Hire the Best in Class Web Developers in 4 Easy Ways

The .com wave in the tech world has completely changed the way businesses work. Not only businesses are experiencing this change, but its impact can also be observed in several sectors of the economy, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, and more. This web revolution has ended up with business owners with numerous benefits such as increased customer reach, strong online presence, brand awareness, target more customers, 24/7 availability, etc. This is the reason why the number of websites worldwide is continuously escalating. Did you know there are currently over 1.98 billion websites online (as of Sep 12, 2022)? It is not hard to imagine how imperative it is to have a website to stay ahead of the pack. And here comes the role of a web developer who crafts your website in the way you want. 

The increased demand for web development has unsurprisingly raised the demand for hiring the best web developers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development raises the job opportunities for 174,300 developers in the U.S. alone, which is not an easy-to-ignore figure. This fast-evolving and expanding industry is expected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than any other occupation. 

Hiring Web Developers is Easy. Learn How.

A web developer is a valuable asset in the company. If you’re on the hunt for the right web developer, this guide is for you. Here we listed down easy points to help you in this search. Take a look-

1. First, Set Your Requirements

The first thing you need to do is to analyze your web requirement. It will give you a clear picture of what specialist you need to accomplish your project and make the search process easier. Setting your project requirement swiftly helps you filter potential candidates based on the tech skill set and the experience most relevant to your company. Listing your requirement also gives clarity to applicants and helps them decide whether they should apply or not. 

2. What Kind of Developer Do You Need?

The next step is to hire the right expert once you know your project requirement. Choose the one who can meet the needs of your project. Different types of web developers you can hire- frontend, backend, and full-stack. Each has unique skills and job descriptions and is responsible for handling a certain part of the process.  

Web Designers vs Web Developers

People generally get confused between the two professions- web developer and web designer. They hire a web developer in a rush and later disappoint when their website doesn’t appeal to their eyes. Well, we won't let you face this situation as we have discussed in depth how web designing and web development are different from each other. 

Web Designers

The role of web designers usually revolves around the following tasks: 

  • Transforming customers’ ideas into design concepts;
  • Deciding on the color schemes, fonts, and graphic content to make the website visually appealing; 
  • Designing website layouts;
  • Designing UI/UX of the website;
  • Ensuring the site is well-optimized for conversions.

Web Developers

On the other hand, web developers are those professionals who create incredible software solutions for the web. Such professionals fall into two categories- frontend and backend developers having different responsibilities, skills, and expertise. 

Frontend vs Backend Developers

Frontend Developers

Client-side development or frontend development is responsible for everything we see on the screen. It ensures users can easily interact with the content displayed on the website. Frontend developers are usually hired to create an easy-to-navigate user interface. 

Skills they must possess:

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript;
  • Proficiency in several JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, ReactJS, and Vue.js;
  • Knows how to work with CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress;
  • Knowledgeable in different e-commerce platforms;
  • Can optimize websites for mobile platforms.

Frontend developers can give an edge to your website design and stand it apart from others. There is a high chance you gain a good idea about what they do. 

Backend Developers

Backend web developers, on the other hand, deal with software logic and architecture. They are responsible for that part of the website that users can’t see. The backend part of a website is considered the backbone of frontend web development

Backend developers specialized in this field and and possess the skills-

  • Have a good knowledge of backend-related language and frameworks (PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, C#, Java, Go, etc.);
  • Develop server-side logic;
  • Adjust & maintain web servers;
  • Create RESTful APIs and/or integrating third-party APIs;
  • Design, set up and maintain CMS.

Full-stack Developers

A full-stack is an amalgamation of both the frontend and backend. Full-stack developers possess the skills and knowledge of both the frontend and backend of the website. Hiring such professionals is always a great idea as they can fill in the gap between both parts of the website and address any issues that occur during the development process. 

Skills full stack developers must possess:

  • Development and design of web API;
  • Proficient in the databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Redis, etc.;
  • Working with both frontend and backend frameworks;
  • Addressing issues, fixing bugs, troubleshooting;
  • Good understanding of business logic and infrastructure (Sphinx, Amazon Web Services).

So, this is all about the different profiles people always get confused while hiring the right expert for the web projects. 

3. Start Your Hunt

Because now you know which developer you want for your project, it’s time to kick off your search. But at the same time, there is a large pool of developers available, and hiring the best would not be as easy as it seems. Fortunately, today, we have several locations where we can end the search with the developers and collaborate with them. 

Primarily, there are three options for hiring web specialists-

  • Finding Freelancers

The first option you have is to hire a freelancer for your web development project. Freelance web developers work independently without being associated with any company. If your project doesn’t involve a high level of complexity, hiring a freelancer would be great. But in case of creating complicated web apps, make sure you go for other options as sometimes they can leave your project. You can hire freelance professionals on well-known freelance marketplaces like-

  • Fiverr;
  • Upwork;
  • Freelancer.
  • In-house Team

An in-house team is a way to go if you have a long-term project that requires constant attention. But at the same time, it is crucial to note that hiring an in-house team is also expensive for web-based product development. 

If you want to employ an in-house team of web developers, you can find them on platforms like-

  • LinkedIn;
  • Indeed;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Local job boards.
  • Outsource Web Development to a Company 

Another simple option you can say yes to is finding a dedicated web development company for your project in your local country or abroad. It will help you enjoy access to the best team with the necessary abilities and knowledge required for successful project completion. You can search for outsourcing companies simply on the following platforms-

  • GoodFirms;
  • TopDevelopers;
  • DesinRush;
  • Crunchbase.

4. Evaluate the Quality of a Web Developer

Now you know how or where to hire the best team for your web development project. But how would you evaluate the quality of a web developer? How would you know if the professional you are hiring would be the right fit for you? Well, we have the answers to your questions here. The following points will help you pick the right candidate-

  • Technical Requirements — We have already talked about the skills different types of developers need. So, first, be clear with your requirements and look for the skills you want in a candidate to accomplish your project. 
  • Previous Projects — Hiring a developer without going through their portfolio is a big mistake. Make sure you ask for and check their past work for a better understanding of their experience, strengths, and weaknesses. 
  • Response Time — It matters a lot. A project can’t be completed in one go. Sometimes, clients need to change something about the project. Make sure reaching out to a freelancer or your development team doesn't take several days. We suggest you write back and forth a few times to see how long they take to reach out to you before you say yes to any developer. 
  • Customer Rating — If you’re planning to hire a professional for web development, check out their customer ratings. It will give you a clear picture of how well they are in their work. Look at the overall rating of the company or professional you’re planning to hire and read the comments from previous clients. 
  • Communication Skills — Does your developer talk clearly? Do you find them perfect for your project while speaking to them? Make sure your developer has good communication skills that are important from a client’s perspective and also for effective communication between you and them. 

In the Nutshell

Hiring a web developer is not hard if done by keeping a few crucial hiring factors in mind. Above, we have covered everything that can help you end your search with the right professional who is a perfect fit for your project. And if you don’t want to walk down through this list, you can simply get in touch with 75way- a Leading Web Development Company in the USA. Backed by more than 70 web developers under a roof, 75way is the name you can rely on.