Top 12 Reasons Why Node.js Is A Big Topic Today

Node.js is a beast on its own, whose buzz in the market is on another level. Counted in the list of popular frameworks, Node.js is one of the finest picks for backend technology. It’s not us who are saying this. The stats also show the popularity of this framework. Do you know Node.js is used by 30 million websites? Today, developers use this platform for high-performance and quality web application development. 

Not only developers but tech giants like Amazon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Netflix, eBay, Tumblr, and PayPal choose Node.js to achieve the latest features and the best efficiency possible. Easy code sharing, a great Node.js development community, an easy learning curve, and high performance are some prime benefits of Node.js, making it an optimum choice for many in the realm of technology. 

Do you want more reasons to say yes to the Node.js framework for your next project? Well, we got you covered with some more you might be looking for. Below, we have rounded up a few points that everyone may be talking about Node.js. 

Let’s take a closer look at it.

1. JSON Has Won

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, a practical composite data exchange format developers use to build APIs quickly. In the absence of dynamic data in a browser, programmers used to manipulate the JavaScript data. But with the introduction of JSON, the birth of NoSQL databases like MongoDB was possible. JSON is considered the tower of strength of JavaScript. 

2. Sharing Is Encouraged

Have you ever tried sharing a package of a library of codes? If yes, you might be aware of the complexity involved in the process. But the Node.js community is liberal enough to provide you with the best ways to share the package legally. Distributing library functions to others is convenient with Node.js Package Manager. Saying clearly, you can share all the 50,000 packages with others working on a different project. Node.js also enables you to create and code new packages by yourself and share them with newbies. This practice helps them use the logic you created for your project. It saves time and helps others complete projects in a set time frame. 

3. JavaScript Is Everywhere

Being a developer, you might have an in-depth understanding of JavaScript. Let’s recall it again. JavaScript is an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language like other machine-level languages. JavaScript allows developers to create applications in the browser in different frameworks. It is ubiquitous and performs better as compared to other OOP languages like Python, Ruby, etc. You won’t be surprised by the fact - GitHub claims that JavaScript is the most appreciated and used web development language. Using Node.js with JavaScript enables you to build on the server-side. 

4. Powered By Google Chrome

Being fueled by the powerful Google V8 engine is one of the strong reasons Node.js is a popular topic nowadays. Google uses this for JavaScript execution in the front-end. Node.js provides access to Google developer tools and makes debugging incorrect codes easier. Thanks to its powerful Google V8 engine that also encourages effective back-end debugging.

5. Wide Library Of Code

Node.js has an extensive library of dependencies, also called Node Package manager. This library of code is considered the foundation that helps the project grow. The key role of this package manager is to provide dependable package management. This is where the node ecosystem allows a developer to carry out the development tasks. Even the Node.js community also offers suitable packages for projects for public usage. Node.js developers can use these packages to scale their projects, adding more functionalities. 

6. Node Package Manager Working Principle

Disposing of all Node.js development is easy with Node Package Manager. It offers PaaS or several other cloud platform services for Node.js. Such dependable package management helps Node.js functionality witness increased growth and development. 

7. Asynchronous & Event-Driven

Event-driven refers to the action that is taken when an event happens. On the other hand, asynchronous refers to the actions that can happen anytime regardless of the main execution stream. It automatically assumes an event and encourages productivity and efficiency of the system by a huge margin. 

When it comes to the API of Node.js, it is asynchronous by nature. It clearly points to the fact that it never waits for an API to return any data whatsoever. 

8. Small Modules Works Fast

Node.js can be split into miniature modules, and the most well-known pair of such modules are the Node.js core and Node.js application. You can go with any pair depending on the client’s requirements. The important thing about these modules is that they should be small and lightweight to compile faster and generate the output without any hassle. This is why associations today focus on smaller modules to encourage a smooth performance of Node.js development services. 

9. Node.js Is Very Fast

Yes, Node.js is very fast. All thanks to the Google V8 engine, which considers JavaScript as a native machine code and encourages the execution of JavaScript at a fast speed. Another thing that makes this technology fast is its event loop that runs on a single thread. A single thread helps perform every execution asynchronously and run everything smoothly. Node.js facilitates vital building operations, improving the readings and writings to databases, networks, etc. 

10. Single-Threaded

Node.js uses a single-threaded process for looping events, giving one more reason to discuss this technology. But what is single-threaded? Single-threaded processes are those which contain execution of instructions in a single thread that are driven by a command. 

The whole event mechanism helps the server respond in such a way that makes the server scalable as compared to traditional servers that limits thread to maintenance requests. 

11. Compatibility With Various Web Browsers

There is no shadow of a doubt that the most simple and easy way to develop an app is JavaScript. This programming language is compatible with different web browsers, making it an ideal choice for your web or app development projects. Even if you find any minor issue, it is easy to resolve with JavaScript. And with the addition of Node, it has now become unbeatable. 

12. Real-Time Power

Node.js undoubtedly has some real powers that make it the best framework to choose for different projects. The best thing about this framework is its incredible ability to work in many concurrent connections simultaneously. Well, this is not the end. Node.js is also renowned for handling multi-user requirements with complete ease, and this is all possible with its event loop. This system is also known as a two-way communication system between the client and its server in which the client sends data to the server and vice versa. 


Node.js is a popular platform for creating server-side JavaScript web applications. It is easy to use and cost-effective and there are many more prime benefits, giving more reason to pick Node.js for building resource-efficient site-building frameworks, web/mobile convergence APIs, and stand-alone applications. 

This blog post has covered every reason that will make you say yes to Node.js. And if you want any assistance in this regard, 75way is always ready to help you.