Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile Application

The pandemic has brought a significant change in consumer behavior that has led many organizations across the globe to re-evaluate their business models. They now begin to adopt a new modern reality. The consistent rise in technology and changing customer behavior is evident in how crucial digital transformation has become for businesses. 

In this market crowd, some marketers recognized this digital transformation as an opportunity to add more value to their business. And therefore, businesses redefine their presence by being available to every smartphone user. This is where you need a powerful mobile app to survive in this competitive digital landscape. Did you know 230 billion global app downloads in 2021, and by 2025, there will be a projected 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide? Probably, this stat is enough to show the high reliability of individuals on apps worldwide. 

There is a high chance you want an app to be developed for your idea or business too. Right? Finding success in mobile app development is not easy as it includes in-depth research, extensive planning, and unmatched dedication. Besides this, there are common mistakes that one has to avoid for unbeatable mobile app development. Yes. But what are these mistakes? Well, before committing to mobile development, it is imperative to be familiar with the mistakes one should always avoid. 

This blog has listed down all the points that need your attention. 

1. Not Doing Your Research

Breaking the market with a mobile app is a wise move but before you decide to develop this digital solution, make sure you have done enough research. Every business has its own set of objectives that need to be considered during mobile app development. Not only this, but you also have to consider several factors before kicking out the development process. 

Not doing your research can take you far from your goals. So, make sure you think about the primary objective of your app, targeted audience, nature of the business, competition, and the USP (Unique Selling Propositions.) Thorough research can provide you with a roadmap of mobile app development processes that will help you save tons of money and time.

2. Do You Really Need a Mobile App?

Another common mistake that several business owners make is developing the app without any need. An awesome mobile app demands a huge amount of time, effort, and investment. Approaching this digital solution development, especially when you don’t need it in reality, is a mistake. 

A mobile app helps expand the customer base, and when it provides no results, it could put a financial burden on your business. But how would you know you need the mobile app for your business? 

  • First, gain clarity about your business objectives and check if the app can fulfill them. 
  • Figure out the problem areas of your business and customer requirements.
  • Ask yourself if an app can fix the problem and perfectly fit the customer’s expectations. 

If a mobile app can fix such issues, say yes to the mobile development process. 

3. Adding Too Many Features And Functionalities

A misconception among business owners depicts that adding too many features to mobile apps makes a user happy. But it is nothing more than a few words. This misconception/ myth was busted a long time ago. Adding several functionalities and features is bound to create more problems and affect the user app using experience. Users might find the app overwhelming and further delete it from their phones. Developing an app having features that best match your user's expectations will be a wise step. 

4. Designing A Poor UI / UX

There is no second thought that a UI and UX is one of the crucial aspects of mobile applications, and when it doesn’t satisfy the users, they simply delete the app from their devices. App designing demands dedicated attention, and this is why many hire a team of designers or outsource their talents to get a well-designed app developed. So, if you think UX/UI design doesn’t matter to the app's success, you are making a big mistake. 

5. Not Testing Properly

Once the app is developed, the next step is the testing process to ensure the app's quality. But many don't take the testing seriously, which results in negative consequences. When developing a mobile application, you should plan testing for the project at different levels. This practice helps eliminate the issues hindering the performance of your app. Whether you’re developing an app for a small size business or for an enterprise-level targeting a huge audience, testing an app is a must. 

6. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

Setting a non-realistic budget is another mistake you should avoid in mobile app development. All app development projects are not similar. Each has different objectives and requires distinct technology expertise. Not only this, but each takes time depending on the features and functionalities and the overall complexity of the project. 

Even the introduction of new mobile technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) makes the development process complicated. Hence, it is imperative to perform extensive market research by receiving quotes from freelancers or companies to gain a good idea of how much they should spend on mobile app development. Discuss the app requirements and objectives with the developers you hire to set a final project budget. 

7. Ignoring the User Feedback

Launching the app is not the only thing. A designer and developers can sit back and relax. The next thing you should consider is keeping an eye on the user’s feedback as it helps you know the flaws or the areas of improvement in your app. But most of the time developers ignore the feedback and do not consider it a crucial part of the development. 

Listen to your user feedback but sadly most mobile app owners do not do this. Once you launch your app, make sure you check the reviews and feedback on Google Play, App Store, and other reviews platforms. This way, you get a clear idea about the strong and weak parts of the app and help you improve your creation to match the user’s expectations. 


Finding success in the mobile app market is not as easy as a walk in the park. It involves so many steps, ranging from extensive research to planning, app development requires the individual’s attention and efforts. It is imperative to understand this whole development process as well as the current mobile landscape that can help you win the customers and market. But in the urge of achieving success in the app market, sometimes, developers ignore a few mistakes that negatively impact the app’s performance and take you far from your goals. 

This blog post has highlighted all the mistakes that many developers make in mobile application development. So, before you kick off this development process, make sure you know all these mistakes. But when you get an app developed by experts like 75way, there is no chance of making such mistakes. 75way is a leading mobile development company that specializes in creating an app that suits your business objectives and helps you break into the market.