Things to Consider When Hiring ReactJS Developers for Your Project

Websites and applications have become a crucial part of almost every business. After all, they act as a business’s virtual identity and have the power to attract a larger audience. Even experts suggest that having a good website or application can offer a business owner with maximum benefits in terms of revenue and profits. And for this reason, online businesses are now becoming more cautious when choosing the technology and developers for their projects. 

React technology is quite a popular name in the tech world. Event ReactJS was also the second most loved web framework in 2020. So, now you know the right technology you should go with for the next project. But finding a suitable developer who can meet your product requirement is not easy. In this case, this blog can help you as here we have covered essential factors you should consider while hiring React developers. But before we delve into this, let’s skim through the introduction of ReactJS. 

An Introduction to React JS

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used for UI building and fixing issues of web pages. This technology also works best for single-page app development. Today, several tech giants, including   Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc., set a perfect example of how beneficial it is to use React for their projects. 

Around 9,600,000+ live websites and 10,234 well-known companies globally are currently using this technology and enjoying the benefits associated with it. Although many platforms can create UIs, ReactJS is the most used framework. According to the Builtwith study, ReactJS is the 6th most demanding among the top 10,000 websites in the JS Library category. 

But why do people say yes to React when they have several options? The ease of use, fast rendering, convenience, creation of user-friendly interfaces, and higher flexibility are the benefits that make it an ideal choice for many. This framework has the potential to create a high-functional web app. So, it can be your next great choice for your upcoming projects. But at the same time, it is imperative to consider different aspects when hiring a React developer.

7 Skills to Consider When Hiring ReactJS Developers

Seek the developer who has the below-listed necessary skills to meet the essential duties and perform result-oriented jobs. 

1. EcmaScript and JavaScript

The ReactJS developer you are hiring must have knowledge of JS features, functions, and syntax with a good experience in DOM manipulation, JavaScript scopes, event bubbling, and hoisting. Besides this, having a good understanding of EcmaScript is a bonus that will help create spontaneous React applications.

2. JS Build Tools

Hire front-end developers, well-versed in different JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React developers tools - Google Chrome. They should know how to maximize the React library and deal with several build tools like Visual Studio Code, Webpack, NPM, etc. Not only this, but they should also be aware of how to install and handle packages, optimize workflows, and control dependencies using JS Build tools. 

3. Multiple Technologies

Go for the developer having a good command over multiple technologies compatible with ReactJS like the MERN stack. Plus, the knowledge of MERN Stack and Express-React combo is necessary in order to deal with server load, manage requests and create full-stack JS applications. 

4. Version Control Systems

When handling or hosting a tricky project, it is imperative to hire a ReactJS development team, having expertise in VCSs like Mercurial, SVN, Firebase, TFS, Git, etc. Hiring developers, having such skills makes comparing old-new code, asset current code and reducing possible errors rapidly. 

5. Technical Expertise

The React developer must have technical expertise in areas, ranging from JSON to advanced HTML and HTML5, ESLint to Scsslint. They must be proficient in different React core concepts such as class, functional components, props, JSX, component lifecycle methods, hooks, etc.  

6. Testing Tools and Frameworks

When hiring ReactJS developers, make sure they are proficient in using unit testing frameworks and technologies like Tape, Jest, Chai, Sinon, Mocha, etc. Developers should know how to integrate testing tools like Karma along with a good command over end-to-end testing tools and frameworks like CucumberJS, Selenium, WebDriver work, NightwatchJS, and Puppeteer.

7. React Basics and Styling Methods

When hiring a React developer, make sure you have asked the candidate about Create React App and its functions. They must know about Create React App and must be experts in technologies like NextJS, Babel, JSX, etc. 

Furthermore, they must be proficient in popular CSS techniques like CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS, and SCSS), CSS-in-JS, JSS, and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and MaterialUI) to style React components.

Factors to Consider While Hiring the Best ReactJS Developers

Once you know what skills a React developer should have, the next thing is to consider a few more crucial factors to choose the best-fit one. Check out the below-listed points for more information. 

1. Decide Basic Goals and Requirements

First, determine the basic requirements and goals of your projects you want to meet by hiring a professional React developer. The hiring process will become a little less complicated when you have a clear idea about this. It will also help you know if your project requires in-house team support or if outsourcing the tasks is enough. 

2. Shortlist Developers

Once you gain clarity about your project goals, the next thing you should do is to select the right ReactJS developers by taking a look at their resumes. Shortlist the one that perfectly matches your project requirements and can deliver the results you desire. 

3. Ask for Portfolios

A portfolio can help you take a glance at the past projects of the developer he successfully finished. Checking their portfolio can help you understand whether you should go for hiring the developers you’re interviewing or look for other alternatives. Do not forget to verify the genuineness of the portfolio. 

4. Analyze Technical Skills

Before you say yes to any developer or company, make sure you have assessed their technical skillset. It will help you know whether they have good knowledge and expertise to complete your project successfully. 

5. Discuss Your Project Requirements

Discussing your project requirement with the ReactJS development company or developer you’re interviewing will help you know how they will work on your project and learn more about their way of doing work. 

6. Flexible Engagement Models

Another thing you should be sure about hiring an organization or a developer is that they should be flexible enough to change the engagement model according to your business requirements. Not only this but make sure you have asked about the tools or strategies they use to accomplish the whole development process. Some companies offer full-stack services, whereas others focus on a particular service. 

7. Review and Compare Offers

Compare all offers and proposals across different companies or developers you’ve interviewed. It will help you find the right one that not only fits your budget but also promises to deliver you the best result you strive for. 

Final Words

ReactJS is one of the most commonly used frameworks these days and there are many companies or developers out there promising to deliver you outstanding services? Whom you trust? This blog might help you choose the right React developer for your project. With a suitable organization, you can get a high-performance digital product. So, if you’re looking for the best ReactJS development company, connect with 75way. We can help you enjoy all benefits associated with this technology.