Top 5 Angular Development Companies in the USA

Are you one of those developers who give thumbs up to modern software and application development? Well, you’re not alone. According to data, around 845,382 companies are using Angular. These companies are in the arts and entertainment, news and media, computers, and electronics verticals. Talking particularly about the business verticals, the technology industry spends around $10000 USD while the location is mainly in the US and shows a high interest in the language. It is a good enough number to make us understand how popular this technology is now. 

But what makes this technology a perfect pick for several business verticals? The framework has the enormous capacity to create compound and complex digital products considering the business logic and create an enterprise-like application. Several Angular stats also highlight the number of downloads per month, per week, and per day is increasing because of its capability to create high-performance and lightweight applications. 

Now you have a good idea of how developing applications on Angular is so promising, so choosing it as your next milestone in your all-new digital solution development would be great. Simultaneously, your mind might be hunting for more information about Angular that can give you more real reasons to say yes to this framework for your next project. Right? If yes, we have done things easier for you, covering a good amount of information about Angular development. We have also made your hunt for the right Angular development companies in the USA easier, mentioning all the names below. After all, this digital transformation journey surely requires a reliable partner to turn your imagination into a reality.

What is Angular Development?

Angular is a modern MVC framework and platform that is considered the best for creating enterprise-like Single-page web apps using HTML codes and JavaScript. This open-source JavaScript framework is maintained by Google and is written in TypeScript, which gives an advantage of wide community support.

This framework also offers a standard structure for developers to work with and help them create high-performance apps easily. Angular is also an opinionated framework that points to the fact that it specifies a certain set of styles and rules that developers have to follow when working with this technology. This is why it is necessary to learn Angular before you jump straight to app development. 

Different Versions of Angular Development

Developed in 2009 and till now, Angular has been available in a variety of versions out there. The original Angular, named Angular 1 is eventually known as AngularJS. After the first version, Angular 2, 3, 4, and 5 were released, and this lineup continues to the current version, i.e., Angular 14, which was released on 2nd June 2022. Each Angular version was introduced with improved performance, predecessors with bugs fixed, and a lot more improvements to make the digital product development seamless and smooth.  

If you want to design applications that suit the best for mobile devices, and/or more complex apps, upgrade to the current version of Angular and enjoy the benefits associated with this framework. 

Top Companies Using Angular Development

Today, many renowned tech giants are reaping out the benefits of Angular and the list includes the big names mentioned as follow-

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Mixer
  • Grasshopper
  • Samsung
  • Santander
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • UpWork
  • PayPal
  • Delta 
  • Overleaf

But Why Do You Need a Framework?

Have you ever wondered why you actually need a framework? If this question is ticking your mind, we got you the answer. 

Framework basically provides a consistent structure that boosts web development efficiency and enhances performance. Such a structure eliminates the need to rebuild code from scratch which saves a lot of development time. Frameworks like Angular are real-time savers and are also popular for providing a number of features to a developer that they can add to the software without any extra effort. 

Features of Angular development

The following points are the characteristics of Angular that one should know-

Document Object Model

The DOM (Document Object Model) in Angular is the same as that in other frameworks. This model considers XML or HTML documents as a tree in which each node represents a portion of the text. 

Data Binding

Data binding refers to the method of interacting with web page components using a browser. This method uses dynamic HTML, hence no complex programming or scripting is required. Data binding is basically employed in several web pages loaded with several features such as tutorials, forums, calculators, and games. Two-way binding is also a feature of Angular that allows the model's state to be updated whenever changes are made in the UI components. 


Angular uses the Jasmine testing framework that ends up with a developer with a number of features to create different sorts of test cases. Karma (the test task-runner) uses a configuration file in order to define the start-up conditions, reporters, & testing framework.


Angular discussion would sound incomplete without TypeScript. It provides a set of types of JavaScript that helps developers to write code that is easy to understand. 

Angular Architecture

Angular is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework that provides clear instructions on how the app should be organized, bi-directional data flow, and whole DOM support.


An Angular app comes up with a root module that is called AppModule, which serves as the bootstrapping mechanism for the app launch.

Top 5 Angular Development Companies in the USA

The following companies are a few top names that are quite popular in the USA for providing the best-in-class Angular development services. You can rely on these companies for your dream project.

75way Technologies

The first on our list is 75way Technologies which produces excellent web and mobile apps for various business verticals. Startups, entrepreneurs, and everyone can reap the benefits of their services. The development team at 75way uses lean concepts and agile approaches to deliver quality results on a set timeline and budget. The company is backed by skilled Angular developers who always accept challenges and try something new that can help businesses stand out in the crowd and lead the competition. From designing AngularJS-friendly websites and frontend for enterprises, 75way can deliver that can add more value to your business.  


When we talk about the best Angular development companies in the USA, the list might be incomplete without Icreon. The company has provided clients with the top-notch Angular development services they deserve. They have carved a niche in the worldwide marketplace with customized, process-driven digital solutions for over a decade. The experienced Angular developers simply connect with clients, consult and design solutions and platforms that can add more value to their business and give a competitive advantage. Icreon has created a number of digital solutions for various sectors and business sizes. Whether it is a plugin creation or eCommerce development, data analytics, and beyond, they are pros you can easily trust for your next dream project.


Another reputable Angular development company on our list is Belitsoft which has years of experience in the field. This software development firm has expertise in Android development across various platforms along with a variety of media, including AngularJS. From startups to non-profit organizations, the company has delivered the finest solutions to the digital world. The company has clients mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Europe. If you ask us, this is one of the most popular Angular development companies in the USA that has built around 50 apps for clients worldwide.


The next is MentorMate, indeed a great digital partner you can easily rely on to solve challenging business problems. They provide the solution using native, hybrid, and bespoke software development. Serving clients worldwide for over 17 years, one can imagine how expert they are in their job. The secret behind their great service is that they think large, design smartly and build quickly for all projects and clients. Developers at MentorMate help businesses accelerate digital ideas with end-to-end technology services. No matter how challenging your project, they always come up with a better solution. 

Rising Max

Rising Max is another US-based app development firm currently making waves in the business. The company has headquarters in the United States and also offices in Dubai. The company is also one of the popular names when it comes to Angular development. The development team at Rising Max better understands how to emphasize interactive user interfaces and offer expert development services. The company is an expert in building business-focused software and guides clients to fit in the ever-changing world of technology with the right business solution. Their mission is simple- meeting the client’s project requirements and delivering exactly what they are looking for.


Angular is undoubtedly a powerful framework that can help developers to create dynamic web applications and many more digital products in no time. Loaded with tons of features and providing much ease in development, this technology is good enough to choose for your next project.

If you’re looking for the right digital partner to help you in this journey, 75way would be the best pick. Among these top 5 Angular development companies in the USA, 75way has emerged as the best pick.