Top 5 React Development Companies in the USA

According to a survey, 42.2 percent of software developers worldwide used the React.js framework, making it one of the most popular web frameworks after Node.js. More than 94000 websites, including the big players in the market, namely- Facebook, Netflix, British Broadcasting Corporation, Salesforce, Instacart, Asana, Dropbox, Scribd, and Yahoo Mail are the most popular websites built with ReactJS. 

Over the past few years, there is a high chance you have also come across ReactJS more and more frequently. Well, there is no surprise at all. Since the library was open-sourced and released to the public in 2013, developers' inclination towards React has been observed at a rapid rate. But why is this web framework grabbing the attention of techies across the globe? What makes developers choose this framework over other advanced options? There is a high chance these questions might be hitting your head. Before you find yourself stuck in these questions, go through this blog post. 

This piece of content will help you understand what ReactJS is and what it’s capable of. And when you gain clarity about this technology, you can also reach out to one of the best ReactJS development companies in the USA discussed in this blog. 

Let’s start-

So, What is ReactJS?

Maintained by Meta and a community of developers, React is a free, open-source, flexible, efficient, and declarative frontend JavaScript library used for building interactive user interfaces based on UI components. This toolkit was first deployed by Facebook (later named Meta) in 2011. Developers find React a perfect solution to the issues they face while building user interfaces. It allows developers to create UI without writing tricky JavaScript codes. 

React is a frontend framework, but it is completely different in terms of functionality. It’s a user interface library that includes several aspects of frontend frameworks, but its primary purpose is to organize HTML elements into components. React generates HTML for the application it is used in, and it does it in an intuitive manner. 

Features of React

React is one of the most widely adopted libraries for frontend development because it offers some outstanding features. Check it out here-

JSX: JSX stands for JavaScript Syntax Extension. Although using JSX is not necessary for React development, it is recommended as it can easily convert HTML tags to react elements. 

Unidirectional Data Flow and Flux: Flux is a pattern that keeps your data unidirectional. When a user interacts with React view, the view performs an action through a central dispatcher to different stores holding the app’s data and business logic that further updates all the previously affected views. 

Components: React is all about components, and one has to think of everything as a component. Thinking in such a way helps developers maintain the code, especially when working on larger and more complex projects. 

License: React is licensed under Facebook Inc., and the documentation is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

But Why React?

Are you wondering why React’s popularity is consistently eclipsing that of other frontend development frameworks? Reasons are many behind its wide popularity, and some of them we have listed below-

1. Perfect for Dynamic Applications Development

Creating dynamic web applications is easy with React. Less coding is required, and more functionality is offered as compared to JavaScript (coding often gets complex very quickly), which gives reasons to choose React. 

2. Small Learning Curve

React combines basic HTML and JavaScript concepts that make this frontend framework easy to learn. But at the same time, you have to spend a good amount of time to become a pro in React’s library.

3. Ideal for Both Web and Mobile App Development 

React is not just limited to developing web applications. React can do wonders. A framework called React Native derived from React itself is nowadays very popular and considered great for creating appealing mobile applications. So, if we say clearly, React can be used for web and mobile app development

4. Improved Performance

The React discussion would seem incomplete without Virtual DOM, which helps developers create web applications faster. React uses Virtual DOM that compares the previous states of components and updates the ones in the Real DOM that were changed instead of updating all the components again which many other conventional web apps do. 

5. Unidirectional Data Flow

We have already discussed in the React features that it follows a unidirectional data flow. When developing React apps, developers have to nest child components within parent components. Because the data flows in a single direction, it becomes easier for developers to debug errors and find the root of the problem occurring in an application. 

6. Reusable Components

Another reason that leads many developers to use React is the reusable components in this toolkit. Components act as a building block of any React application. A single app consists of multiple components that have their own logic and controls and can be further reused throughout the app. When components are reused, it saves a huge amount of the application’s development time. 

7. Dedicated Tools for Easy Debugging

One can perform debugging of React applications using the Chrome extension that Facebook released. This dedicated tool makes debugging React web applications faster and easier. 

The above-listed points highlight the reasons better justify the popularity of the React library and why today it is highly adopted by several organizations and businesses. 

Choose Your Digital Partner for React Development- The Top 5 List is Here

1. 75way Technologies

Founded: 2015

Employees: 100+

Location: United States, India

Established in 2015, 75way Technologies is one of the leading ReactJS development companies in the USA. The firm has skills and good years of experience in agile web development as well as creating enterprise-grade solutions that not only meet the client’s requirements, but also leave an impression in the tech world. The company has a good record of serving clients with successful and quality projects that add value to their purpose or vision. 

2. Innowise Group

Founded: 2007

Employees: 1000+

Location: United States

Innowise Group is one of the best companies for React development services. The company is well-renowned for building web and mobile applications with voice technology, interactive interfaces, and other advanced features. The company holds more than 15 years of experience in agile development, progressive web apps, Universal JS, and many more areas. If you want a quality enterprise-grade solution, connecting with the developers of Innowise Group would be the right choice as they are talented, experienced, and knowledgeable in their field. 

3. Resourcifi

Founded: 2009

Employees: 10 – 49

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA

The next leading player in the React development world is Resourcifi. The company is a pro in React development and has a big team of in-house skilled programmers who are extremely qualified and offer clients with the highly-effective applications. Resourcifi provides customized and problem-solving solutions to clients that can end them up with a valuable outcome. So, if you want a world-class web and mobile app in React, you can go with Resourcifi. 

4. Belitsoft

Founded: 2011

Employees: 50–259

Location: California, USA

Belistsoft is also a popular name in the tech world for providing the best-in-class ReactJS development services. Being a consistent player in the tech world for more than 16 years, Belitsoft has worked on a number of projects, from the most complex to the simplest ones. Backed by a team of skilled and talented ReactJS developers, the company can create powerful web apps or mobile apps using React. Their wide array of services also includes custom software development, web development, enterprise solution development, and a lot more. 

5. Cheesecake Labs

Founded: 2013

Employees: 50–249

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Cheesecake Lab works with the primary motive of improving people’s lives with the right use of technology. They achieve technological excellence, maintain the highest levels of integrity, and utilize talented minds and resources for better results. Cheesecake Labs has worked on several projects for clients all over the world over the years. So, relying on an experienced company like Cheesecake labs would be great. 

In Summary

Developers worldwide are showing a high interest in ReactJS for a reason, and we have already discussed in this blog why. The way it makes creating complex user interfaces a lot easier, no doubt we will surely see a high rise in the number of React usage. But at the same time, React doesn’t fit in all situations. Therefore, we have pulled a few strengths and weaknesses of React to help you make a decision. 

Strengths of ReactJS

  • React uses an native components of the application to increase performance.
  • Unidirectional data flow makes updating a user interface reliable. 
  • Building the user interface with React is easier. 

Weaknesses of ReactJS

  • When it comes to a project’s configuration and setup, React can be confusing. 
  • For simple applications, you can use vanilla JavaScript. No need to use React. 

Now you know the good and bad of React. If you want to reap the benefits of React and build an interactive web or mobile app solution, reach out to one of the top 5 React development companies in the USA listed above. They will be the right digital partner in this journey.