Count on the MEAN Stack for A Winning Digital Experience

The tech world is crowded with several innovations, and developers have a smorgasbord of technologies to choose from to create an advanced digital solution. The world adopts an all-new technology-led approach in order to stand apart from the crowd and win in today’s hyper-competitive environment. The constant urge to dominate the marketplace and advance the client’s businesses or develop a unique solution lead developers to hunt for the pre-eminent technologies. And many of them end their search with a MEAN stack. 

In reviewing a number of technologies out there, we find MEAN stack one of the topmost preferences of developers nowadays. And this is why we are quite excited having words on this advanced tech. This blog post covers the wonders you can do with the MEAN. Above all, we have also outlined the future of the MEAN stack and the list of companies using it. 

Let’s start-

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is a new and end-to-end JavaScript library stack used for cloud-ready applications. 

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Check out what they are.

  • MongoDB: It handles the web applications database.
  • Express.js: It is a Node.js framework used to create APIs for web apps.
  • Angular.js: It is a front-end development framework majorly maintained by Google.
  • Node.js: It is used to handle the server-side.

Modern Programming Shift to MEAN

Choosing the right technology is imperative to give your business or idea a competitive edge, especially in this competitive environment. Not only this, but it also makes life easier, saving your time and effort. After all, no one wants the delayed results and repeat the tedious tasks. And MEAN stack technology perfectly meets such developers’ needs and expectations. MEAN stack is a powerful and futuristic platform for enterprises and developers. Whether you want a customized web app or responsive websites, MEAN stack development has made everything easier than the precious LAMP stacks. Giving a nod to this technology for your next project would be a great move from your side.

What Can Be Done With MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack encourages speedy and agile solution development. It makes it possible by eliminating the need to repeat the stagnant processes to manage the application's back-end. MEAN stack offers innumerable benefits, making this technology an ultimate choice for developers in 2022 and more coming years. This stack also makes it possible for developers to create and frame everything that was first possible with the LAMP stack. 

Future of MEAN

The question might hit many developers’ minds. Well, while researching online, there is a high chance you will find none other than MEAN stack as 2022’s best web development technology stack. Right? But is MEAN a future?

The future of MEAN is bright, and know how-

  • Cost-Effective to-date

MEAN is popularly known for its extensive code-sharing function availability. Thanks to JavaScript, allowing developers to reuse it within the stack. If we say it in simple words, this stack reduces the development time and development costs to a huge extent. 

  • Works Great with Cloud-based Development Processes

Cloud-based solutions are the future, and the MEAN stack contributes to making its development process seamless and easier. MongoDB in the MEAN stack analyzes the disk space rates to empower the process. Not only this, but this stack also works best for the development of big-data apps, enterprise applications, real-time apps, business productivity apps, and streaming apps. 

  • JSON

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation enables easy data transfer between different database layers without rewriting code that generally takes a lot of time. It also allows a developer to import data using MySQL server codes. Working with external APIs is also easy with it. 

  • Nodejs For Back-End

Node.js is one of the MEAN stack components. It is fast, scalable, and helps with the single-threaded non-blocking of I/O calls. It streamlines the processes, considering the client requests, processing them, and blocking I/O operations as needed. 

Reasons Why You Should Go With MEAN Stack Development

Below, we have covered why one should go with the MEAN stack. If you have never used this technology and are unaware of its benefits, you must check out the below-listed points now. 

Speedy Development 

Whether it is managing different layers or rearranging with some other syntax, it seems a daunting task when using conventional technologies like LAMP. But when you use Node.js development, you will only require nothing more than app routing to JavaScript that speeds up the development process and provides the desired results. 

Combinations Are Possible

Sticking with one technology is not crucial when using MEAN stack development. You can also use combinations that also work best together. For instance, you can use Node.js with MySQL, MongoDB with PHP, and Angular.js with PHP. 

More Returns

If you want to enjoy more returns on the pennies per CPU, it is possible with MongoDB’s database layer. Dealing with a group of servers, providing support, eliminating downfall, repeating automation, simplifying processes, and hosting on the cloud become effortless for your web application project with MongoDB. 


Another big reason behind a significant shift to MEAN stack is the lower cost. Being a budget-friendly technology, it helps experts save more and enjoy benefits like a huge space-saving for data and less time consumption. You don’t need to spend more time writing MySQL or PHP than what usually happens when using the LAMP. 

Lot of Disk Space

Another plus point of using the MEAN stack for your next project is the bigger space. Back in time, different spaces were used in separate tables that used to occupy more space. But now JOIN has resolved this issue and saves a lot of disk space. 

Wider Possibilities of Development

Today, Node.js is considered an ultimate component of MEAN that makes code sharing easier and, at the same time, accessible as a huge archive for codes. Even an inclined shift will also observe in the coming years towards this technology usage. It will surely meet the more challenging tech demands of businesses in the future.  

Famous Companies Using MEAN Stack Development

The way MEAN stack has made the web creation journey easier, more and more companies are showing their interest in developing the solutions using this technology. Below, we have rounded up the tech giants who utilized the power of the MEAN stack to lead the tech world. 

Check it out-

  • Linkedin
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Trello
  • GoDaddy
  • Citibank
  • Groupon
  • Paypal
  • NASA 
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Medium
  • Mozilla
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

And there are many more who believe in the power of MEAN stack technology and build a unique solution. 


So, this is all about the MEAN stack development and how this technology can bring you closer to your business goals. Today, world-leading tech experts applaud this stack as it perfectly fits the tech demands of any business. It helps make their strong online presence and deliver the winning digital experience for customers. And if you want to give it a try, 75way would be the right place to rely on for MEAN stack development services. We have the best MEAN stack developers to help you in your journey.