5 Powerful Backend Frameworks for Web App Development in 2022

Web app development is another buzz in the market, and many companies or businesses admire this new way to reach more audiences and enjoy more benefits. While developing interactive and robust web apps for frontend and backend, you might have heard the term ‘web frameworks’ many times. Right? Web frameworks play a crucial role in web app development and creating online platforms. Talking specifically about the backend framework, it is suitable enough to ensure better scalability and high performance. 

Well, there is a high possibility you want to delve more into this topic. Therefore, we have covered some popular backend frameworks utilized in web application development. 

Before we discuss the backend framework, first read about the different types of web frameworks. 

Two Primary Types Of Web Frameworks

Below, we have discussed the two major types of web frameworks. Take a look-


Also known as a frontend framework, the client-side framework allows a developer to improve and implement a new user interface. No connection with business logic. With frontend development frameworks and single-page applications, you can easily fabricate several animated traits. 


The Server-side or backend framework allows a user to create simple pages, landings, and more different forms. It also provides security against web attacks. This framework works on accurate details, and without this, your app won’t function properly. 

What is Backend Framework?

Let’s focus on the backend framework. The backend framework refers to the library of tools and modules that helps build the entire website architecture. This framework is responsible for the whole web app’s performance. The project’s success relies on the better working of this framework. After all, backend frameworks make tasks easier for developers. It focuses on scripting languages like Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, or compiled languages like C#, Java, etc. But how would you determine what’s the best backend framework? The best backend framework helps developers enjoy a great start declining the need to create and configure everything from the beginning.

Why Use a Backend Framework?

A backend framework focuses on automating the output that software development functions deliver. And if you ask us why you should use this backend framework, here are the reasons why.

  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Uniqueness
  • Time-saving
  • Scalability

Top 5 Backend Frameworks to Say Yes in 2022

Below, we have rounded up the top web app backend frameworks in which more of them are open source. Let’s read on to learn more. 


Did you know StackOverflow Developer Survey shows Django has been the most wanted web development framework in 2021? Django is an open-source Python-based web framework that helps build database-driven, complex websites. It’s a free solution many big tech giants like Spotify, DropBox, and Washington Post have benefited from. If you wish to start a new venture with a great web app, the first thing you would prioritize is high-quality web design. Django perfectly meets such requirements of newbies. One can use Django in JSON, HTML, and XML. 


Check out the key features of Django listed below-

  • Scalability: Thanks to the caching option and code reusability feature of Django, making it scalable and perfect enough to effectively deal with traffic demand. 
  • Asynchronous Programming: This Python-based framework, Django, depends on the Model-View-Template architecture that makes it easy to run anywhere and supports asynchronous programming. 
  • Security: It provides security against many security problems like CSRF attacks, SQL injections, and XSS by default.


The next backend framework on our list is Flask, a Python-based web app framework that provides complete ease to developers to create powerful and modern web applications. Flask is a WSGI framework that runs on the web server instead of the user's browser. 

Flask is also one of the widely used backend frameworks in 2021 with 16.4 percent of respondents. Not only this, but the report by JetBrains also shows that 46 percent of Python developers say yes to Flask for web app development. 

Key Features of Flask

The key features of Flask are as follows:

  • WSGI Assistance and Templating: Flask features Jinja2 to build templates and a Werkzeug toolkit to create WSGI-compatible web apps.
  • Rapid Development and Deployment: This framework is lightweight, and comes with a few abstraction layers that help create an MVOP quickly. Developers can easily set up and design Flask with less code and deploy it as a microservice in no time. 
  • In-Built Development Server: The in-built development server of Flask offers a debugger and gives the ease to use Python code in the browser if any mistake occurs at the time of the request. 
  • Minimalistic: Flask is a minimalistic framework that helps a developer rapidly set up web servers. This feature also bundles core elements by default. 


Express.JS is another popular web app backend framework you can go for this 2022. This is a lightweight and adaptable Node.JS web app framework that provides a complete set of functions for both web and mobile applications. This framework is widely used by developers to build online apps and APIs. Stackoverflow Developer Survey has also cleared the popularity of Express as it was rated one of the most used frameworks in 2021. Big players in the market like Myntra, IBM, Uber, Accenture, Mulesoft, etc., use Express.JS for web development. 


The following points are the features of the Express framework. 

  • Rapid Server-Side Development: This framework encourages fast development. And this is all possible because it offers numerous standard features of Node.js that one can use anywhere in the program. 
  • Debugging: Debugging with Express is super easy as the framework offers a debugging technique to figure out the precise parts of a web app containing bugs.
  • Templating: Express offers several template engineers. It helps developers create dynamic web page content, developing HTML templates on the server-side. 
  • Routing: The framework also embraces an advanced routing system that helps a developer preserve a web page’s state using URLs. 


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps a developer create Symfony-based web apps by following MVC architecture. This framework offers many ways to use relational databases with app maintenance and deployment services. Isn’t this great? Several experts worldwide rated this technology as one of the best frameworks for backend development.  

Key Features of Laravel

The fundamental features of Laravel include:

  • Template Engine: It features lightweight in-built templates that help developers create layouts and produce content. Laravel also offers widgets with JS and CSS code. 
  • Security: This framework offers high-level app security with hashed and salted password methods. Laravel uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm in order to create an encrypted password. Not only this, but it also uses ready-made SQL statements to eliminate the possibility of injective attacks. 

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is also an open-source web app development framework, written in Ruby programming language. This framework encourages developers to use patterns like DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and MVC (Model View Controller). At the same time, it combines HTML, Ruby, CSS, and JavaScript to build dynamic apps and also helps create, analyze and maximize the software independently. 

Key Features of Ruby on Rails

Here are some features that make Ruby on Rails different from other web frameworks:

  • Automated Testing: Ruby runs its set of tests on the code developers write. This process helps save time and effort with full quality development assurance. 
  • Libraries: RoR contains large libraries that provide developers with all essential tools to build a quality product AJAX library, database access library, & common tasks library.
  • Convention over Configuration: RoR facilitates building advanced matching elements by sensing formal components.

In a Nutshell 

So, now you’re very well aware of backend frameworks and how they can help you in web app development. If you want a developer to handle web app development using the right backend framework, reach out to 75way. We have talented experts to help you win the digital world with a wow web app.