Top 5 Node.js Development Companies to Hire in 2022

Looking for the best Node.js development company in the USA? Well, the way this technology is rapidly gaining high popularity, no doubt, business owners or developers are quite interested in saying yes to it for their projects. It has become a household name among developers for a few years. But why? Why is there so much excitement around Node.js that we all have been hearing? What’s the reason behind the popularity?

And there are endless questions you might want to know before hiring a Node.js development company as it will help you learn more about the technology and find the best to help you in your project. Let’s help you solve this riddle in a few easy ways. But before this, let’s skim through what Node.js is and why this technology is becoming the most preferred choice of developers nowadays. 

What is Node.js? 

Node.js is a free, open-source server environment that runs on various platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) and uses JavaScript on the server. Node.js gives the freedom to developers to use JavaScript to write command line tools and for server-side scripting. This technology represents a “JavaScript Everywhere” paradigm, and it’s the best part about Node.js. 

Reasons Why Choose Node.js For Your Next Software Project

Below, we have covered the reasons why Node.js is a perfect choice for your software product. Enjoy a look at the below-listed points-

  • JavaScript is a Popular Programming Language 

We all know how popular the JavaScript programming language is. As per the report of Statistica, nearly 65 percent of respondents stated that they used JavaScript in 2021. And Node.js is a subset of JavaScript. So, the programmers who have already worked with JavaScript for client-side programming will find working with Node.js easily. 

  • Great Ecosystem of Node.js Frameworks

Node.js is also popular for having a vast community of developers that can develop a number of frameworks to handle everything. Whether you want a small or a complete framework, Node.js can provide you access to a wide variety of tools available via Node Package manager. 

  • Node.JS Supports Major Databases and ORMS

If you already have a database, there is a high chance that you will have a connector to use it with Node.js. But if you create a new database, you will be welcomed with a number of choices. The other reason you should say yes to Node.js is that it supports traditional web SQL databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, and Oracle, making it easy to port over existing code. 

  • Node.js is Perfect for Rapid Prototyping

When it comes to rapid prototyping, Node.js scores high because it is free, open-source, and runs on all laptops. No initial phase of development is required to invest in a server or cloud computing account. No need to run a virtual server to reap the benefits of this technology. A simple command line is enough to install a framework with Node.js. Not only this, but it has a simple back-end up and running in a day that allows you to build a front-end quickly. 

Top 5 Node.js Development Companies in the USA 

Node.js gives many reasons to choose it for software development, and now you know how it can be a great choice for you. So, why don’t you hire a professional Node.js development company in the USA to kick start the work? But is choosing the right company easy? If you ask us, it is simple if you have this list. 

Below, we have rounded up the best Node.js development companies in the USA to help you in the search. 

1. BelitSoft

Founded: 2004

Employees: 400+

We have started our list with Belitsoft, and there’s a huge reason behind this. BelitSoft is one of the leading Node.js development companies in the USA that many rely on for their software development. The company offers a wide range of software development services with the promise of delivering high-end solutions to clients, standing it apart from others. The company has a good name in the IT world and has clients across the US, UK, Israel, and more. They build trustworthy relationships with clients, focusing on what they want and delivering what can bring sudden growth in their business or idea. 

Belitsoft also builds custom solutions tailored to fit the unique set of requirements. The company has also worked with a number of industries, including eLearning, Financial, Agriculture, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, and more. 

2. 75way Technologies

Founded: 2015

Employees: 70+

Location: USA

Nothing could be better than when an expert helps you achieve your business goals with a budget-friendly strategic solution. Right? Well, 75way is the right name you can rely on if you’re looking for the same. The company has earned huge applause from the world for being one of the best Node.js development companies, especially for startups. Backed by a team of talented and dedicated Node.js developers, 75way can help turn your imaginary project into a reality. 

3. Resourcifi

Founded: 2009

Employees: 300+

Location: Delaware, USA

Did you know Resourcifi has racked as 4.7/5 on Clutch? But what helped this company to achieve this milestone? Resourcifi is one of the top Node.js development companies that offer a wide range of services and expertise to give wings to your ideas or businesses. Besides being the top Node.js development company in the USA, the company has also earned a pride place in the digital world by providing world-class Mobile app development, Web Development, Native and Hybrid app development, Digital Marketing, Quality Assurance Testing, UX/UI Design, and more. From education to travel, tourism to finance, automobile to healthcare, they have carved a niche in different sectors providing the best service they deserve. So, relying on the Node.js developers of Resourcifi will also be a good idea. 

4. ScienceSoft

Founded: 1989

Employees: 700+

Location: McKinney, Texas

The next on our list is ScienceSoft, a US-based software, custom web, and mobile app development company for various businesses and industries. It’s a reputed and renowned IT consulting agency that helps businesses overcome technological challenges and provide business consultation that can bring a change. If you’re looking for a dedicated JavaScript team who can help you grow, ScienceSoft would be the right pick, as this company heavily invests in the growth of JavaScript teams. 


Founded: 2013

Employees: 50–249

Location: San Francisco, CA

The last on our list is NaNLABS, one of the top 5 Node.js development companies that can craft world-class mobile apps and web applications utilizing the technology in the best possible ways. Clients consider this company as a game changer that can set up cross-functional, agile, and scalable teams to work on your project and provide constant support from the start to the end of the project. 


So, this is all about the best Node.js development companies you can say yes this 2022. They have delivered the best solution for clients across the globe, and now it’s your time to showcase your idea to the world in a completely unique and different way.