Top 12 ReactJS Libraries and Frameworks in 2022

Robust, Dynamic, Interactive. ReactJS is a game-changing technology reshaping business growth and expansion with its recent updates. Features like concurrent rendering, automatic batching, and more are giving today’s generation more reasons to go for the technology in 2022. Every new update in React enhances its performance in the constantly changing environment, and developers should be aware of that advancements to make the right move at the right time. ReactJS developers always believe in continuous learning; after all, it helps them walk with trends. 

We all know how popular ReactJS is today. Several industry leaders are showing interest in this technology after its launch, and this popularity still doesn’t fade in 2022. But when choosing the right React libraries for app development, developers struggle a lot. Don’t be stressed! This blog post will help you know about the top ReactJS libraries and frameworks.

Before we start discussing the topic, let’s take a look at what ReactJS is.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that allows a developer to create a smooth and robust user interface for both mobile and web apps. ReactJS can end you up with several benefits.

  • Makes JavaScript coding easier.
  • Template designing made it easy.
  • Provides amazing developer tools.
  • Extremely competent.
  • Excellent cross-platform support.
  • Handles dependencies.
  • UI focused designs.
  • Easy to adopt.

Check Out Top 12 React Libraries and Frameworks

Before you start work on your next React project, check out the below-listed top 20 React libraries and frameworks that do wonders while developing apps. 


Redux is a predictable state container designed to provide ease to developers to write JavaScript apps that behave consistently across client, server, & native environments and are easy to test. It’s a state management solution for JavaScript that you can use with React as well as with any other JavaScript framework or library. It’s lightweight at 2KB (including dependencies). So, there is no need to worry about increasing the asset size of your app. 

Ant Design

Created by Chinese conglomerate Alibaba, Ant Design is a React UI library, equipped with a number of easy-to-use components that helps build seamless user interfaces. Not only this, but it also offers ES6 support and allows hassle-free integration. Today, this React library is used by several industry leaders, including Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and more

Create React App

It’s a CLI tool that doesn’t demand any configuration development. All you require is a build dependency, and there will be no complicacy you’ll face. Create React app too is considered the ideal pick for simpler web application development as it has under layers of ESLint, Webpack Babel, etc. This tool also encourages the seamless app development procedure. 


Next on our list is Rebass- a themeable primitive UI component library for React. It is built with Emotion, Styled Components, and Styled System. Although it is built with Styles System, any theme object created for Styled System can work well with Rebass. It is also an essential component library for building creative UI with design constraints and user-defined scales. Rebass is quite popular for quick design and development as it uses a footprint of just 4KB. 

React Admin

React Admin is quite useful when creating B2B admin apps on top of REST/GraphQL APIs. The best thing about React Admin is that it can be easily customized by design and is also created with several popular projects alongside React, including Redux, React Final Form, Material UI, and React Router. 


Grommet is a React component library that is developed for accessible, responsive, and mobile-first web projects. Working on such a project is possible through its components that act as building blocks for the library and includes Layouts, Types, Controls, Colors, Visualizations Media, Inputs, and utilities.

Grommet also enables screen reader tags, keyboard navigation, and more and has many SVG icons. Today, many organizations, including Twilio, Boeing, Samsung, HP, Uber, and Netflix use Grommet to design the web app.

Styled Components

Styled components is a CSS tool that helps a developer streamline the ReactJS development project and create small, reusable components that are crucial for the overall appearance of the app. When using conventional CSS, there is a high chance you might have faced the overwhelming issue of unusually overwriting selectors utilized in the website other places. Right? Thanks to styled components that help developers get rid of this issue using CSS syntax inside all components. 

Material UI

Material UI design is based on Google’s Material Design, which works best in providing a quality, digital experience when developing front-end graphics. Today, developers use Material design UI as it has gained more popularity in recent years of continuous updates. 

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a UI kit that holds its Bootstrap origin. It replaces the JavaScript of Bootstrap with React, which helps enjoy more control over every component’s form and function. Every component of React Bootstrap is essential for front-end framework development and is easily available. So, developers can easily select from the readily accessible Bootstrap themes. 

Evergreen UI

The next crucial React library and framework on our list are Evergreen UI comprises React elements and is considered a perfect pick for enterprise web app development. It is extremely flexible because it utilized React Primitive.

This Evergreen UI incorporates a wide array of tools and components, ranging from basic layouts, icons, and typography to function-based elements, including dropdowns, feedback indicators, toggles, and file uploads. It is easy to select the elements you want to import simply after installing this Evergreen package. 

React Fabric

React Fabric, also known as Office UI Fabric is quite popular in the tech world for the native application of Fluent UI elements with React-based apps. Some most used front-end language modules like Webpack, CSS (SASS), and ES6+ back up React Fabric. 

The Fabric core is a group of SASS elements combined with CSS classes that further provides access to a huge array of colors, animations, and more.


The last on our list is Mobx which has made state management easy and super-effective. Whenever you use a React library, it concentrates on hindering you from adjusting the state, but this MobX encourages implementing this feature and ensures that all extract.  

Wrapping Up

So, this is all about the React libraries and frameworks that you should look out for in 2022. All these libraries and frameworks serve a particular purpose in the technology world. When you utilize them perfectly, you can achieve perfection in your work. Saying clearly, your organization can get more clarity about basic JavaScript tasks. 

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