-listed points can help you. We have compared Vue and React on several aspects, you must check it out here-

1. Popularity and Job Market

React tops the chart when considering the popularity aspect. We all know React is backed by Facebook. So, one can imagine how large the popularity and community of this technology are. On the other hand, Vue doesn’t have a large community like React and has limited resources and modules. But it is important to note that Vue is still supported by Evan You, who constantly upgrades technology to entice developers. 

Not only in terms of popularity but React is also a step ahead of Vue in job opportunities. On the other hand, Vue is an emerging player in the market that is still looking for a better way to gain developers’ attention. 

2. Speed

The Vue application becomes hard to understand with new component addition or any other change that somehow affects its performance in terms of speed. Fortunately, this framework features a virtual DOM that boosts the applications’ loading time.  

React.js applications are quicker that further add to the user experience. The component-based structure of React helps develop powerful single-page applications. Above all, the reusability feature of this technology reduces the code complexity, whereas decreased DOM interaction boosts page loading. 

3. Learning Curve

Vue is simple to understand as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. If you have a basic knowledge of how ES6 works and JavaScript programming concepts, it will take less than a week to learn. 

Talking about React, it is also simple if you have worked with JavaScript. Beginners can become a pro in this field. But the released follow 16.0 are advanced and can create difficulty for beginners while implementing complicated functionalities. 

4. Tools & Templates to Simplify Development

React offers Create React App, a third-party CLI tool that helps developers or programmers in app development, scripting, and related tasks. 

Vue has a tool named Vue CLI that encourages faster project building. It offers several advantages with the ease of adding plugins anytime during the project. In simple words, Vue CLI makes modification a simple process. 

5. Security

Although both Vue and React have security flaws, Vue apps score more in terms of security than React-based apps. Vue doesn’t feature automatic defenses against XSS issues but at the same time, it enables programmers to clean HTML codes before implementing them or use additional libraries in order to avoid assaults. 

React security against XSS vulnerabilities, SQL injections, and other threats basically rely on the security practices or standards used by the programmers. React is easy to learn but ensuring that React projects to be secured demands skills and experience. 


So, now you have a good idea about what React and Vue are and how they are different from each other. We have highlighted all the factors which you can consider when making a move. 

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