USA Top Rated MEAN Stack Development Companies You Should Know

Have you heard about MEAN stack? Well, if you’re a regular player in the digital world, you might be very well aware of the power of the MEAN stack. This technology has brought a new wave in the IT industry and changed the entire way of developing web applications. Although a developer is welcomed with several options when it comes to web applications development, the MEAN stack has always remained the topmost preference of developers, especially among startups for many reasons. 

Today, more and more developers are joining the parade and this is all because the MEAN stack is the JavaScript stack. Not only this, but it also offers a number of advantages over other development stacks that stand it apart from the crowd. Besides all these benefits, developers and business owners always find themselves in a dilemma about whether this technology stack can help them reach their goals. Well, if you ask us, the MEAN stack is the right one that will play a crucial role in the scalability and stability of the products and services. For the last couple of years, the MEAN stack has been a popular topic among developers and we are sure that you want to learn more about this stack. 

Therefore, we bring you this blog post discussing what MEAN stack is and how it can help you in your web application development journey. We have also revealed the names of the top 5 MEAN stack development companies in the USA you can hire for your project. But before we discuss these companies, let’s go through what MEAN stack is. 

Read on to learn more. 

What is the MEAN stack Development?

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework used for web app development. This technology stack is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, which are considered the four key technologies that build this technology stack. 

MongoDB — document database
Express(.js) — Node.js web framework
Angular(.js) — a client-side JavaScript framework
Node(.js) — the premier JavaScript web server

Besides the MEAN stack, there is also a MERN (replacing AngularJS with React.js) and MEVN (using Vue.js) stack in the tech world. But when it comes to popularity, MEAN stack would always be on top of the list. 

But Why Should You Choose MEAN Stack Development?

Below, we have covered the top reason why you should go with MEAN stack development, especially when you have several options, including MERN and MEVN. Enjoy a look at the points mentioned below-

1. Single Language Development

If you ask us the primary reason behind choosing the MEAN stack, we will point to its single language use throughout the development, both client and server-side. This quality makes this stack a perfect pick for web app development. MEAN stack is written in JavaScript, which also helps in making web development neat and simple. Let’s give you an example to learn more about this topic in-depth. When you work with another stack like LAMP, you have to write your application in PHP on your server, Query in MySQL data using SQL and JavaScript on the client side. You can easily imagine how much you have to shift your focus from one language to another that sometimes leads to immense confusion and affects the overall quality of the work. Why choose the difficult path when you can develop a web app simply in one language with MEAN stack technology? Right? 

2. Four Incredible Technologies in One Stack

  • MongoDB- The capacity to store and render the data is one of the most crucial aspects of all applications. Well, you can leave your worries aside by saying yes to MongoDB. When it comes to handling or managing a huge amount of data, MongoDB is considered a great choice for a database system. It is easy to update and simple to use. 
  • Express JS- The other technology that layers this stack is ExpressJS, a backend framework that provides a simple interface to create or request endpoints and handle cookies and more. Express allows you to set up middleware easily in order to respond to HTTP requests. This technology also provides the ease of dynamically rendering HTML pages simply by passing arguments to templates. 
  • AngularJS- AngularJS is a front-end JavaScript development framework that is used to develop single-page apps. It is considered a clean way to add collaborative AJAX-driven rich components and functions to the client side. AngularJS has given an edge to single-page application development by eliminating the need to refresh the pages when they are checking out. 
  • Node.js- The premier JavaScript web server, Node.js is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine that is used to develop I/O intensive web apps like single-page applications, video streaming sites, and other web apps. Node.js is written in JavaScript and hence, used for real-time applications. Above all, it is OS-independent. It means it runs at the same speed across Windows, Linux, and OS X. 

3. Free and Open-source Components

The other reason why you should go with MEAN Stack development is that its components are open-source and updated often. Besides this, it also allows developers to customize the code based on their needs. The Node.js in MEAN stack also offers a rich library of JavaScript modules. 

4. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) everywhere

Do you know Node.js and AngularJS use JSON? Not only this, but MongoDB also stores data in JSON format, which makes it a perfect pick for larger projects. So, when developing an application, JSON can be used as it also eliminates the need to reformat the data. 

5. Global Community Support

As we have already discussed, the MEAN stack has the layers of four key technologies - MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node that provide constant support. For instance, the top 8 hosting services in the world support Node.js natively, whereas MongoDB is also considered a leading NoSQL database provider. AngularJS is supported by tech giants such as Google. So, we can say that the MEAN stack offers huge global community support. 

6. Cost-Effective

Do you know the best part about MEAN stack? If you want to develop the MEAN stack application, you do not need to hire a different specialist. There are a number of JavaScript experts in the market that can handle the entire system perfectly. This is what makes the MEAN stack development cost-effective. Even the deployment cost of the app developed with MEAN stack is cheaper because the components are available for free, and it can be run on any server. 

Top 5 MEAN Stack Development Companies in the USA

Check out the top 5 MEAN stack development companies that are top-rated by experts and have become the topmost preference of clients in the USA. 

1. Appstudio

Appstudio is backed by highly efficient and trained MEAN Stack developers that dedicate their efforts to achieving the client’s goals. Appstudio is a leading mobile app provider that offers the best-in-class customization services and delivers apps to a satisfied global clientele. Today, Appstudio is considered one of the best MEAN stack development companies by experts, and this is why clients worldwide are showing their high interest in availing their services. 

2. 75way Technologies

75way is a leading player in the software industry world that specializes in a number of languages and technologies to create something innovative that can bring a change in the world. The company has more than 70 developers who are incredibly skilled in core technology and work towards serving customers with state-of-the-art solutions. They provide a MEAN stack development future growth team and can meet your expectations. 

3. Accenture

Accenture is also a renowned name in the IT world and a MEAN stack development company that has worked on a number of projects. The company has a high rate of successful projects and is known for the best medium stack services to its customers. The company has also carried out several hundred initiatives in 38 + countries worldwide.

4. Brainvire

Brainvire is also one of the top-rated MEAN stack development companies in the USA that has stunned the audience with their outstanding quality of work. The company offers end-to-end IT consulting and outsourcing products and services worldwide. With the right mix of technology and methodology, they deliver a high-quality product to the organization and meet its expectations. 

5. Ranosys

Ranosys is another name you can rely on for MEAN stack development services that can create the most innovative and eye-catching mobile apps and websites in no time. The company offers an extensive array of customized services in mobile apps, AR-VR creation, web creation, game design, Blockchain development, and more.


So, this is all about the MEAN stack development and the top companies that know how to deliver the best from this technology use. MEAN stack has been one of the popular choices of developers in recent years, and with the way this technology stack is growing, no doubt, we will soon discover the best version of it. The future of MEAN is bright, and to reap the benefits of this technology, it is crucial to hire an experienced MEAN stack development company. From the above-mentioned points, you can easily select the right one for your project.