Design Thinking Driven Process

Your roadmap to capitalize on the blockchain opportunity.

Evaluate Blockchain Opportunities and Prototype

Evaluate blockchain opportunities with our Design Thinking-based evaluation framework and build prototypes.

Execute and Test Blockchain Solution

Execute the blockchain solution with technology and process limitations on the chosen platform. Test for performance, security and scale.

Implement and Operate Blockchain Network

Implement blockchain solution across the network. Authorize updates and changes.

Pilot Blockchain Use-case and Assess Solution

Brainstorm, design and implement proposed blockchain use cases. Pilot with client and assess the solution.

Integrate Partners and Network

Onboard partner systems and integrate with IT on blockchain network. Enable consensus and governance processes.

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Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Distributed marketplace Inventory tracking Limited manifestation of the information flow Automate payments and elimination of bad invoices End-to-end visibility of the entire supply chain

Blockchain in Finance

Simplify and accelerate cross-border payments Automate transactions and agreements Greater trade accuracy and shorter settlement process Improve online identity management Global remittance

Blockchain in Insurance

Efficient exchange of trusted and verifiable information Automate underwriting Accelerate claims settlement Automate agreements between insurer and insure Reduce fraud and abuse

Blockchain in Healthcare

Pharma supply chain transparency Secure and tamper-proof health records Nationwide interoperability Automate verification of medical claims Provider data management

Blockchain in Energy: Oil and Gas

Efficient supply chain management Fleet and fuel tracking P2P interactions, eliminate broker fees and high cost of energy trading Reduce overhead and number of cost intermediates Greater transaction visibility

Blockchain in Retail

Simplify inventory tracking Automate consumer and B2B payments using smart contracts Food safety in supply chain Consumer privacy Loyalty reward points

Blockchain in Transportation

Greater visibility of supply chain Trusted data across transportation and logistics ecosystem Accelerate customs clearance using smart contracts Easy coordination of documents on a shared distributed ledger Reduce processing time

Blockchain in Agriculture

Farm equipment sharing Post harvest produce logistics Verify product integrity and authenticity Data exchange within specific stakeholders using smart contracts Control weather crisis, ensure better decision making

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Blockchain Benefits

New Business Value

From strengthening supply chains to accelerating cross-border transactions and facilitating secure data management using distributed ledger, blockchain helps build more efficient enterprise models.

Reduced Risk

Create transactions using a distributed, immutable and permissioned ledger. Customize digital agreements called smart contracts to streamline and automate processes like payment settlement, ID verification and legal arbitration.

Trusted Ecosystem

Build a network where data is tamper-proof, reliable and more accessible. The transactions among partners on the network are traceable and verifiable, building an ecosystem of trust with partners, suppliers and customers.