Biggest Pros and Cons of Kotlin Programming Language

If you’re interested in Android app development, you might have heard about Kotlin. First released in July 2011, Kotlin is a modern programming language that has delighted developers worldwide and marked a lasting impression in the swiftly evolving field of Android app development. It is a statically-typed programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine aka JVM. 

The buzz of this open-source programming language touched new heights when JetBrains claimed that Kotlin does wonders in writing iOS apps as well. The way this technology is benefiting the prime mobile platforms with its support, there is no second thought that Kotlin will likely become the next big programming language within the next few years. 

Developed by YouTrack, JetBrains, and numerous other IDE solutions, Kotlin is one of those programming languages that has gained the most momentum over the last five years. According to stats, around 80 percent of the 1000 most popular Android apps currently use Kotlin and enjoy the benefits associated with it. The way this language is making its way in the tech world, we will surely see more innovations in the future. 

Why not delve more into this and learn what Kotlin is? Should already existing apps written with conventional stack embrace this language? What are the pros and cons of Kotlin that one should always know? Wondering if switching to Kotlin leading the traditional options behind is a great move or not? 

Well, we have answered your question in this blog post. You will gain more clarity about Kotlin once you read its pros and cons. But before we proceed further, let’s give you a brief description of what Kotlin is. 

What is Kotlin?  

Kotlin is statically-typed programming that generates code to run on JVM (Java Virtual Machines.) Did you know this language got its name from the island of Kotlin situated in Russia? Developed in 2011, Kotlin has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time and become the most reliable programming language for developing Android apps. 

The syntax of Kotlin is perfect for creating apps for Android platforms. But at the same time, it is also capable of enabling interaction with Java codes. If we say in simple words, code written in Kotlin can work coherently with Java. Today, several world’s leading tech giants count on this language for android application development. 

Check Out the Pros & Cons of Kotlin

Kotlin has garnered oodles of praises from tech leaders and developers worldwide. But at the same time, it has also received a mixed bag of reactions in return. But we’re not here to compare Kotlin with other technologies like Java. We intended to look for some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Kotlin. After all, nothing is perfect in this world. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Kotlin-

Advantages of Using Kotlin

1. Boost the Team's Productivity 

This Java-based programming language can eliminate the blockers that affect Java performance. Kotlin has the intuitive and concise syntax that makes it a more efficient, compact, and clear language to rely on today. Such quality of this language boosts the overall productivity of an entire development team. Kotlin codes need less time to write, and deploying new codes is also convenient with this language. The code maintainability is also easier with Kotlin. It also ensures easier code maintainability at scale.

2. Less Buggy

Kotlin has no space for making mistakes. This is what makes this technology different from others. Besides having a clearer and compact codebase, it also offers more stable support for codes in production. Not only this, but the compiler can also identify the mistakes at the compile time without any trouble. Such qualities make Kotlin a better substitute for Java. 

3. More Reliable Programming Language

Kotlin has scored high in terms of reliability. This language is considered a much more mature language than other conventional programming languages. When it was first introduced in 2011, Kotlin underwent multiple Beta and Alfa stages before releasing its final version. When the final version was released, it was reversely compatible with several other previous language versions. 

4. Easily Coordinates with Existing Java Code

The next benefit on our list that makes Kotlin a perfect choice for Android app developers is the easy coordination with existing java code. Kotlin is very consistent with Java and several other related frameworks and tools that lead many developers to switch to this language. When the product is unable to write in Kotlin, in such a case, both languages can be used simultaneously. 

5. Easy to Maintain

Kotlin provides support for several IDEs, including Android studio and a number of SDK tools. Such support helps maximize the overall productivity of the Android development team because they are already well-versed in using these toolkits. This quality gives many developers a reason to go for the Kotlin use for the next Android application project. 

6. Easy to Learn

Kotlin is aimed at enhancing the features of Java rather than just rewriting them. All the skills that a mobile app developer has mastered and obtained when working on Java could be applied to every project related to Kotlin as well.

7. Functional and Procedural Programming

Today, several technologies and programming languages are used across the globe and each has its own pros and cons. Some have the zero advantage of procedural programming language, and sometimes a functional approach can do wonders. Using Kotlin is a wise move as it combines the best of functional as well as programming that developers always look for. 

Disadvantages of Kotlin

Take a tour of the cons of Kotlin you should be aware of. 

1. Still Different from Java

Kotlin and Java have a number of similar things, but at the same time, they have differences as well. The mobile app developers are unable to switch to other programming languages when learning thoroughly about Kotlin. 

2. Fewer Kotlin Professionals 

Besides the sky-high popularity of Kotlin, there are still a limited number of programmers in this field, and this is the main problem with it. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Kotlin, one has to gain in-depth knowledge about it because it is still complicated to find the right expert in this field. 75way is also among those experienced Kotlin experts you can easily rely on for your project. 

3. Slower Compilation Speed

The slower compilation speed is always a question that developers ask about any programming language. And when we talk about Kotlin, in a few cases, it works faster than Java, especially while performing incremental builds. But simultaneously, it should be kept in mind that Java would still resign supreme when it is about clean building. 

Final Words

Kotlin is a new-age programming language that needs more time to explore to the fullest. We have to wait for a couple of years to witness what more this language can offer in the future. If you want to experience the power of this technology in your recent projects, connect with 75way as the company is an expert in this field and would deliver the best Kotlin development services.