Everything You Need to Know About MERN Stack

Today, the web application development process is not the same as it was a couple of years back. Web apps are developed using various technologies, and one of the common technologies we all might be aware of is 'Technology Stack.' It is often used in modern software development. But what does it actually mean? 

Technology stack refers to the amalgamation of programming languages, tools, and frameworks used in software development. If you usually work with a tech stack, you will surely have a favorite one you always pick when developing a web application. If it is the MERN stack, you’re also one of those developers who find this technology stack the right choice to win the race in 2022. 

According to the HackerRank development skill report, 30% of developers choose Angular.js while 26% stayed with React JS. The report also highlights that 30% of the programmers show interest in learning ReactJS, whereas 35.9% of developers prefer to use ReactJS for development. These stats clearly show that the MERN stack stands slightly above MEAN when it comes to popularity. Not only this, but MERN also stays on top of the chart in terms of ease of understanding. 

But why is the MERN stack so popular among developers? In this blog post, we will talk about the MERN stack development and some frequently asked questions about this tech stack. 

What is MERN Stack Development

In today’s fast-evolving world, developers have gone far beyond building web and mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. They have jumped to more modern approaches, tools, newer databases, development frameworks, and runtime environments. MERN stack is also one of them that offers numerous benefits, including faster development time and improved performance.  

MERN Stack Explained

MERN stack is an open-source web development framework and Javascript stack designed to create web and hybrid mobile applications and make the development process more straightforward and faster deployment. 

MERN stack is layered up with the four technologies - MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. This tech stack offers an end-to-end framework to developers, providing all the components that play a crucial role in web applications development. 

Use Cases Of MERN Stack

The bonus point of this technology stack is that it is also suitable for those cloud-based applications that require an interactive internet interface and a lot of JSON. Well, the MERN stack is used for a variety of reasons that you should know before choosing it for your next project. 

1. Interactive Forums

No matter whether you want an interactive forum for a webpage or social networking website, choosing MERN would be a great idea. It can create these forms that will allow people to post messages or chat with people on the other end or perform several actions. 

2. Calendars & To-Do Lists Apps

Developing any calendar or to-do application is fun with the MERN stack. ReactJS can be used to create a calendar and the frontend and user dashboard of the to-do application. MongoDB helps save, read, change and show data or information within your to-do app. 

3. Social Media Products

MERN stack also helps create products for social networking sites. These products may include interactive forms, for instance, a little web app integrated within the social network page, Ads, articles, etc.

Components of MERN Stack development

The four key technologies that make up this MERN stack are MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js. Let’s take a deep look into these technologies-

1. MongoDB

  • An open-sourced document-based server, MongoDB is a NoSQL as well as Non-Standardized Query Languages) database. But what does NoSQL refer to? It can be any non-relational system that doesn’t need a set structure or regular tables to contain the data. MongoDB holds the data in a much better way than other conventional tables. 
  • MongoDB also offers new methods for data extraction and storage. 
  • MongoDB employs JavaScript as just a development language that gives a reason to say yes to this tech stack. 
  • No table structures are available in MongoDB that are basically found in RDBMS (Relational Databases Management Solution). 
  • The data is stored in BSON (Binary JS Object Notation) format. This BSON format specifies the length and information type that helps it process faster. 
  • This technology stack component is also quicker than RDBMS (Relational Database Management Solution) because of the indexing algorithm and effective storage quality.  
  • But at the same time, it is crucial to understand that MongoDB can’t handle complex transactions because advanced join procedures aren’t accessible in this technology stack.
  • MongoDB is a most popular form of NoSQL system that scores high in terms of scalability and is well known for providing the high-performance. This NoSQL system also expands when additional servers are added. 
  • It also provides access to a customizable document model that any developer can generate in no time.

2. Express.js

  • Express.js is a Node.js framework and one server-side infrastructure for JavaScript that runs under js.
  • This technology stack is designed to build APIs of web apps, and cross-platform mobile applications faster. 
  • It is considered another great JavaScript framework perfect for backend development. 
  • It provides the ease to build and manage reliable servers and is considered a perfect tool to develop mobile applications rapidly. 
  • This component of the MERN stack makes it convenient for developers to create advanced and complex APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web servers. 
  • Structuring the software’s functionality can also be accomplished with Express using routing and middleware on powerful web servers. 
  • It also has useful features that enhance Node.js HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) items.

3. ReactJS

  • React is a renowned and popular open-source front-end JS library for building web applications.
  • Before developers use React, it is crucial to meet some prerequisites, such as installing the newest version of Node modules on your machine. Not only this, but a developer must be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • React is not only a JavaScript framework. It’s a basic JavaScript library created by Facebook that can easily overcome difficulties other libraries are unable to handle when developing online and smartphone apps.
  • This technology is also used to take control of any view layer for smartphones and online apps.
  • ReactJS has been used to create user interfaces, particularly for single-page web apps.
  • Developers utilize the power of this technology to construct UI (User Interface) components that can also be reused.

4. Node.js

  • Node.js is not a coding language, hence it is not a framework.  
  • This technology is used to build a number of backend solutions, including web apps and mobile apps. 
  • Today, several tech giants such as Uber, PayPal, and Netflix reap the benefits of this technology.
  • It is also considered a reliable open ASCII text storage platform that everyone can use.
  • It can work on various operating systems whether it is Windows or Mac OS X, Linux, or Unix. 
  • Super easy to run and is suitable for agile design and prototyping.
  • Node.js gives consumers extremely fast services necessary in the competitive online world. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On MERN Stack

Is the MERN stack used for the backend?

Well, this question might hit many minds. MERN stack is a backend web app framework for Node.js. ReactJS, the third component in MERN stack, is a JavaScript library used for developing UIs based on UI components. And the last component of the stack, Node.js is a JS runtime environment that allows JavaScript code to run outside the browser. 

What is the MERN stack considered best for? 

MERN stack is created with four technologies MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. These technologies are intended to make the development process more efficient and smooth and make this stack one of the most-preferred choices of developers. 

Is full stack and MERN stack the same?

Yes. MERN is indeed a full stack technology that is equipped with React.js (frontend displaying levels), Express.js & Node.js (application level) and MongoDB (database layer), following the three-tier structural pattern.

Is the MERN stack used for frontend?

No doubt, MERN stack is a renowned technology stack that helps create full-stack apps quickly and in a more stable manner. This stack can handle everything from start to end. It also features an advanced backend, database admin system and a complete frontend development support. 

Is the MERN stack difficult to learn?

No. MERN stack comprises only one language, JavaScript, that makes this stack easy to learn. JavaScript is a scripting language that is simple, quick and adaptable. Even most of the developers are familiar with this language. You can also learn this technology stack watching MERN stack video tutorials and knowledge articles available online for the learners. 


So, this is all about the MERN stack. We have covered everything you want to learn about MERN stack, going through all its components and some FAQs to end the doubts in a developer or a beginner’s mind. 

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