Top 5 US-Based iOS App Development Companies

Every business strives for game-changing iOS applications. The rapid growth and advancement in the tech industry have pushed many startups or enterprises to say yes to iOS app development as they believe these apps can help them become some of the largest in the world. The source of this belief might be the stats grabbing everyone’s eyeballs - “Started with a limited pool of 500 applications, Apple App Store counted around 2.18 million mobile apps available exclusively to iOS users as of the first quarter of 2022 (Statista).” Such a continuous expansion in the platform is evident in how much individuals or businesses are showing trust in developing iOS apps. Right? 

But do iOS apps are a real game-changer for your business? There is no shadow of a doubt the increased competition in the business climate makes the journey to success blurry. But with the powerful iOS application, you can benefit your business in numerous ways. From enjoying access to the innovation-loving audience to safeguarding internal data from external dangers, the increased capital return to establishing a strong presence in global markets, and delivering outstanding user experience to developing apps in no time, iOS apps give many reasons to choose for your project. 

Once you know the importance of iOS apps for your business, the next thought might trigger your mind about choosing the right iOS development service provider in the USA. Right? Well, we have covered the top companies' names in this blog post to ease your search and save time. But before we delve into the list, let’s take a look at what iOS app development is and why you need it. 

What is iOS App Development?

iOS app development involves the development of mobile application software for Apple gadgets (such as iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone) using the language platforms like Swift or Objective-C. The way it has created a space in this tech world and has satisfied businesses with outstanding results, today businesses are indulging in iOS app development. After all, it is so easy to create and offer more benefits as compared to other app development platforms. 

The popularity of iOS apps is at its peak. Check out these Apple sales and figures highlighting how successful the Apple company is. 

  • Do you know there are 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, with 1 billion of those using iPhones?
  • Apple is the most valuable brand in the world that holds a market share of $263.4 billion in 2021.

So, if you want your customers to enjoy a breathtaking application experience, trusting Apple's strength would be a smart move. An iOS app can help you to attract customers, protect your data, and ensure integrity.

Here’s Why You Should Go For iOS App Development

Have you ever wondered why you need an iOS app for your business? If not, it’s time to think and take a look at some reasons highlighting the importance of this incredible revolution in the application world. 

1. Increases the Client Base

Today, the use of the apple system has reached the top. Several businesses have now shifted their interest toward using iOS apps. This major shift results in an increase in iOS application demand, which also raises the need for iOS developers. If you have an iOS application, you can enjoy a good client base. When the client base will be limitless, the business revenue will automatically touch the heights. 

2. Smooth User Interface

There is no second thought that iOS apps have a better user interface. Thanks to its incredible functionalities that make its user interface smoother as compared to Android apps. The primary motive of designing an app is to attract users' eyes and provide them with an app-using experience with a great interface. One can expect this with iOS app development. 

If you’re planning to develop an iOS app, it’s a wise step towards your business success as its easy and more effective user interface helps your venture grow by enhancing the usability of the app. 

3. Boost Business Sales

If your business only has an Android-based application, you will reach a limited client base. On the other hand, when you develop applications for both mobile platforms (Android & iOS), you can easily target a large client base and enjoy more opportunities. More clients mean more revenue which takes your business to new heights. Above all, iOS apps today have a lot of investors in the market, which will also be a great advantage for your business. 

4. Secure Application

Want a highly secure application development platform? iOS apps score high in terms of security. This is why today, more and more companies and individuals trust iOS applications. We all are better aware of the Apple company. Apps on the Apple Store are encrypted by Apple with an encryption key. Not only this, but devices created by this tech giant only support those apps that are safe, secure, trustworthy, and match the criteria of Apple compliance. If any app on the device demands the user’s data access, this data is protected by numerous authentication measures.  

5. Easy App Testing

The iOS application development process involves adding a number of features that need to be tested to deliver a better app-using experience to users. App testing includes fixing bugs, and errors hindering the application's performance. Well, we all understand how crucial app testing is before presenting the final product to the customer. Right? The iOS platform supports simple testing methodologies that testers implement on distinct app modules. 

6. Build Customer Trust

We have already discussed how secure the iOS app development platform is. Tech freaks always hunt for better technologies that can enhance their app’s data security. Well, you can expect the same with iOS apps. The reason behind the customer's growth towards Apple products is the trust that they nurture, meeting the user’s expectations in terms of data security. iOS apps are properly encrypted to protect it from unauthorized user access. Such functionality reduces the threats and vulnerabilities to the personal data of the user stored in the app. Such security features of iOS apps attract many in the USA and lead them to say yes to iOS app development. 

Top 5 iOS App Development Companies You Can Hire in 2023

Take a look at the top names in the iOS app development world who can help you reach a huge client base and reap all the benefits mentioned above.  

1. Dev.Pro

Dev.Pro is a leading iOS app development company in the USA that helps startups and enterprises to achieve their business goals. The company is quality-obsessed which one can experience while working with them. They have a wide dev team to meet any complexity, skill set, or scale. Backed by more than 900+ highly skilled specialists, Dev.Pro is the right custom software and app development service provider in the USA you can rely on in 2023. 

2. 75way Technologies

75way is an independent customer experience agency, where innovation starts with the perfect amalgamation of technology and creativity. We at 75way can create impactful digital experiences driven by strategy, insight, design, and technology and help clients worldwide succeed in this fast-evolving technological environment. 75way can build iOS-based mobile apps using a thoughtful, technological approach and meet customer expectations delivering the best final product. We have helped startups and medium and enterprise-level businesses grow in this competitive world. 

3. WillowTree Inc.

Several leading companies have collaborated with WillowTree because they are a leading expert in iOS app development that better understands the need for implementing such digital products in the business. WillowTree is an innovative agency that has been praised a number of times for the quality service and support it provides from the start to the end of the project. From web development to mobile marketing, product designing to prototyping, and branding, you can access it all under one roof of WillowTree. 

4. Fueled 

Next iOS development expert you can hire in 2023 for your project is Fueled. They can help your brand to get noticed by developing an app that will guarantee you win a marketplace. They have years of experience in branding and getting features in App stores. The way they design features and perform the branding of the app, it is impeccable. Choosing Fueled for your next project would also be a great move. 

5. Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with offices in the USA, UK, India, Singapore & Dubai. Octal IT Solution has a proven record of creating more than 1,100 Mobile and Web Apps for over 700 clients from several parts of the world. They have a huge team of 150+ seasoned professionals who can build innovative solutions for your business, keeping in mind all the project requirements and expectations. 


This is it! iOS app development has given a new direction to the app industry. This technology has provided a better way for businesses to reach more audiences and offer them a great digital experience. If you’re interested in iOS app development, choose the right company from the list. If you’re still confused about which one you should choose for your project, end your search with 75way- a leading iOS development company in the USA. Our assistance can take you a long way!