Top 10 Modern Web Design Elements to Check Out in 2022

Do you have an idea about the number of internet users worldwide? The research conducted on this topic in 2010 shows there were over 2 billion internet users worldwide, and in 2021, this number has experienced a surge and reached over 4.6 billion. This constantly increasing number of internet users across the globe has led many to create websites at a rapid pace. In 2010, there were 210 million websites, and in 2021, it reached over 1.93 billion websites. 

The statistic points to the fact that websites are becoming the optimum choice for users to grow their business or spread their idea around the world. And to stand out in this huge digital crowd, it is imperative to focus on every inch of the website that can make it successful, bringing more audience. But what are they? What are the things you need to consider during website development

Today is the modern world. People have distinct choices and preferences. In order to meet their expectations, website owners experiment with the website so that it can gain maximum attention from audiences across the globe. This is why it is imperative to equip your website with the necessary modern elements to give a modern touch in terms of appearance and enhance its functionality. But what are these elements? 

Fortunately, we have covered everything below that will help you move forward, stepping the right foot forward.

Top Web Design Elements to Consider in 2022

Hundreds of web designs are out there to enhance your website. So, how would you find the best one for your website? Therefore, we have compiled some of the finest modern design elements to intensify your website performance. 

1. Background Videos

Have you seen a video on the website? Doesn’t that look interesting and add an appeal to a webpage? Such background videos work best to eliminate unnecessary content and help you to let others know about your work or business through an exciting mode- background videos. Such videos help viewers understand the facts about your business in-depth. The experts say our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So, adding a background video on a webpage can help you pitch to your targeted audience, providing them with a more convenient and effortless way to learn about the company. 

2. Hero Images

Hero images are considered the most extensive-sized banner images that attract more users and grow their interest in your offered products or services. We suggest you keep hero images simple for the users as it helps them read the text above. The text should be in a bigger size and have a contrasting color for maximum visibility. 

3. Rotated Texts

Rotated text is considered a standard element in web design development. Rotated texts always appear to be eye-catchy and can provide an unusual appearance to your website. But at the same time, it is crucial to note that such texts are not useful as marquees, still, you can use them for website decoration purposes. 

4. Bold Color Scheme

The right color combination boosts the appearance of a modern website. And if you ask us, bright, bold colors are always the right pick for the website as it attracts the audience's eyeballs immediately. Select a color scheme that matches your brand’s tone and reflects particular emotions. For example, blue shows genuine security, confidence, and authority. Choose some extraordinary colors that can grab a visitor's attention in an eye blink. 

5. Seamless Navigation

Another crucial web design element you should consider in 2022 is seamless navigation. Website navigation includes in-depth understanding about menus and links on the website. Your website must deliver smooth navigation to the user. It should have a navigation menu that can help users land on various other website pages and discover the products or services. 

We all know that users don't show interest in a website that is not intuitive, and this is when you need to organize how people get everything on your website. As a renowned web development company, we suggest you keep the navigation basic and responsive so that users can easily access and explore the desired section of the website. 

6. Minimalism

Although minimalism and modernism are different, people usually get confused between these terms; after all, they both highly impact each other. Modernism pays attention to the airy design as clean-lined and streamlined as possible, whereas minimalism works on the ‘less is more' principle.

The majority of people give a nod to the fact that a simple website can’t do wonders. But that’s not true. The concept of simplicity plays best in designing a modern website. When you execute the minimalist principle, it will allow visitors to immediately collect the data and improve the user’s digital experience. Such designs also have a lot of perks for a website you can enjoy when using the website. 

7. Call-To-Actions

Call-to-actions are the strong phrase that leads users to hit the click and avail your services. Adding CTA buttons on your modern website is beneficial to growing the possibilities of converting visitors to clients. When creating a CTA button, you must focus on how to design it, what text should be written on it and where to place it on the website. If you ask us, we suggest you place a CTA (Call to Action) button on every page for maximum impact. 

8. High-quality Images

The overall website appearance matters a lot. No one is interested in wandering the websites flooded with lengthy texts and low-quality images. So, if you want to enhance the overall visual appeal of your website, you must say yes to high-quality images. This practice will lower the lengthy texts with images. And as we have already discussed, visuals always attract the user’s eyes more than the texts, so it will grab the user’s attention towards your modern website and end you up with maximum client interactions. 

So, if you’re building a modern website, make sure you have added high-quality images that can leave a lasting impact on the user’s mind. Such images will seamlessly connect with visitors and convey the message you want to deliver. 

9. Animation

Another crucial web design element you must focus on is animation. It helps you make a website look more engaging and interactive whenever visitors click, hover, or scroll your website. Today, animation is something many websites are showing interest in, and now is your time to utilize it to add more value to your website. Animation can create playfulness that leads visitors to spend more time on the website and increase the chances of conversions. There are many things you can add as animation designs to your website. Know here-

Motion and animation can create playfulness, causing visitors to spend lots of time on a website. Here are a few things to add as animation designs to your website:

  • Spinning elements
  • Navigation menu animation
  • 3D motion
  • Playful button or cursor
  • Rotating images

10. Mobile-Friendly Website Layouts

Go for the mobile-friendly layouts. Even Google first prioritizes the mobile-responsive website for indexing and determines the overall ranking of the website. According to a 2022 study, 59.5 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, you can easily conclude how important it is for mobile-friendly website layouts. 

Final Thoughts

Above, we have covered all the standard web design elements that will help you make the most beautiful website and give it a wow touch that can catch the user's attention immediately. So, if you want to develop a new website or redesign your old one, connect with 75way. We are a renowned web development company with years of experience in the industry. You can rely on us for web development services.