14 Open-Source API Management Platforms to Rely This Year

API is the most common term in the software and mobile app development world. It is everywhere, be it microservices architectures or SaaS platform offerings, public product initiatives, or IoT and partner-partner integrations. The way organizations and tech leaders are adopting APIs management platforms to stay ahead in the game, no doubt the API market will expand by 35% by 2025. 

In order to leverage new opportunities and cater to a diverse set of customer needs, companies are embracing them. Developers use APIs to create the applications as it completely transforms the architectural pattern following a strategic approach to mobile application development. Because of such capabilities and prominent omnipresence, companies out there are looking for the best API development guides to provide a seamless experience to their targeted audience. 

Do you find this simple? If developing API is difficult, managing it will surely be worse. Fortunately, there are a number of open-source API management platforms to help you. Why not take a tour of the top API management tools and platforms to assist you?

14 API Management Platforms to Consider in 2022 

1. API Umbrella

The first on our list is API Umbrella. It’s a leading open-source API management platform for managing microservices and API. This platform allows multiple organizations to handle everything under the same umbrella and it is possible by empowering varying admin permissions for different domains. The availability of an admin web interface, API keys, caching, real-time analytics, and rate limiting are a few facilities this platform provides and stand it apart from others. 

2. WSO2 API Manager

Comes with the ability to run anywhere and anytime, WSO2 API Manager is a full lifecycle API management platform that enables developers to enjoy access to API distribution and deployment on both on-premise and private clouds. Not only this, but it also offers a number of opportunities that includes ease of governing policies, higher customization, better access control, monetization facilities, and designing and prototyping for SOAP or RESTful APIs. 

3. IBM Bluemix API

If you want to build portable and compatible apps for the hybrid cloud, choose IBM Bluemix API which provides more than 200 software and middleware patterns to build such apps. It offers several pre-build services and a robust mechanism for regular API access, maintaining rate limits, tracking performance metrics, governing API versions, and more, all with a single tool. 

4. Kong Enterprise

Kong is the most popular open-source microservice API tool that helps developers manage everything securely and easily. Saying yes to its Enterprise edition would be a great move. It is loaded with several excellent features and functionalities, such as one-click operations, common language infrastructure capability, great visualization for monitoring, regular software health checks, wider community support, availability of open-source plugins, and more. 

5. Gravitee.io

A flexible, light-weight, open-source API management platform, Gravitee.io is equipped with several out-of-the-box features, including Rate limiting, plug-and-play options, IP filtering, load balancing, Cross-origin resource sharing, open source API developer portal with OAuth2 and JSON web tokens policies, and more. 

6. Tyk.io

Tykio.io is written in the Go programming language and is considered an open-source API gateway you can add to your tech stack this 2022. Comes with an open-source API developers portal, dashboard for API analytics, detailed documentation, rate limiting for APIs, authentication, and other features, this API management platform helps companies focus on several microservices environments and containerization. But at the same time, it is imperative to note that its commercial-based services are only available for paid versions. 

7. Fusio

The next API management platform on our list you can add to your tech stack this 2022 is Fusio, one of the most popular tools that do wonders. It enables developers to create and maintain REST APIs from different data types. Equipped with excellent and efficient lifecycle management features like a backend dashboard for admin control, JSON validation for incoming requests, detailed documentation, scope handling, and a lot more, making it a perfect API management tool. The most fascinating thing about this tool is that it automatically generates OAI and RAML requirements and creates a customized client SDK as per the defined schema. 

8. Mashery

One can expect the market-leading full lifecycle API management capabilities for enterprises with Mashery. After all, it adopts cloud-native development and deployment practices, including Microservices, Containers, and DevOps. It is popular for providing capabilities including API security, creation, productization and analytics of your API program and developer’s community. 

  • Supports import of Swagger 2.0 specification
  • Supports integration with API Fortress to offer extended API testing capabilities
  • Provides on-premise control of SSL termination and secrets management.

9. APIman.io

When it comes to choosing the best technology stack for your application, APIman.io is considered the ideal API management platform. Introduced by Red Hat and available in the GitHub repository, this platform offers a myriad of opportunities to developers in the whole backend development process, including quicker runtimes, asynchronous capability, enhanced billing and analytics options, rate limiting, and much more. 

10. Apigility

Apigility is another powerful API management tool developed and maintained by Zend framework. This open-source tool also comes with several versioning options, ease of authentication with OAuth2, and documentation to embrace the API blueprint. This API management platform helps mobile application development companies create and exhibit JSON representations for their codes.  

11. SwaggerHub

Did you know that 40+ companies considered Swaggerhub the right choice to manage APIs? But why is it the best open-source API management solution to trust this year? This platform offers designers and API developers a wide range of options in the backend development domain. Thanks to its robust and intuitive editor that helps enjoy higher efficiency and speed while preserving design consistency. Other benefits you can access with this API management tool include syntax autocompletion, smart error feedback, and the availability of multiple style validators. 

12. API Axle

Simple, lightweight, and backed by Exison, API Axle is another open-source API management tool that provides ample benefits, including- 

  • Real-time analytics 
  • Robust Authentication,
  • Logging of API traffic for statistics and reporting,
  • Easy creating and managing API keys, and
  • Support for REST API design and use of Go, PHP, and Node.js libraries.

13. Akana

Designing, securing, implementing, monitoring, and publishing APIs is convenient using Akana. It is one of the best open-source API gateway that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and comes with notable features that include-

  • Threat protection
  • Leading open source API management platform
  • It provides application security by detecting vulnerabilities in the code or during run-time
  • It offers open-source support.
  • Microservices management and DevOps
  • Helps in traffic management

14. Azure

The last API management platform on our list is Azure which helps developers manage API management programmatically through REST API and SDK. It offers end-to-end API management in hybrid, cloud, or on-premises. Not only this, but it also allows you to import WSDL (Web Services Description Language) of their SOAP service and create a SOAP front-end. This API management comes with standard features, including monetization as well. 


So, this is all about the top 14 API management platforms you can trust this 2022 and add to your tech stack. If you want more information about API or looking for API development services, connect with 75way. The company’s assistance can help you achieve your goals.