Things You Should Know Before Hiring Nodejs Developers

Node.js is a renowned technology many companies count on for a high-end backend experience. If we say in numbers, Node.js is the most widely used web development tool utilized by more than 6.3 million websites in the United States. Tech giants, including Netflix, Paypal, and LinkedIn, are reaping the benefits of this technology and taking their website’s overall performance to the next level. But why are they showing a high interest in it? Well, there could be many reasons. From being a multitasker to being light on the server, Node.js always tops the chart in several terms. 

Node.js is an incredible backend solution that runs on V8 (the fastest engine for chromium browsers like Google). Created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 with the motive to develop an architecture that can help build complicated programs through basic ones. This runtime environment allows JavaScript to be executed on the server. 

Choosing a backend technology like Node.js for your web applications is undoubtedly an optimum choice for your project. In order to enjoy the best of Node.js, an expert is needed who not only focuses on the scalability and performance of the web app but also ensures you save more on development costs. Here the hunt for the Node.js developer begins, and this hunt is not as easy as a walk in the park. 

But we have made it easier by listing a few things in this blog post you should consider when kicking off your search. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go through it. 

What is Node.js Development?

Node.js is an open-source environment used for creating & running io-intensive web apps. It is an asynchronous, event-driven, single-threaded model that makes it a perfect ecosystem for data-intensive applications. A Node.js expert can help you utilize this technology for your project. 

What Does a Node.js Developer Do?

Have you wondered about the roles and responsibilities of a Node.js developer? In simple words, Node.js developers 

  • Deploy and manage networking applications in JavaScript, CoffeeScript, IcedCoffeeScript, and more;
  • Responsible for handling data exchange between servers and users;
  • Develop backend components and connect apps with third-party web services;
  • Integrate web-based apps in order to support frontend developers.

Check Out the Node.js Developer Roles and Responsibilities

You can begin your search for the right Node.js expert when you will be aware of the basic roles and responsibilities they should have. If you don’t know about it, take a look at the below-listed responsibilities and must-have skills a Node.js developer should have. 

  • Deploy and manage server-side network elements.
  • Follow safety protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions.
  • Help frontend developers to integrate components.
  • Design client-centric UI and backend for smooth business operations.
  • Write testable, reusable, & efficient code to develop incredible apps.
  • Tests the app to fix deficiencies and provide constant technical support.
  • Ensure better optimal responsiveness to frontend requests & central database performance.
  • Advise, recommend and execute improvements to processes and technologies.
  • Provide updates about improvements in Node.js development.

What Should a Node.js Developer Know?

A Node.js developer must have a better understanding of how technology works in different scenarios. We have rounded up the must-have skills and expertise they should have. 

1. Expertise in Node.js Development

Since 2009 when Node.js was created, this technology has experienced several improvements that make it a great open-source platform today. It is imperative for a developer to be well aware of technological improvements, no matter whether it is made in a Node.js library containing several Node.js frameworks, tools, or IDEs. 

When hiring the Node.js developer, make sure they have a minimum of three years of background working with Node.js projects. They must have proficiency in handling or fixing bugs and patches in the Node.js community. Developers having a thorough knowledge of Node.js internals actively engage and contribute to the project. They are basically pros in their field that can give an edge to your existing software and web apps or create a bespoke solution for your business.

2. Must Know RESTful APIs and API Communications

Developers have to deal with API codes and apply them to the projects when it comes to Node.js development. Make sure you ask the candidate about RESTful APIs before saying yes to them for the Node.js project. Dealing with interactions across various applications is imperative along with having proficiency in creating custom ReSTful APIs. 

3. Asynchronous Programming

The non-blocking, asynchronous programming nature of Node.js shows the request processing time is significantly low. It allows two or more functions to run at the same time, which helps developers to be more productive and efficient and deliver the output in no time.

Although asynchronous programming is a new popular technology, it is imperative to be aware of the nuances this technology creates. Developers should know how to take the right action towards these nuances unless they fully grasp the workarounds. 

4. Proficiency in Frontend Technologies

Another thing a Node.js must be proficient in is the frontend technologies. Frontend development is that part of the software that end users see and interact with. Make sure the developer you're hiring for your Node.js project has a good knowledge of frontend architecture and development, such as HTML5 & CSS.

5. Good Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks

As we have also discussed in the above section, the Node.js library contains several frameworks and tools. So, Node.js developers must know about the variety of Node.js frameworks and how to choose the best among all. Frameworks are quite an essential part of the entire Node.js ecosystem because they extend Node.js characteristics. 

The Node.js framework list is incomplete without Express and other frameworks that support this technology, such as Koa.js, Total.js, and Hapi. Node.js developers and programmers must be aware of these tech terms in depth.  

6. Database Schema for Business Processes

Do you know the most crucial thing required to develop a successful app? It's database management. Node.js developers must know how to create database schemas that help support business operations and integrate them into a single system. It is one of the most crucial parts of the whole Node.js development that helps set up apps and make the organizations' business operations smooth. 

7. Write Efficient Code

Node.js developers should know how to write efficient code that can be easily understood by others. Sometimes programmers and developers write complicated codes that make it hard for other developers or development teams to understand the code or update it whenever required. 

It would be great to follow an object-oriented codes approach as they ensure code efficiency, enhance team productivity and add value to the project's success. When codes will be easily understood, developers can work well together and help accomplish the project. 

8. Knowledge of User Authentication, Authorization, & Data Protection

A Node.js developer must be familiar with the concept of user authentication and authorization across several servers, systems, and settings. Being aware of these concepts helps developers build highly secure online applications, which every client desires. 

Security is always the main concern of clients in today’s digital age. Node.js developers must know how to implement data protection solutions in an online program and avoid the risk of hacking, security breaches, and data theft. 

9. Problem-solving Skills

Error management is a crucial aspect that one should consider when creating software and applications. Node.js developers must have problem-solving skills. They must understand when to record an error, when to crash, keep going and when to try again. Their problem-solving abilities include syntax manipulation and troubleshooting. 

How can 75way Help You with Node.js Development?

Now you have a good idea of what abilities or skills a Node.js developer must possess for the successful completion of Node.js project. Well, developers at 75way embrace all these qualities. So, relying on the developers of 75way for your upcoming project would be a great move toward your business growth. Well, the company is not limited to this extent. You can consider the below-listed points as the primary reasons to choose us. 

  • Constant and Efficient Communication- 75way believes effective communication leads to constant project growth as clients and dev teams can easily bring their ideas and suggestions to the table. Therefore, the company conducts regular meetings and progress demos with the clients. 
  • Skilled Specialists- The company is backed by professional middle and senior-level Node.js specialists who are completely involved in the projects and deliver the solution you deserve. 
  • Modern Tech Stacks- The right technology helps create great solutions that add more value to the business's success. Developers at 75way use the modern tech stack for your Node.js projects to speed up the development process and achieve excellence. 
  • Transparency- The Node.js development process is transparent for all project members. The project team always notifies the clients of the project progress. 

Hiring a leading Node.js development company like 75way would be the right decision to make your project successful in several terms. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!