Technologies A MERN Stack Developer Should Learn in 2022

According to the recent study, MERN stack will experience a significant rise in usage in the coming years as more and more applications are now developed in JavaScript. It is considered the most efficient programming language that serves both the front-end and back-end. MERN stack can handle every aspect of web and mobile app development

The more this technology stack is gaining wide popularity worldwide, the more creative minds are showing high interest in MERN stack learning. 2022 also gives birth to new opportunities for MERN stack developers, but at the same time, it demands to be proficient in related technologies to master the MERN stack. But what are crucial technologies that require the MERN stack developer’s attention?

From React to NextJS, 2022’s top technologies can help you shape into a MERN stack developer, which you might be passionate about. This blog has covered in-depth MERN stack-related technologies. 

So, let’s dive into the main stuff without wasting a minute. 


The first on our list is TypeScript. This technology arms a developer with the pre-eminent features that help build big projects. If you’re looking for the right technology to assist you in a big project and has the potential to resolve bugs or issues that pop up while coding, TypeScript would be your best bet. It is widely used in a number of production levels of projects, giving more reasons to developers to learn in 2022. 


  • TypeScript identifies 15 percent of bugs at the assembly stage. It can spot bugs early and saves time.
  • Adding strict types and other elements makes the code self-expressive and easy to read. 
  • Rich IDE support includes Web Storm, WebStorm, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Atom, and CATS.


  • It takes a long time for code compilation.
  • TypeScript doesn’t support abstract classes.
  • Companies won’t hit 100 percent productivity immediately without having experience in TypeScript.


What’s next? React-Query is another technology you should master in 2022 to give an edge to your career as a MERN stack developer. But what exactly is React-Query? It is an NPM package that is used to fetch data from an API. Doesn’t this definition sound simple? Yes, this is what we have found to help you understand this technology more precisely. There is a high chance the question may arise in your mind- Are Redux with Axios the same? Well, both are the same but the React-Query comes with several features, including infinite scroll, garbage collection, auto catching, and a lot more that enhance developer performance and end them up with great technology, fueling up their MERN stack development learning. 


  • Automatic caching of data
  • Super clean syntax
  • Prefetching
  • Automatic fetching of fresh data on user actions
  • Using cached data

Tailwind CSS

In order to sharpen your skills in MERN stack development, you must have good hands-on Tailwind CSS. This is something that excites developers more than other technologies like Bootstrap, Bulama and Materialize CSS. 

Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework and the ultimate technology one can use to create stunning and feature-rich websites. It is entirely different technology from other CSS frameworks and has and 


  • Tailwind is a faster framework than any other framework when styling HTML.
  • Tailwind is a responsive, mobile-friendly CSS framework. It has pre-built classes that allow a developer to design the layout directly in the HTML file. 
  • This CSS framework works in the website front-end, making it a reasonable choice for developers who want ultimate responsiveness. 


  • Learning how to use and utilize the pre-built classes is a challenge for developers. It takes time to learn.
  • Tailwind lacks significant styling components. You have to manually add the features required for web apps. 


Our list is incomplete without discussing NextJS, one of the important components of the MERN stack. If you’re a React developer, then learning this new technology will be pretty smooth. T brings so many benefits that make it worth learning this 2022 to master MERN stack development skills. From server-side rendering to automatic image optimization, NextJS offers several perks that make it a highly recommended technology for React devs. 


  • NextJS encourages your website or application to be safe and secure.
  • NextJS can adapt to the size of apps and websites to fit the screen size and enhance the user experience.
  • It uses SSG that helps deliver flash performance for rendering pages. 
  • The community of developers working with NextJS is very vast, and hence provides excellent support. 


  • The time NextJS takes to build websites and apps is restricted. 
  • No built-in state manager is available in the NextJS framework. Another tool is required to get the most out of one. 

React Native

Learn once, write anywhere concept of React Native gains many developers' interests. It allows you to create native apps without compromising the user experience. Such an ease adds this technology to our 2022 list. It’s a valuable skill to learn this year to become an expert MERN stack developer. 

Websites are great, but the ease applications provide are just unmatchable. It ends up with more users on a project. Well, many perks make React Native a good choice for developers. 


  • React Native ensures a stable mobile app growth as the framework components know how to display an app on popular platforms. 
  • You can enjoy a lower cost of add development with React Native.
  • It supports hot reloading that allows developers to know how changes made to the code affect the app while it’s running. 
  • React Native’s code reusability feature saves a lot of time for developers and encourages faster development. 


  • Developers might face various issues with debugging tools or package compatibility . 
  • React Native apps are built using Java, C/C++, JavaScript, etc., which makes it very hard to debug for developers. 
  • The testing process in native development can eat up a lot of time. 

Advanced JavaScript

What does Advanced JavaScript mean? It basically includes V8 Engine, closures, threads, binding, hoisting, event loop, etc. A good grasp over JavaScript is crucial to master MERN stack as this technology stack is fully JavaScript. We suggest you first learn Javascript and then move to its advanced stage. 


  • JavaScript is an interpreted language that takes less time for compilation.
  • Easy to understand and learn.
  • All modern browsers support JavaScript
  • Provides various interfaces for creating catchy webpages. 
  • JavaScript is now capable of front-end as well as back-end development. 


  • JavaScript only supports single inheritance and not multiple inheritance. 
  • It is not efficient in the debugging process.
  • JavaScript code is viewable to the user. It means others may use it for malicious purposes.


This is all about the technologies a MERN stack developer should learn in 2022. There is no second thought that the demand for MERN stack development will rise in the coming years. So, it is imperative to learn new technology skills to become a pro in MERN stack. And in this regard, this blog is best for you. 

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